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Can anyone share the name, type, subtypes, CR and size of the new monsters?

Marco Massoudi wrote:
Also how long is the gazetteer of Kovlar and what is it's Population?

The population has been known since Dwarves of Golarion: 4390.

Marco Massoudi wrote:
I thought we were over the low res images?

At this rate it looks like they're here to stay.

The Raven Black wrote:

Do elevated outsiders that logically were mortal souls at one point count?

If yes, we can add Lamashtu, Sarenrae and maybe Asmodeus to the list.

Sarenrae is a primordial angel created by other gods (before mortals existed), not one elevated from a mortal petitioner.

Looks like this book's description didn't get updated alongside its cover.

What are the other new creatures in the bestiary (name, type, subtypes, size, CR)?

Do you think that the serpentfolk could be a viable playable ancestry?

Do the starships in the article have the Living Starship rule?

Canonically, is Xanderghul's soul judged, left behind in the Court of Amendment, or fed to the Oinodaemon?

Mechalibur wrote:
Nick O'Connell wrote:
Anyone know what the new monsters in this one are?

Quite a few

Asanbosam - Giant vampire ape with cold iron claws

Bida - Like a boa constrictor mixed with a dragon. Can turn small villages invisible to keep control of its slaves.

Biloko - Crocodiley fey with a penchant for cannibalism. 3 different versions included.

Charau-Ka - Like in the previous book, but contains 3 variants.

Grippli - 3 new variants

Kishi - Murderous fey that hide a second hyena head behind their humanoid one.

Living Sap - Exactly what it sounds like. A sappy ooze.

Mokele-Mbembe - Giant Mwangi dino that can make a sonic boom with its tail.

Sabosan - Creepy bat humanoids.

What are their level, traits and alignment?

Which creatures are ported from PF?

I wonder if all cover images going forward will be low-resolution. There's definitely a pattern here with some of the recently-updated ones.

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TheGoofyGE3K wrote:
Sneaking suspicion that some of those 19 will be a batch of the other playable races released across the APs

The list was posted on the product discussion thread, and only two are reprints (the shimreen and morlamaw).

Can anyone confirm that the blue and yellow symbol in the Broken Lands blog post is indeed Casandalee's holy symbol?

Are there any new members of major outsider races (name, size, CR)?

Which locations and races are detailed in the Plane of Fire gazetteer?

The All-Seeing Orb wrote:
HTD wrote:
Are there any Swarm, Elder Mythos, Dominion of the Black creatures, or colossi?
There are 2 new Swarm creatures, and the Hounds of Tindalos and Yithians. The Orb does not recall if there's anything tied to the Dominion, and also is unsure what you mean by colossi. There's the Kaiju-sized robot that was mentioned earlier in the thread, as well as a number of Starship-scale creatures.

I meant Daimalkan colossi; is the kaiju-sized robot one?

Also what are the name, size and CR of these Swarm creatures?

Are there any Swarm, Elder Mythos, Dominion of the Black creatures, or colossi?

Did the big outsider races receive any new members? If yes, what are their names and CR?

The All-Seeing Orb wrote:
Tiny play

Uhh... what is this supposed to mean?

What are the new playable races (name, type, subtypes, size)?

Has anyone received their subscriber PDFs yet?

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Why were some PF1 magical beasts (like ankhegs and purple worms) and shoggoths re-classified in PF2 as animals and aberrations respectively?

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Zum-Graat wrote:
Meanwhile, reefclaws and rust monsters are aberrations instead of beasts despite being just weird, but natural fauna? Ahhh, it's so confusing.

Reefclaws are the result of fleshwarping, so it makes complete sense to classify them as aberrations.

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Do you think that you might show up soon(-ish) in Starfinder?

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How do you feel about being featured as the big boss monster in PF2's first bestiary?

If an NPC's statline displays 'vampire' without stating which type of vampire, is it safe to assume that this NPC is a moroi vampire as presented in Bestiary 1?

