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Rysky wrote:

Arekostes - N - contingencies and intelligent items

Drokalion - N - probably lion stuff

Pharimia - Unaligned - uniting myth speakers and hero gods

Upion and Warrik - NG - promises and shield bearers

Chinostes - NE/NG - tragedy and sacrifice

Iapholi - LN - monstrous heritage and acceptance

Ongalte - CE - wants to kill the other hero gods

They all have really neat stories.

How much crunch content is there concerning them?

Asking again: what are the alignment and areas of concern of the new Iblydan hero-gods?

Thomas Seitz wrote:
Any chance we'll see some kind of Bestiary in this or since this is end of 1st edition, we get these lovely articles instead?

Ron Lundeen said on page 1 of this thread that this volume has no separate bestiary other than the monsters in the Developer Showcase article.

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What are the alignments and areas of concern of the Iblydan hero-gods?

Have the subscriber PDFs been sent to anyone yet? If yes, may I know about the exact contents of the Developer Showcase article?

James Jacobs wrote:
We're kinda done with telling Gorilla King stories

Does this mean that he did not become a nascent demon lord as suggested in the Continuing the Campaign article?

What's the best species of penguin?

Can the word 'god' be used to refer to all divine beings, regardless of whether they are full deities, demigods or quasi-deities? I've seen many individuals like Magrim being called both god and demigod.

W E Ray wrote:
Will this volume have a full article/gazetteer on Katapesh?

Judging from the current product description, the answer seems to be no.

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The Gold Sovereign wrote:

Is there any harbinger with greed or ambition or anything related wealth in its areas of interest?

I'm certainly curious to know which harbinger is in Druma.

Sounds like Braismois (whose portfolio is broken deals, fine print and unfair bargains).

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Krune worshipped Lissala. Xanderghul worshipped (or rather was) the Peacock Spirit. Nethys wasn't yet born by the time Thassilon still existed.

CorvusMask wrote:
Isn't that located in bestiary usually?

Nope. Monster creation rules will not be in the bestiary but will be available 'fairly shortly thereafter'.

CorvusMask wrote:
I recognize the Strange Aeons moss art

That's actually the anima mundi from Rise of New Thassilon.

Why do some genderless/genderfluid (demi)gods use the pronoun 'it' (like Geryon, Azathoth or Mhar), and others use 'they' (like Arshea or all the new demigods in the Concordance of Rivals except the Monad), instead of all using the same pronoun?

Check out the plot of PFS season 8.

What are the possible meanings of the word 'spirit' in Pathfinder?

Rysky wrote:
Enlight_Bystand wrote:
James Jacobs wrote:
Thomas Seitz wrote:
I guess we'll see when part 6 gets released in 2020.
In fact, people will all see when part 1 gets released in 2019, since we've got a pretty detailed GM supplement in that volume to help folks run the game.
and even if we didn't, part 6 is coming out this year...
January, unless they’re doing a double month.

They are. Hellknight Hill comes out at the same time as Midwives to Death.

Why are the four Heralds of Dust in the Feast of Dust module considered to be harbingers? Their CR seem too low for harbingers, and they don't grant any domains.

The Gold Sovereign wrote:
I like how couatls have become sort of a new subtype of celestials.

They have been like that since the xiuh couatl appeared in For Queen and Empire in 2016.

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What are the deep cultures detailed in that article?

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For anyone with access to the PDF:
1. How much rules content is there in the Deep Cultures article?
2. What are the name, type, subtypes and CR of the monsters in the bestiary? Are the anassanois playable?

Is there any mention of Arazni's ethnicity or the two deities' divine realms?

What are the name and CR of the monsters?

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Has anyone received their subscriber PDFs yet?

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First World Bard wrote:
Alright, assuming the God-Caller is a Summoner (or even if she isn't, I guess), it seems an awful lot like she casts Message, right before the illustration.

She is an actual summoner.

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Fumarole wrote:
First World Bard wrote:
MaxAstro wrote:


You can't do this to me Paizo. You can't write an awesome story featuring a Summoner without even having announced when Summoner will be playable. :P
In fairness, Dolok might be an unfettered eidolon, and the God Caller a ceremonial title rather than a full-fledged Summoner.

More than might be.

wiki link

It seems the article is based on old information then. Breath of the Dragonskull quite explicitly states that he's the eidolon of the god caller in question now.

Is there any information about Arazni's ethnicity (other than Arcadian)?

