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ChibiNyan wrote:
When you mentioned the "Run around and attack multiple targets" I couldn't help but to think of this ability

Yeah, that's a little crazy. I really thought it was going to read, something like the rogue can make an attack against anyone who would normally have an AOO against him. But attack themselves?

Has there been any indication that Sudden Charge will be expanded in power? I noted that someone indicated that Paizo did a lot of research on what real world athletes can accomplish. Building on that I'm wondering if we'll see a fighter eventually being able to do things like;
- Move for three actions and make one single attack
- Move for two or three actions making attacks along the way

Considering that if a round of combat equals roughly 6 seconds, and that most professional football players can do the 40 yard dash (120ft) in under 6 seconds, it isn't a stretch of the imagination having a now master or legendary fighter who can sprint through a battlefield dealing damage as he goes.

Which then leads to a question; Has it been revealed if the new base speeds have changed? Maybe an old base speed of 30ft is now 40 feet since there are only 3 actions in a round, or in other words allowing a full round move of 120ft is now achieved in three actions.

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Wayne Reynolds wrote:
Awesome stuff

Thank you! Can't wait to see your work!

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Rysky wrote:
Nice! Has he talked about this anywhere?

Not that I'm aware of. I'm taking this information from the early announcement and FAQ. "We're proud to announce that Wayne Reynolds has been designing new concepts and characters for Pathfinder Second Edition for more than two years now, including updated art for the iconic characters from the Core Rulebook, detailed illustrations of all the key player races, and more (including a new goblin iconic!)."

He also mentions working on this project for years on his FB page. I'm looking forward to seeing what he's created.

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If you're a fan of Wayne Reynold's art, I hope you also caught that he's been working on art for the new edition for quite some time now, 2 years if I recall correctly. I'm also looking forward to seeing new works from him.

I believe, I'd have to say never. In the early 80's we might have done so with the black boxed set, but we were pretty fast with the rules. I believe we had a campaign hit close in the early 90's. I had a homebrew campaign that was meant to hit 20, but the group fell apart around 19th. Had another one stop at 17th, but plan to pick up back up if I can write up a decent continuation for Rise of the Runelords.

And I currently have a campaign at 18th, with plans to go to 21st just to see how those capstone abilities play out. I'm tempted to write up some mythic stuff if the group wants to keep going.

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Have them each play two characters. It's not that hard, and is the best way to handle action economy issues, etc.

I occasionally play with an old friend, who will run four PC's for an adventure path. Really there are no rules saying one person must only run one PC.

nicholas storm wrote:
You have to remember that troop don't have to roll to hit. As such your high damage is quite overpowered. I feel the damage on troop is low because of that.

Thanks for the input and this is a valid point. Unfortunately, RL got in the way of me responding sooner. I have access to troop stats from RoW, so I'll compare those and see where this CR should most likely fall.

I'm going to assume you are the GM, and not a player designing his own toy, and by "best fit in canon", you mean that you want it to fit well within Golarion.

With that said, if you're caught up in the "undead can only be evil" mindset, by pass that and pick something else. It could be the previous owner's actual soul or spirit, not undead, but actual life force. There are angelic spirits that inhabit helmets, why not a saint's life force lingering around a sword?

Maybe this person died, went to Erasti's realm after death, but really wanted to be a mentor and guide to others still in the material plane. He's granted his request, and now lingers in his weapon.

Remember that when you do this, you're basically adding an npc to the campaign. What does it know? What type of personality does it have? Is it opposed to certain things or actions?

nicholas storm wrote:
Your damage looks way too high. Bestiary 6 would indicate it should be more like 4d6+4.

Thanks for the input, and I really should have given more details on how I came up with that. Here's my reasoning behind the damage.

When I look at the Bestiary 6 blocks, I think 4d6+4 is way too low for this type of troop. Take into consideration, the CR11 drow cultist troop also has many other things going for it such as;
* Fast healing
* Channel negative energy
* Higher AC
* Poison
* Spells

The centaur troop doesn't have any of that.

I should have added in the first post that I tried basing this troop off of a base centaur/ fighter 3 which was CR6. The single fighter is very low AC, very high damage from a two handed weapon and power attack. They have a ranged option, but are really dangerous when they charge in formation.

When I compare this to the monster creation charts from the Bestiary, I'm within the average damage range, which actually makes me want to boost up the damage (except for the fact that I put the Trampling Charge damage so high).

Dang, as I'm writing this, I'm convincing myself that they aren't packing enough punch.

I post a lot of things for my homebrew in well, the homebrew section, however, feedback there can be a bit spotty. I'd love advice on whether I'm hitting the target on some troop stat blocks that I'm writing up.

