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Sovereign Court

I’ve just been reminded about the Sly Cooper games and how much I loved them! Figured I’d give making the titular character a go in Pathfinder. Haven’t put much thought into it beyond that, but for sake of argument let’s say PFS legal and see what happens!

Sovereign Court

Had some time to get a few thoughts down.

A raccoonish kitsune seems like the best racial choice. From there, rogue, ninja, or investigator look pretty good in terms of getting the right/enough skills and the appropriate style of combat. At that point, I think it comes down to the skills I want to invest in and what features I want.

Stealthy acrobatics was a big part of Sly’s skill set, as was disable device, and disguise.

Any ideas on how to get his weapon emulated in Pathfinder? It’s basically a shepherds crook, but ideally I’d be able to finesse it.

A hanbo is a walking stick or "half-staff"; a finessable, simple weapon in PF. If you want to do tricks with it it really should work with stick-fighting style though it isn't listed there.

I haven't ever seen the games though and I don't know what exactly you want emulated.

I think the burglar, Heister or roof runner (last 2 especially) are perfect fits for sly. Hes all about moving in without being seen, and getting away if noticed.

Bentley is a ringleader bard for sure.

And The Murray is a vigilante/barbarian/rogue driver.

And I agree with AVR about the hanbo but... in all honesty if you want a crook... use the crook!

Damage 1d4 (small), 1d6 (medium); Critical x2; Range—; Type B; Special reach, trip
Category Two-Handed; Proficiency Exotic
Weapon Groups PolearmsDescriptionThis common herder’s tool is a wooden pole with a hooked end. When using a crook, you can ignore the penalty for not having two hands free when making a combat maneuver check to initiate a grapple against a creature you threaten.

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