Is there any reason why the statblocks of the grim reaper of Bestiary 5 and the grim reaper of Shadows of Gallowspire are so different from each other?

In that case, I hope there'll be official stats for their heralds in the bestiary section.

In Occult Realms, there's a LG cleric of Kofusachi (a CG god) that leads a group of followers of Qi Zhong. Is this an error? Should the text say 'cleric of Qi Zhong' instead of 'Kofusachi'?

James Jacobs wrote:
Thomas Seitz wrote:

Dear James Jacobs,

As you are something of an authority on the Great Old Ones and Outer Gods in Golarion; would you say it would be likely to encounter a tribe devoted to Chaugnar Faugn, in say, a remote region of Isger? Or would it be more likely to find them in Varisia?

I'd go with Varisia, but that's more becasue I'm more interested in Varisia than Isger. Chaugnar Faugn is pretty much an anywhere Great Old One... although putting his cult somewhere in the hills is a fun bit since his original story was "The Horror From the Hills."

What about a cult of Cthulhu? Would Minata be the place where it's most likely to find one?

CorvusMask wrote:

Do we know for sure there ARE more than five of Protean Lords? (four described ones plus the one that disappeared into dimension of time along with primal inevitable who dragged them there)

Also, thing about Godmind is that doesn't it exist on only when axiomites are having a council?

The back matter article of PF24 mentions at least 3 other protean lords by title. Planar Adventures has more information about the Speakers of the Depths and the Godmind (the former is a full deity with domains and subdomains provided, and the latter is not a god at all).

The Gold Sovereign wrote:
Set wrote:

I'd have liked some of the other neutral gods to have some demigods, if we were going that route.

God-level flunkies for Nethys (perhaps tied to the eight schools of magic, a la those demigods of the eight schools in Green Ronin's Plot & Poison, and with nothing to do with the aeon race) or Gozreh (genies of godlike power) could be interesting or even CN or LN gods like Calistria (elven hero-gods? an ascended Formian queen from a Calistria-worshipping hive of wasp-formians?) or Irori (spirit-gods of knowledge tied to the Akashic record, or formless masters of ancient skills or practices, such as the ultimate Healer or the master Craftsman or the grand Diplomat?) could have been an interesting expansion.

Plus more Proteans, obv. I love me some Proteans. :)

To be fair, I don't think more than a handful gods have a whole pantheon of demigods in their service.

Asmodeus and Pharasma are the only ones IIRC, ruling the Archdevils/Infernal Dukes/Malebranches and the Ushers respectively. Maybe the Elder Mythos' gods and demigods have this kind of relationship, but I'm surely uncertain.

Plus the Speakers of the Depths and the protean lords. I don't think the Outer Gods and Great Old Ones have this sort of dynamic.

Why don't agathions have the same problem that forced inevitables to be replaced with aeons in 2E?

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Is the auwaz couatl based on any real life mythological character or creature?

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Would Aroggus and the Monad qualify as CR 30 creatures?

Are the morbai psychopomps the same thing as the mor psychopomps mentioned by name in PF47?

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Could someone describe the protocites? What are their connections to the anacites?

Feros wrote:
HTD wrote:
Which domains does the Monad grant?
** spoiler omitted **

Well, gotta say I didn't expect to see the Monad as a demigod (as opposed to a full god).

I have another question: is there a list of protean lords and their titles?

Which domains does the Monad grant?

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What are the monsters in the bestiary (name, type, subtypes, CR and size)?

Would you say that you've already told the (only) story you wanted to tell about the serpentfolk with Serpent's Skull?

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I think this one is due for an update.

Zaister wrote:

In case you missed it, James also revealed the titles and authors of all six parts of this adventure path:

** spoiler omitted **

The last one sounds more like Luis Loza to me.

Who's writing Fires of the Haunted City? I cannot hear the name you said on the Age of Ashes preview on Twitch.

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What are the other monsters in the bestiary (name, type, subtypes, size and CR)?

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Has anyone received your subscriber PDFs yet?

Which APs would you consider to be 'experimental', and why?

Is 'Valashai' (as in Dragon Empires Gazetteer) a variant spelling of the Valashmaian Empire's name, or is it an error?

With the upcoming changes to aeons in 2E, do they still form from the souls of the neutral dead or serve Pharasma (according to some material written before the introduction of psychopomps)? Or is this information considered outdated now?

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