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As in the subject line, please cancel my PF Adventure Card Game subscription (and any other subscriptions I may have, although I think this is the only one). I'll look at the possibility of restarting once Mummy's Mask is complete.

Thanks so much!


It is looking much better now. Thank you, Katina!

Good morning Customer Support Magicians,

I am not quite sure what is going on with my sidecart. In my account screen it is showing two copies of Pathfinder Battles: Iconic Heroes Set #6. It should be (I think) showing one copy of Pathfinder Battles: Iconic Heroes Set #4, one copy of Pathfinder Battles: Iconic Heroes Set #5 and one copy of Pathfinder Battles: Iconic Heroes Set #6.

There is an order still showing for #4 and # 5, but it says pending and neither are in my sidecart.

I am not quite sure what happened. I hadn't really looked at it since I updated to add #6 to my sidecart.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Great article Hawkmoon!

News from Pax


Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: Rise of the Runelords – Base Set Coming Fall

When we spoke to the Obsidian Team at PAX and learned that the game has a rough release date, Fall 2015! From one of the games developers I was told "soon" with a wink, so who knows!

Glad to see this "officially" laid out s I was going to try to put something together on my own. My daughter will be pleased that Val can come out of retirement!

Please cancel my Pathfinder Adventure Card Game CLASS DECK Subscription. I would like to retain my regular PACG subscription.

Thank you!

You can also get the playmat for Ekkie at this link if you are into those.

To be clear, I am not advocating downgrading to 3 scenarios and done. I am advocating moving to 3 base scenarios PLUS two optional challenge scenarios, as optional additions to AD1. Same content, more variety, and making it into the AD1 set a bit sooner.

Chad Brown wrote:

We certainly want to do this with some of the B scenarios. I'm curious if people think that this should be the main function of all 5 B scenarios, or not?

Mostly, I feel this should be the main function


Alternatives include: making some of the B scenarios optional, without cutting out the feat rewards.

I like Calthaer's suggestion of 3 main scenarios, and two optional scenarios that can be dropped in later. This gives the 3 to learn the game, and two options for bonus/advanced scenarios to push the envelope. Only the 3 base scenarios would need to be completed to get the base adventure rewards.


Using some of the B scenarios to introduce the story of the AP.

Yes please

Using some of the B scenarios to "level up" the characters.

If you move to a solid 3 scenarios + 2 optional for later use, then I would suggest using the first scenario and the adventure rewards both for something cool in powering up to get the hook in early.

Using some the B scenarios to introduce the background/setting of the AP.

This seems to tie in with story, so this would be nice.

Designing some of the B scenarios to be "full speed, full difficulty, fully-replayable" scenarios.

Using the 2 "extra" scenarios for this purpose, as optional scenarios full bore designed to challenge, sounds like a great idea. Just make sure to warn of their challenge level. Maybe have them both for AD1, since it is also included in the base box. I would suggest some cool loot reward for each character if you complete both, that could only be obtained in this manner. But no feat rewards, because that will make them feel mandatory.


Thanks again for playing, and thanks for all the feedback!

Thanks for listening!

This is a fun idea! Put me in for hoping for a release of the scenarios and rules for the tournament.

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Thanks for pointing these out Hawkmoon. I hadn't yet read the blog.

I would have been happier had they stayed $29, but I jumped in and pre-ordered each anyway. I want WizKids to know that this isn't a passing fad for the first three. I'm committed for as long as they keep releasing these, through the rest of the iconics, any new iconics, and even class deck packs would be amazing.

I /hate/ blind box buying minis, and generally will not risk the money on them. But they can get me to way overspend easily by showing me what's in the box.

Group tells Ranzak he make silly errorz all the time. Ranzak no make errors. Ranzak iz roleplaying.

(We've shorted the blessing deck more than once, although strangely never put too many in. We have also on more than one occasion doubled the number of monsters in a location deck.)

Any chance of seeing something to purchase on the Roll20 marketplace or through Tabletopsimulator? I understand if the agreement with Obsidian prevents such things or if it doesn't fit the business model that you are going for.

I can (and honestly am working on) scanning the cards myself to play with friends and family who are remote, but I would be happier to have the opportunity to pay Paizo for a more professional solution and would feel a lot better about the use of the IP.

