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The stats for the enemy spaceships don't seem to be correct. In the 5-6 version of the Corsair, the shadow bolt projector has a range of 20 hexes, but in the Starship Operations Manual it is listed as a weapon with medium (10 hexes) range. Similarily, the 5-6 version of the Linovae should have a TL of 20 (10 medium, 4 piloting, 6 defenses), but is listed as having a TL of 19. Is it better to use the correct stats or the ones from the scenario?

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Speaking of the corsair, I can't find an Idaran Mirage anywhere else, so I can't find a picture of it. I figure I'll use the Idaran Vanserai picture as that looks like a good fighty ship of that brand.

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Further, the (tiny) RESURGENT APHYRA fighters are both mounting Heavy weapons that can *only* be mounted on slower, easier to hit, less maneuverable medium and larger ships, giving them a punch *far* outside their class.

(My character is including this in their report as evidence that the combat simulation was "rigged" with the prototype star ship being programmed to register far more damage that could possibly have come from a target that size.)

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Can we talk about the last fight?
I don't think it was balanced correctly.
You have 5 separate Will Saves, with 4 of those potentially confusing a player for 2 rounds, with the 5th confusing a player for 4 rounds.
Then the BIG NASTY has a DRAIN attack, not damage, so you are causing players to spend ACP if they get hit, because DRAIN IS PERMANENT.

If your players lose their Will saves, that BIG NASTY could down 2 players if the dice is against them. A 3 part multi attack against EAC, with a 1d4 or 2d4 WISDOM Drain?

Well, there goes all the frontline players because they generally dumpstat wisdom.

Could we get a review on these enemy statblocks and issue any corrections?

We can already see, based on the above issue with the enemy ships that someone forgot to read the rules this game is based on, when this was being proofed.

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