James Jacobs wrote:
CorvusMask wrote:

So I'm confused about how rakshasa works nowadays because 3.5 article contradicts crimson throne and 3.5 korvosa book and rakshasa blooded tieflings existing. Like, old version claimed two rakshasas can't have children together and that rakshasa-mortal pairings result in more rakshasas. That sort of things.

Sooo yeah, how do rakshasa blooded tiefligns come to be and can rakshasa have children together?

The 3.5 stuff is outdated.

Rakshasa-blooded tieflings come about when a rakshasa meddles with a mortal bloodline, be it via experimentatnion, blood transfusion, magical infestation, possession, or plain old sex. Or any other method that works for whatever story you want to tell about the rakshasa-blooded tiefling.

Does this mean that the offspring of a rakshasa-mortal couple is a half-fiend, and that rakshasas can have children with each other?

Amaranthine Witch wrote:
HTD wrote:
Are there any alghollthus or Dominion of the Black creatures?
Yes to both.

Which species exactly (other than normal aboleths and neh-thalggus)?

Are there any alghollthus or Dominion of the Black creatures?

Do you think that Svevenka's art in the hardcover Rise of the Runelords is too risqué nowadays?

ForeverQueen wrote:
Is it known if this will be available for purchase at Gencon?

The street date is 28 August, so most likely not.

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Midnightoker wrote:
I’m assuming Astrals covers Inevitables and Psychopomps?

Inevitables and psychopomps fall squarely into the Monitor category. I guess Astral refers to astral leviathans, psychementals, shulsagas and other natives of the Astral Plane.

When was it decided that the orc pantheon lives in the Maelstrom, instead of the Abyss or somewhere else?

Are neothelids, intellect devourers and neh-thalggus present? If yes, do they have new names?

captain yesterday wrote:
Prince Setehrael wrote:
Is the Grim Reaper in the Bestiary?

Is it a unique creature?

Do the catfolk have a new name?

Are there any existing PF1 monsters that received new names in addition to the mites?

Do the serpentfolk and inevitables appear in the Bestiary? If yes, do they have new names?

Rysky wrote:

Arekostes - N - contingencies and intelligent items

Drokalion - N - probably lion stuff

Pharimia - Unaligned - uniting myth speakers and hero gods

Upion and Warrik - NG - promises and shield bearers

Chinostes - NE/NG - tragedy and sacrifice

Iapholi - LN - monstrous heritage and acceptance

Ongalte - CE - wants to kill the other hero gods

They all have really neat stories.

How much crunch content is there concerning them?

Asking again: what are the alignment and areas of concern of the new Iblydan hero-gods?

Thomas Seitz wrote:
Any chance we'll see some kind of Bestiary in this or since this is end of 1st edition, we get these lovely articles instead?

Ron Lundeen said on page 1 of this thread that this volume has no separate bestiary other than the monsters in the Developer Showcase article.

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What are the alignments and areas of concern of the Iblydan hero-gods?

Have the subscriber PDFs been sent to anyone yet? If yes, may I know about the exact contents of the Developer Showcase article?

James Jacobs wrote:
We're kinda done with telling Gorilla King stories

Does this mean that he did not become a nascent demon lord as suggested in the Continuing the Campaign article?

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What's the best species of penguin?

Can the word 'god' be used to refer to all divine beings, regardless of whether they are full deities, demigods or quasi-deities? I've seen many individuals like Magrim being called both god and demigod.

W E Ray wrote:
Will this volume have a full article/gazetteer on Katapesh?

Judging from the current product description, the answer seems to be no.

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The Gold Sovereign wrote:

Is there any harbinger with greed or ambition or anything related wealth in its areas of interest?

I'm certainly curious to know which harbinger is in Druma.

Sounds like Braismois (whose portfolio is broken deals, fine print and unfair bargains).

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Krune worshipped Lissala. Xanderghul worshipped (or rather was) the Peacock Spirit. Nethys wasn't yet born by the time Thassilon still existed.

CorvusMask wrote:
Isn't that located in bestiary usually?

Nope. Monster creation rules will not be in the bestiary but will be available 'fairly shortly thereafter'.

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