I could wait to see if Obsidian provides a solution, but I am concerned that multiplayer is not a guarantee, and even more concerned that the timeframe of any /possible/ multiplayer could be six months, a year, two-years... or who knows (see the Ultra Pro adventure storage for an example of something that was high on my wish list that has dwindled to "meh" because of way too much of a delay). My final concern is that EACH player will have to purchase the Obsidian product, which depending on price point could get very prohibitive for 6 players. Compare this with the tabletop version where I am the only one required to pay for my addiction of all things PACG. I would not get even 5% of the play time that I do with friends and family if they each had to own the tabletop versions to play.

I am starting to feel more than a little myfly-esque with my persistence and passion on this topic, so I will take a break on the issue for a while unless there are questions. However, I would like to add that I am very happy that the development team does listen and consider these requests, even when I don't always get the answers that I hope for. Thank you for all that you do!

I always get disappointed if I have to leave Loot boons behind. Its killing me (Smalls) in Skull & Shackles especially, where Damiel, Jirelle, and Oloch want ALL THE LOOTS, but just can't justify giving up the other things in the deck that make them more efficient. I think I am about 50/50 for taking Loot at the end of AD4 *sadface*.

Is there an option to buy PACG RotR/ S&S/ and/or WotR as a complete set in PDF format, i.e. the base set and all adventure decks, not just the errata cards?

If not, can we get one. Please take my money. Thank you. :)

Nathan Davis wrote:
In the next few months, we will begin beta testing. I'll make sure you all know how to sign up!

Good to know, thanks!

And btw, Alain rocks!

Pyrocat wrote:
Would you rather the game be delayed another 9 months in order to get online multiplayer working?

If its going to take them nine more months to account for multiplayer, then its more of an afterthought than something they have designed for from the beginning, which to me is not a good sign. I would hope that multiplayer was a design goal right from the beginning and the game's foundation is built with this in mind.

If I am being honest, I would rather wait the nine months either way. I want the single player experience, but I can play single player now. My biggest hurdle in playing this game is not single player, but in being able to get together with others to make this play happen. The best potential for this game is the ability to bring people together.

If they are not going to have multiplayer at the start, then I would rather give Paizo my money directly for pdf copies of the cards that I can upload into Table Top Simulator or other similar programs and be able to play with friends.

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Great blog post Tanis!

I want ALL the GOBLINS!


And Plarg!

Honestly, if multiplayer is not there at launch, they may lose more than half of their target audience.

I'd like to be able to do this for two reasons:

1) I would like to know which ones are "official" Paizo releases. For example, is this one d-Season-of-the-Shackles-Complete-Set?src=hottest_in_print from Paizo or fan-made?

2) When I find two or three I like and find they are all from the same creator, it would be nice to be able to search for other cards by that creator.

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I would love to see Paizo & Wizkids do a PACG kickstarter for Class Deck character miniatures. I don't see a need for a crossover to make that happen.

Chad Brown wrote:

We're also looking closely at the role of the B scenarios in teaching the game to brand new players, teaching the specifics of the AP to people who've have some other PACG experience, and also to providing an interesting on-ramp for people who've played PACG a lot (maybe this AP, maybe many others) and are looking to get into the story in an easy and fun way.

Using the B scenarios for the opportunity to introduce new and returning players is exactly what I am hoping for.

I am getting used to having Calthaer's daily affirmations around. :)

As to the tokens, I believe the images for the iconic characters in RotR, S&S and WotR are all in the community use packages available for free, as is the token card template. Some quick photoshop work and card stock and you can make tokens for all of these. This leaves you only needing tokens for the class decks for the characters not represented in the community use packages.

As far as value, its all relative. Drive thru has a fixed fee because of (relatively) unlimited stock and no desire to retain it. Price is determined by production cost and expected profit. On the other hand when you want someone to part with their personal cards of which they have a limited or even single item of supply, then you are working on fair market value. I weigh the "cost" of my OCD at not having a complete set versus the value to me of obtaining the money. You weigh the desire of getting the tokens you want versus the value of keeping the money.

