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There's a battle going on, I could introduce my pirate here, after approval of course, and I can make a profit off all the ammo and lives. That is to say ammo spent and lives saved.

Hey Magic, I gotta question for you

Hello everybody, I have returned! Now does anyone remember what exactly my teacher was doing before I went dark?

Could also "borrow" it with no intention of giving it back

Me goal be ta make Scrooge McDuck look like a begger yarharhar!

Roger that

So would I be able to use a plasma weapon or just a slugthrower?

Hmmm, I see, well my pirate is almost done, just need my guns and enchantments

So I could use any weapon in the future or star wars books? Except for lightsabers of course

Does proficiency with a Blunderbuss give me proficiency with shotguns?

Ummm, an Argatha native

Does anyone know if I can use modern firearms?

I didn't mean to upset you magic, I guess I was too focused on getting this done

If I get yelled at for saying something or get a lecture by asking for advice what's the point?

Don't bother

I'm not trying to be rude I'm just trying to finish this character, but I guess I should just do this alone

Well excuse me for attempting to finish out a character, not all of us have the ability to instantly know what you're going to put on an item or evwn what material the item is made of, so do me a favor and myob

This might be a little hard for you, but be serious for a minute

Called is better because if you Call your weapon an enemy can't yoink it

Only on piercing weapons or ammunition I think

Brilliant Energy is also super useful

I'm going to consider that, what are some good enchantments for a warhammer?

Okay, whatever I'll just have to use something else, probably adamantine which is probably the strongest material available

Dunno why it did that, maybe because I copy pasted from a pdf to standard text..

Blacksteel This unique alloyis incrediblyrare, andits origins are entirely unknown. exceptperhaps to the mysten·ous squid-creatures who occasionallydeign to sell theirsupplyto other races. While somescholarssuggest thatit isdistanUyrelated to adamantine, the evidence is inconclusive. It is incrediblyhard, and virtually indestructible bymortalmeans.ltispitch black, anditssurface does notreflect light. Items madefromblacksteel have hardness 100and 100hitpoints perinch ofthickness, exceptfor annor,which has 100hit pointsper point ofannorbonus theyprovide.Weapons madeofblacksteel ignore allhardnesslessthan 100. Further,allitems made from blacksteel are immuneto rustingeffects,such as the anacksof rust monsters orthe effect ofthe rustinggrasp spell.Finally, annor made from blacksteel grants its wearer damage reduction of2/-ifthe armoris light, 4/· ifthe armor ismedium, and 6/-ifthe annorisheavy. Thetrade-offfor this incredible durabilityis the weight ofthe metal.Items made ofblacksteel weigh four times asmuchas the itemnonnally would, andarmormadeofblacksteelcountsas onecategoryheavier than it aetu.allyis (for example,a suitofchainrnail made ofblacksteel wouldcountas heavyarmor).Finally,weapons madeofblacksteelare more difficulttowield due to theirpoorbalance.A lightweapon made ofblacksteel counts as a one-handedweapon, anda one-handedweaponmadeofblacksteel counts as a two--handedweapon.Characters wielding two--handedweapons made of blacksteel take a ·2 penalty to their anackrolls.

Direct copy paste from the book

Adamantite can't cut through anything, problem 1, blacksteel is far more durable plus it has an equal trade off of being extremely heavy, so it kinda balances out

It's from the book Into the Armory from the Necromancers of the Northwest

100 hp, 100 hardness, immune to rust effects, dr 2/- light armor, 4/- medium armor, 6/- heavy armor, ignores hardness of 100 or less. Trade off is double armor weight, or one size larger for weapons

Quick question guys, am I allowed to use blacksteel to create weapons and armor?

There is no passion, only peace, but my peace is. broken so peace is a lie, there is only passion, my passion was tied to the one I lost. This is a riddle with no answer.

Does anyone know of a viable swashbuckler/pirate class?

What about the rogue variant for Swashbuckler?

Which do you recommend?

I forget, am I allowed to use the actual Swashbuckler class for a character or do I need to use the rogue variant?

What about in game?

Hey guys, me again. *sighs softly* sorry I haven't been on much, been working and contimplating my life. Anywho what did I miss while delving into the dark abyss of my mind?

Well apparently I'm the only person who talks about Metroid.

Okay I've got two questions for you guys. One who's played the Metroid games? and two who's played the Ice Climbers game?

Derpy - Nyan Nyan Dance: just copy and paste, tired of fiddling with it if you resist the cute... you have no soul

SometimesI hate not being sent home early from work, alas cannot be helped.

Happy new year guys

If I fail a fortitude save a d roll a new character will my luck be better or worse?

I got 2.5 lbs. of crunchy peanut butter, some teas, a calender, and misc odds and ends from Grandma

Slow posting here too, I'll do what I can, did we ever decide what happened with the students, or where they hallucinations?

I would like to be the first to say Merry Christmas.

Does anyone want to help me with a project I'm working on? I need someone to help me "flesh" out a character for a story I'm working on.

I would just like to point out that Twilight Sparkle is the stupidest genius in all of Equestria. Best example is in episode 1, where she couldn't find the book on the Elements of Harmony... even though she put it where it belongs.

You know what I don't understand? The anti-bronies, I mean they can not like the show and the Fandom, but some of the lengths they go to are a little excessive.

I saw the rerelease of Last Round-up and I was DISAPPOINT! They absolutely RUINED Derpy, fixed her eyes, made her less dopey, and worst of all they changed her voice, that amazing and awesome voice. I will never watch any version but the original with walleyed Derpy. Why did they ruin her?

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