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I submitted an order on Jan 13. The order number is 11857047.
My order is still in a pending status. Is this normal or something went wrong? Usually orders stay in that status for maximum 24 hours and then they get confirmed.
Just wanted to know if I have to wait or repeat the order.


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I'm pretty much in the same boat.. Does Customer Service work over the weekend? Fingers crossed we get shipping this weekend!

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Hello exVerve,

I'm sorry about the delay in shipping your order. It appears to have shipped out yesterday and is on its way to you. Our warehouse is a bit overwhelmed with subscription orders at the moment, which may have slowed down the processing of other orders as well.

Man, I wish I had gotten a response to my forum post or email that I had sent about my order.

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Hello Aaron,

Your thread appears to be newer than this one. I answer from oldest thread to newest to ensure those waiting the longest get an answer. I'll be working on yours now that I've reached threads from the 24th unless we have already gotten to your email. Thank you for your patience.

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