With that consideration, $1.50 per card sounds like a bargain to me, as I would not part with mine for any less than it would cost me to replace the entire set. I also realize that its not likely someone would buy the cards for that amount, as they could just purchase their own set to get the cards they want and a whole lot more. Generally speaking, boardgamers tend to be completionist, so I think its going to be difficult to find what you are looking for at the price you want, but I wish you luck.

I am now subscribed! Woot for Seelah the bestest! (Besides Damiel ;) )

Longshot11 wrote:
Not that I'm holding my breath at this point, but whatever happened with the 'end of 2014' 'maybe-probably-news'? :)

Good question. Vic? Any updates? Is this still a possibility?

jones314 wrote:
Or you could try mixing up 5 random monsters and 3 random barriers and adding one of them to each location.

I like this better, as adding another location in a 6 player game will lead to problems with not enough Henchmen.

Keith Richmond wrote:
For 6 players, that solution would get a bit trickier :)

I was trying to think this through myself, and the best I could come up with that was quick and easy was to pick one of the locations and build it twice. The trick is, which one?

I would probably look at the following factors and choose the one that seemed the most difficult overall when considering these factors:
-Total number of Banes (Monsters + Barriers)
-Adventure Deck Number of the location
-Start/End of turn effects
-Difficulty of closing

The key is to make sure to pick something challenging and not something without banes that gives lots of cool loot. :)

Even then, I am not sure its quite enough to offset the addition of 5 additional blessings in a 6-player game, but it is a place to start and adjust up or down to hit the challenge level you are looking for.

You can house rule what you like, of course. However, adding 5 blessings to the blessings deck significantly decreases the challenge of the game. More players gives you less time but way more firepower, and its a careful balance.

If you're adding blessings to increase the time you get to spend playing, and are interested in in keeping the challenge level up, I suggest also increasing the number of locations by one (i.e. use the number of locations for 6 players when playing with 5 players).

Thank you!

Does anyone have a complete list of feats gained in S&S, including which adventures/scenarios they are gained in?

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I think viewing the "B" sets as introductory is essential. Any base set has the potential to be someone's first introduction to the game, and it needs to provide that slow build of concepts and difficulty. To me, this is the whole point of having the B scenarios.

If the design philosophy is that the B scenarios are some sort of "bonus" starting scenarios for advanced players, then there should be some sort of warning to new players to consider starting with AD1 instead.

July will be plenty soon enough. Thank you!

I am not sure which promo card or cards were supposed to ship with PACG Adventure Deck 2, but I did not receive any with my shipment. The deck box was open on one end like usual, but no promo card was inside or in the shipping box.

This is really cool and something I would love to do, but I could never keep up with this posting rate. :) Great job!

Back to reading the posts!

Thank you, Diego!

I should have realized they were going to do that. I really appreciate you being able to move them back to the new subscription.

Thanks for getting this in place! I have now resubscribed.

One minor issue with this process that I did not foresee. The Iconic Heroes Minis sets (1, 2 and 3) that I had previously had in the sidecart jumped out when my subscription was cancelled. Is it possible to put those back in my sidecart now that my subscription is back in place with the add-on deck? I think they are showing as Order #3464033 at the moment.

Good morning amazing customer service team.

Could you please cancel my card game subscription? I will be resubscribing for just the character add-on deck. This will save much on shipping and free up money for additional class decks. :)

Thank you!

Bi-monthly, assuming that means every other month :)

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All beta testers that I have asked have confirmed that the next PACG adventure path involves our heroes facing the fury of an artificial intelligence intent on imposing order across the land. The name of this super secret adventure path is Age of Hawkmoon.

As others have mentioned the biggest reason is shipping costs, plus the pre-order discount offered from our game shop (or your online retailer) add up to a significant amount.

From Paizo's perspective it also make sense to allow this, as the alternative is that people drop their sub altogether. They may intend to re-sub, but sometimes that does not happen. It's a lot easier to let a sub continue than it is to restart it, psychologically speaking. Ask any MMO subscriber that has let their sub linger for months without ever even playing. :)

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When Skull & Shackles first came out, we were able to skip the base set on our subscription and get the promos from the add-on decks. However, it involved a manual process with customer service, and there was some discussion of having a cleaner, possibly automated process for doing the same with Wrath of the Righteous.

