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Tommi Ketonen wrote:
Need the charm to negotiate good contracts and/or wits to find the right places to compete in, otherwise you've been tricked into non-paying contracts or playing charity games >.>

Interesting point.

I was hoping that the theme would allow such a change, to allow for a physical stat to be used as the stat for profession.

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pg 9 Character Operations Manual wrote:
You currently are or formerly were a professional-level athlete with highly specialized physical skills. You might be a member of your region’s sports team, chosen for your exceptional strength or finesse, or maybe you competed in individual events requiring exemplary endurance. Your prowess may have already led you to travel extensively for competitions, or you might still be an up-and-coming star. Either way, your impressive physical capabilities enable you to make a living as a professional competitor.

If I am a professional-level athlete, does this mean with this theme, I can use my associated skill in lieu of a profession check for day-job?

I would say yes, by a reading of the above text from the book, but I am looking for an official ruling for clarification.

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Quote wrote:
But all these go out the window when the computer is remote. Does it work the same and the caster is still the source of the spell? This seems, to me, illogical.

How is that illogical, when one of the classes that casts is called a Technomancer, i.e., Mancy of the Tech.

It would be expensive, but you would be able to setup a network of computers, through which the Technomancer would be allowed to control.
This then looks like a server with nodes, with the Server being the Technomancers computer and the nodes being the other party member's computers.
Each node would need their own spell chips plugged in, as the Technomancer would just run the subroutine. Example in spoiler
CD F:\ "Melee Soldier
Run Command ouchpain.bat
Ouchpain.bat initialized "Cast Supercharge Weapon"
End of command
Terminate connection

*Important Note* This is how a GM would create a scenario where a party is sneaking into a facility which has a Technomancer head of security. There would be spell chips at each terminal and the Technomancer would just trigger them from there. This satisfies the requirements of needing a Spellcaster, and that Spellcaster having access to that spell chip. The rules seem purposely vague to allow for players and GMs to figure out themselves, which by the number of posts on this topic, they have.

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RealAlchemy wrote:
thecursor wrote:

Campaign Mode Against the Aeon Throne

Okay, we're gonna do this fake prisoner thing but we all know we can't bluff our way through a whole prison so lets just get in and get out.

It totally works, we never have to shoot a single bullet.

Wow...Han Solo is a moron.

My party pulled off the bluff too, but we went full on Jedi mind trick.

We stunned Iovinus and Weekend at Bernie's'd him through the base. Only combat was with the Warden.

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thecursor wrote:
ImortalGuardian wrote:

Could we get options to Preorder the PDF only?

I have small children that climb shelves so I stopped buying books for the foreseeable future, but I want this and AA3.

With respect: since the PDFs are digital, they never sell out and thus they never need to be preordered.

While this is true, I would prefer to pay when I am able, say during a preorder, than waiting for the time it normally is released and may not have the funds at that time.

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Could we get options to Preorder the PDF only?
I have small children that climb shelves so I stopped buying books for the foreseeable future, but I want this and AA3.

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I am not certain why people are having issues regarding the getting hit thing. There are a few ways to get entropy, and at first level, all it does is give +1 enhancement to AC.
You can spend a Resolve, which if you aren't getting hit, is not a big deal.
I chose the Boundary discipline, which allows me to once per combat, if attack misses or hits, but deals no damage, +1 Entropy at level 4.

I chose to try to break the class. 18 Con + 2 for personal enhancements for a 20 Con.
My Entropic Strike was 1d4 + 11 at 4th level (+5 from Cons, +4 from Weapon Specialization trait and +2 from Strength Mod). I paired this with a Tactical Pike and behold, I can deliver my Entropic Strike up to 10 feet from me.
I stood in the doorway and stopped things from getting close.
He one shot the boss when the Technomancer cast Supercharge Weapon and did max on normal dice for 15 and then additional 15 with Supercharge dice.

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Party encounters security droid by way of rescued Space Goblin.
Here is what happened:
Goblin starts cussing and runs to the Android Mystic (he has been getting piggy back rides through the asteroid)
Mystic uses fire extinguisher to propel themselves back 25 fee to the entrance and lay down cover at the same time.
Ysoki soldier books from other side of the hall and lobs a sticky grenade.
Vesk Mechanic hears the commotion and also runs for the door.
Lashunta Operative tries to access the computer.

Next round the rest of the party is halfway back to the ship and the Lashunta, hearing the robot, dives under the desk.

Long story: Lashunta waits a full minute to determine patrol pattern and find out he has 3 rounds to try to access the computer before it gets back. The entire party is gone. After 3 minutes, the robot finally sees him hiding under the desk and fires. Operative then trick attacks, succeeds, then books it past the robot to get stunned. Meanwhile the party sends the Mystic and the Goblin back to recover his corpse.
Operative then spends last remaining Resolve Point, stands and then books it out into the darkness.

When asked why, Operative explained that he couldn't see to run back to the ship, so might as well try to access the computer before he dies...