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Sam Phelan wrote:
... When you first started the subscription and 143 was selected, this qualified you to be a Legacy Paizo Advantage subscriber, which would give the 30% discount on AP volumes and give you Paizo Advantage for as long as you had the subscription. ...

Wow that is a huge discount to give up, I wish they would have informed me. That discount was a the reason I switched to a subscription instead of just buying the pdfs by themselves.

When is the next installment shipping, I might have to cancel it given this info.

Pathfinder Rulebook Subscriber

Actually I just checked my initial receipt that I received the day I ordered it and it was a 30% discount.
I noticed that when my order was fulfilled that discounted price was charged, but immediately afterwards a second charge occurred that included the cost of the core books as well as the difference between the original price and the discount.

Pathfinder Rulebook Subscriber

Sorry on the poor wording above. I meant to say that the 15% discount did not appear to be applied.

Pathfinder Rulebook Subscriber

When I first ordered my subscription to the Adventure Path for 2e, the web page described the price as -15% off.

A few days ago I added a subscription for core books that of course did not have the 15% off.
However I just received notice that my order (#7981628) have shipped (yaaayyy!) but I notice that the 15% off was deducted. And going back to that page now no longer mentions the price reduction. Was that %15 off a typo in the first place or was it somehow accidentally removed when my new subscriptions were added.


NOTE: It seems that my $10 credit was not applied to my core subscription (that also might have been lost as my core order was originally numbered #3395375. I guess it is OK as I will just have it used on the subsequent Adventure Path releases.

Pathfinder Rulebook Subscriber

I'm having issues with subscribing to the new 2e adventure path. When I try to sign up, it does a couple of weird things.

1. I start by clicking the start with adventure #145 button

2. It adds 2 items to my cart but I only see 1 item in the cart when I view it.

3. It always adds the start at issues #144 when I go to checkout

4. After changing it back to #145 I go through the whole process of billing address and payment

5. At the final confirmation page it says it will start with #144 again.

Any suggestions?

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Deadmanwalking wrote:

Verbal is the least restrictive component type, and kiais are a thing in martial arts, so it works for me.

The Dojo is NOT a library! Kiais are integrated into the training. To no Kiai is to do it wrong.

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Nice crunchy detail! Thanks!

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I really like how you folks (Piazo) are stressing storytelling, and being able to tell the same sort of stories as you did in PF1.

The abilities gained during character creation feel organic and stresses that the PCs are unique and interesting characters, not just sheets of paper filled with abilities.

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Is this a challenge?

How about.

Power gamer appeal!
Pathfinder 2e, Maximum Depth, Minimized complexity!

Casual gamer appeal!
Pathfinder 2e, More Beer, less math!

Pathfinder Rulebook Subscriber

Also can't seem to download anything (tried last night at around 1am and now today at 8am). Tried 2 browsers.. so I assume my issues are the common issue for everyone... servers being hammered. It would be nice if you could cue it up and have the servers let you know when the personalizing is complete.