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Which new creatures (name, level, traits) got introduced in the adventure toolbox?

Is there any in-world distinction between the leshy PC ancestry and the leshys that are statted up as NPCs?

Question for the subscribers: what are the new creatures in the Adventure Toolbox?

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Was the rougarou directly based on the old school D&D lupin?

Which new creatures (name, type, subtypes, CR, size, alignment) are in the adventure toolbox?

Anyone's got the PDF yet? What are the new creatures in the toolbox?

In 2nd Edition, do insectoid werecreatures/entothropes still use belladonna instead of wolfsbane to cure their affliction?

Xethik wrote:
HTD wrote:
What are the new names of each individual type of nightshade/darvakka?

VANYVER (Nightwing)

SYKEVER (Nightwalker)
URVETH (Nightcrawler)
NASURGETH (Nightwave)

Are the other types mentioned anywhere (like in a sidebar or something)?

What are the new names of each individual type of nightshade/darvakka?

What are the new creatures in the adventure toolbox?

If one of my players want to play an Ekujae PC, would it be safe to let them know what Dahak did in the aftermath of Earthfall, in case they want to play Age of Ashes in the future?

Do you think it's appropriate for Great Old Ones and Outer Gods to have anathemas?

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Calcryx666 wrote:
Hello, I’m just wondering why isn’t the PDF available for purchase? I had thought it would come up after the street release date but no such luck

The street date is 22 December.

What are the main creatures' level and traits (if they have stat blocks that is)?

Which creatures have stat blocks other than the main 20? What are their level and traits?

Which authors are responsible for writing each monster?

Is there a list of monsters in the book, or is that still under wraps?

Is the 2E formian supposed to have only the formian trait?

What are the creatures in the bestiary (name, traits, alignment, size and level)?

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xNellynelx wrote:
Calcryx666 wrote:
Elfteiroh wrote:

Mine got shipped today! :3

There's a note that more XP than usual comes from investigation instead of fights.

Ok, Calcryx Investigates the Adventure Toolbox, what do I find? ;-)

So funny enough, I rolled a D20 to decide if I should answer you and you got a 15, so good enough. So here you go my friend. Spoiler tags for those who don't want to be spoiled. #spoilresponsibly. If you have additional questions for me, kindly use spoiler tags so we don't ruin this adventure for anyone!

** spoiler omitted **

What are the new creatures (name, level, size, alignment and traits)?

Is there any in-world distinction between the fleshwarp player ancestry and the particular fleshwarps that are statted up as monsters?

Is there any reason that trolls in 2E do not have the humanoid trait?

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Is 'guardian beast' supposed to be the new 2E name for the 1E foo creature?

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In which ways do you think that urdefhans, xulgaths and morlocks are unsuitable as playable PC ancestries?

Is the 2E ether spider supposed to be the same creature as the 1E phase spider?

Which of the elementals in Bestiary 2 would qualify as a primal elemental (as defined in Bestiary 1)?

What are the new playable races (name, type, subtypes, size)?

Is there anyone willing to share the new creatures introduced in the Alien Archives?

To the subscribers with your PDF copies: which are the monsters that show up in the alien archives (name, type, subtypes, size and CR)?

Are you interested in joining the PFRPG Discord server?

Is there any information about Vudran deities?

Do the xulgaths of Deep Tolguth (the creatures called 'xulgaths' in 1E) have a new in-world name now?

Are the living thunderclap and blizzardborn in Bestiary 2 examples of a primal lightning elemental and primal ice elemental, respectively? They seem to fit the description almost perfectly, except that the living thunderclap doesn't have the fire trait.

What are the alignment, population and demographics of Upwell, and the name, type, subtypes, size and CR of the new monsters?

Has any subscriber received your PDFs yet? Did Upwell receive a settlement stat block?

Do you think that dero, xulgaths and urdefhans could work as playable PC ancestries?

I'd want to have volume 3 of The Threefold Conspiracy AP when that becomes available on the 29th. Thanks in advance!

Which alignments would you give Daoloth, Glaaki and Eihort?

For those with your subscriber PDFs: What are the monsters in the Alien Archive section (name, type, subtypes, CR, size)?

Terevalis Unctio of House Mysti wrote:
Maybe they will stat the elven queen of Kyonin?

There won't be any stats. Check out Luis' post in page 1 for more details.

What are the new monsters (name, type, subtypes, CR, size)?

How is the fringe science article structured? Which 'disciplines' are talked about?

Anyone's got your subscriber PDFs yet?

What was the reasoning behind barghests' alignment shift from LE to CE in 2E?

Do you think that demon lords and other level 26+ creatures can be statted up in 2E now, or would Mythic be necessary for that?

What are the new monsters (name, type, subtypes, CR, size)?

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Among the new Vudran gods who got rules for the first time in the 2E Gods & Magic, who are demigods and who are full deities?

Is the xararian a new playable race?

What are the name, type, subtype, size and CR of the creatures in the Alien Archives and Continuing the Campaign article?

How much information is there about the Outer Gods and Great Old Ones?

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