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I dont think so

Fighters are good at fighting, they are not good at much else. Lets just hope your DM dose not dominate him, Bad will save mixed with good damage can be a party killer.

well you have to think that most adventures are evil, your making money by killing people, taking there stuff, and sometimes getting a bounty on there heads. Lets think how people would react if a small group of people went to LA and killed all the Bloods, took there stuff and tried to resell it. I think most people would take that as a evil act. Now lets think of this you walk into a bar the barkeeper is a lv 5, he was a adventure before he opened up the inn, now he is evil not because he kills people but he steals form them and he treats his employees very bad. Now a pally walks in a detect evil the barkeep is evil so he sees that he is evil, now pally walks up and stabs the barkeep through, I dont think the town guards would be that happy with the pally, and the defense of I killed him because he was evil would not get him off murder charges.

the real question is what did you do to your GM for him to do this to you?

yea I had a player that was a 2nd half orc lv barb, brake through a stone door in 3 rounds with his great axe.

well I would have to say the 502g. We all know that the crafting rules are not that good and need to be changed. And that is why crafting is not allowed in PFS.

Yea kill a devil and become a hellknight :p but get a club and find a good place to hide unitl you 1) your party finds you, 2) die, 3) find a way out, or 4) become evil and join them. Thats your choice's

clothing and armor are different slots so yes you can wear a chainshirt with a courtisan outfit but the ACP will hinder you a little.

Anti magic field half the way up, bag guy fly's up and triggers an anti magic field trap, players fly into it, now they are not flying :p and now they are falling in a anti magic field. or you could have them run into a anti magic field that takes up a large area, so they have to use common ways to follow the bad guy.

B.A ironskull, I like that Idea, that sounds like a good way to get them on the quest to kill him and get the stones removed some how. :p

lol that sounds fun blindmage

yea I would say that you would not be able to use your channel energy.

good luck, I find clerics very fun.

most of there buffs are not as long as wizards but they help more then one person. most of their buffs are good to cast right before you go into a dungeon and they will last for most of the encounters unless you take alot of time searching the rooms.

they have cure spells on there list, and get scribe scroll it will make things easy

yea dave mage I have have to agree, I see where they where going. but I dont think I will be using it that much :(

have the mayor of managmar give him one as his reward for killing they lady at the top of the tower, and give the other players something they want too. But he would have to change his class but you can do the retraining rules for that.

magical ammo is good if you know if your going to fight a white dragon but not any think else that was weak vs fire.

when I GM 3.5 I used forgotten realms, and eberron. Now sense we have gone to pathfinder I use golarion.

I dont think so, but I would ask your GM.

according to the rules the ammo for a halfling ways the same as ammo for a giant. Yea I agree that it should way more for the giant but it dose not.

I would have to say quicken spell is very useful.

I like saying that you can use str or cha to intimidate,

I dont think it works that way, I would say that they are awake but are still bleeding out, and still needs to make the fort save every round.

Yea rudolf is right, that is the best way to do terrain.

the real question is how dose the party take 35 dog slicers and 15 horse choppers, and 50 small suits of leather armor out and take it to town.

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yea one thing my party starts to do around lv 3-5 they only will pick up master work items or magical items, they dont want to write down every thing to sell it, and when it comes to the gear that would be worthless like a dog slicer or a troglodytes armor I tell them that they cant sell it and I just put some extra gold around for them to find.

magimaster I think the +1 tax is a good way to go and you can do it the same for the burst, it will increase the base damage and you can do that every 2 dice of damage adds 1 d10 to the bursts crit

Yea giant is the way to go with this campaign. You fight them for most of it.

I dont care if they have the money to buy 300 wands I would let them, yes its extreme and that was why I used that, I guess the real question is why did they buy only wands of cure light wounds and not better healing wands. That's the real question. :p

I would say my self I dont care if the party wants to buy 300 wands of Cure light wounds its there gold, and if they want to use those wands I dont care, its for them to use.

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and the shield spell would make you feel worthless if a bad guy had it. That is my only problem with this build.

Well you can put a cap on how much a wand can be used, you can say that it only can be used 10 times a day or something like that, wands of healing will become the main way for a party to heal after battle unless you make it that they cant find them.

my group have been playing D&D for over 10 years.... man I am old :p when we went to pathfinder we did Rise of the runelords so we can get use to it. We are loving it, it is well worth it.

I would say no to having the wish spell but hey its your game.

I would say 2 squares would still be needed.

you would have two pools of channel energy.

I think you would have a speed of 30ft not 40ft.

I would say yes, but I would say it will slowly change there aliment if they cast spells like that alot.

yes ttritten

I would say it would defend it self

snacks work well :p but I would have to say try running a scenario with premade PCs and then if people want to still play the can make new PCs or keep the old ones that you made.

I would say that It would get damaged and then split.

no it is only off the base class

I would not take it, I dont think its worth it.

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I have to say the terra cotta warriors as a base race would be cool.

I would say no, But if you where in my game I would say yes you can take those feats.

Delazar, why would paizo would compete with its self. Why would you make 2 products that are very simmer? There is little market to do so, I would think that they will never do that.

as a summoner you can use light armor, your eidolon is not proficient with any armor, so any ACP it reduce its attacks for that amount. And remember that mage armor dose not stack with normal armor, they are the same bonus. you would take the higher bonus.

just remember that if you already have a trait that gives you a bonus it will not stack with a 2nd trait.

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