Has anyone seen this option yet? Any news from Paizo about being able to do this again? This saved me quite a bit on shipping the last time, which quickly went to class decks. I would hope to be able to avoid those burdensome costs again if possible.

Mike Selinker wrote:
Andrew L Klein wrote:
It's too bad that can't happen, I'd be all over a Star Wars ACG!
Vic Wertz wrote:
Me too!
I'm sure we could write that.

Yes, please. Take my money now!

Siygess wrote:
...and for that card to be placed in the public domain for non-profit purposes...

This is a great point. We need to be really careful when searching for art that looks like public domain. Some of it is, and some of it is free to use, but some of it is conditional or non-transferable. Using the card creator is certainly a for profit purpose (even if it is not our profit) and a commercial use.

Epic Meepo wrote:
f Disney spent time and money setting up a website where fans with 3D graphics skills could spend hours designing and rendering original, CG Stars Wars characters, I would expect those fans to receive fair compensation if Disney then ported the CG characters they created using Disney's website directly into the next Star Wars movie

Just wanted to point out that MMOs give you the tools to design characters all the time. Every MMO license agreement that I have read gives the company the rights to anything you create within that MMO, even if you delete it later. Its a sticky issue, to be sure, but not at all unprecedented.

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Steve Wieck wrote:

2. There's over 1,500 pieces of art in the Card Art Collection that you can use for the card creator for a microlicense payment to the artist of 40 cents.
Easiest to navigate the collection using the subcategories for each card type in the left column.

We're glad folks are enjoying it and hope to see more finished cards.

Hi Steve,

Is there a process for submitting art for use in this manner? I am not an artist but I am sure there are quite a few artists who would be interested, depending on how those licensing terms read. I know of a few I would encourage personally.

cartmanbeck wrote:

I personally don't understand the issue, as long as those of us who are making the cards and making them available to the public are aware that we're giving away our ideas.

This is my feeling as well. I think its pretty clear that you are giving Paizo the right to do as they please with your contributed content. I would hope they would at least credit the contributor if they decide to use your contribution in the "official" game, but the language seems clear enough that they are not required to. If you do not want this to happen, then do not contribute.

That's not meant to be a mean response, but rather genuine advice, whether you are putting your contribution in the card creator or posting it in the forums. It is Paioz's responsibility to understand and protect their intellectual property. It is your responsibility to protect yours if you feel it needs protection.

I wanted to add that while I was excited about the monthly release schedule at first, it has actually been a bit overwhelming in practice. I feel like I must keep up, from a play perspective, and when I don't it gets discouraging. I am glad we are getting a bit of a break until WotR.

It is a tough balance for me to have not too much, and not too little in the PACG. I like the monthly pack releases, but I think a planned break in between sets is a good idea.

I am addicted and purchase everything, but I have more trouble getting friends into Skull & Shackles. Essentially the feedback I have gotten is that it is not far enough removed to be a "non-fantasy' version of the game while still being far enough that it doesn't feel like traditional fantasy play. I expect them to be ready to jump back in with Wrath and a bit of epic fantasy.

That said, I think they would be open to a super hero genre version of the game, or a sci-fi version, as long as we were talking complete conversions with monsters, items, and locations all fitting the genre. While I would personally love to see Iron Gods adapted and think it would do well, I think I would face similar difficulties to S&S for those friends.

I am interested in finding out if those same friends who haven't been super into S&S as they were RotR will be more interested in S&S as an expansion for the app version of the game.

It may be a bit premature to discuss, but since it is kind of related and impacts the overall spend I have for May, will there be a method to discontinue the base set of Wrath as part of the subscription in May and still get the promos with the add-on deck?

This worked very well for S&S and saved me a very significant amount on shipping so I hope we can do this again, and hopefully with a more streamlined method than previously.

If this is not possible, the impact of having the base set for wrath, the add-on deck, and icons set #1, along with possibly set #2 and even set #3 ALL ship in May as everything catches up to the subscription may well cause my wallet to crumble to dust... Of course it will seem like Christmas in May so that may be a fair trade...

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