Please let me know if you think the following is accurate as far as the troop sub-type is concerned.

Centaur Legion Troop CR12

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Trying my hand at some troop stat blocks. This one in particular would represent a unit of centaur fighters.

Centaur Legion Troop CR12

Thank you both. I should have mentioned the BBEG is a unique race to my world, closely related to tieflings in a way.

I think I'll end up making an artifact for this particular guy.

I'm running a game in which I want one of the BBEG's to have a colossal eidolon. I'd like to stick to OGL/RAW to build this rather than just creating a unique rule for my home brew.

I can see the eidolon getting to huge via the large evolution. Then getting to gargantuan via enlarge person and then permanency.

Any thoughts?

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And one of the final bad guys for this chapter in the story.

Harpy Antipaladin CR20

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Here is a centaur champion in the enemy army.

Centaur Fighter CR17

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I know I already have a CR14 harpy archer posted earlier, but I wanted to tweak the troops which will face the heroes soon in a harpy army.

Harpy Archer CR14

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As of this weekend, I'm writing up stats for my homebrew and reviewing PC sheets for 18th level.

I've been posting stats here; Gray's Home Brew Stat Blocks and I'm always open to critiques.

And writing some fiction for the world. In a nutshell, a reptilian spears and sandals type empire rules much of the world, and non-human city states rule the rest, while humanity survives on the fringes while gods and immortal beasts play petty games with both.

If we keep going, I expect to play to just shy of 21st level. Just enough to enjoy using some of those capstone abilities.

Kileanna wrote:

Right now working on:

Continueing Dragonlance Skull and Shackles campaign with some homebrew stuff. Probably starting a war between the minotaurs of the Blood Sea and the pirates with their newly crowned queen.

Are you taking this from the Dragonlance boxed set with the map of the burning sea? I always wanted to use that as a framework for a campaign.

Kileanna wrote:
Too many ideas, not enough time to develope all of them.

Sounds familiar. :)

Kobold Cleaver wrote:
Basically, imagine Facebook crossed with DeviantArt, but with a generally more progressive community (very much depending on what regions of Tumblr you frequent). There're a lot of really creative people on Tumblr, and we feel like it'd be an okay platform to put up our setting stuff—art, mechanics and flavor—in bite-sized chunks. Ideally, we're hoping we can wrangle a Patreon or the like for if it takes off, but that's all very much pipe dream material.

Would you be willing to share once you have your tumblr set up?

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The Centaur General

Centaur Cleric CR19

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The centaur general's arcane tank and bodyguard.

Harpy Sorcerer CR19

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Councilor, Spy, and Army Motivator;

Harpy Bard CR18

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So moving on to another army moving into the area, and back to centaurs and harpies.

Centaur Elite Guard CR13

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Here is the lead rogue hunting down the PCs as a separate, on the ground team. It is a bit of a task to keep track of both of their abilities. For example, if they are able to flank and get their SA's, he could be gaining a free AOO if his ally hits (opportunist), giving his ally a free attack if he misses (assault leader, 1/day), inflicting 2pts of STR damage and -2 to AC, and inflicting the staggered condition if a 2nd SA hits (sneaking precision).

Lunic Rogue CR20

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One of two rogues trailing the PCs, waiting for an opportunity to take them out.

Lunic Rogue CR18

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A Great Cyclops Warpriest is the commander of primary forces facing off against the heroes' army in this chapter.

Great Cyclops Warpriest CR21

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A great cyclops brawler is also among the Cyclops King's personal guard.

Great Cyclops Brawler CR18

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Here is the phantom for the great cyclops spiritualist.

Spiritualist's Phantom

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Here is an advisor and protector of the Cyclops king.

Great Cyclops Spiritualist CR18

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And here is the great Cyclops general's herald and war chanter, inspiring the great Cyclops mercenaries to crush their enemies.

Great Cyclops Skald CR18

Jeraa wrote:
Gray wrote:
If a giant uses a sling does it increase the range? What about a huge creature? I would think that the range increases, but maybe I'm wrong. Please let me know if there is an official ruling on this that I'm missing.
Nope. Range is not based on size. It stays the same. And yes, that does mean some creatures can attack an enemy further away when using a reach weapon than they can throw a weapon. (A colossal creature normally has 30' reach, which becomes 60' with a reach weapon. He can still only throw a dagger a maximum of 50 feet.)

Technically, I'd say if a giant is throwing a spear, his range begins at the end of his reach. However, that's how I'd call it, and not supported by RAW as far as I can see either.

It just strikes me odd that throwing rocks is better.

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So here are the foot soldiers of a great cyclops mercenary force.

Great Cyclops Mercenary CR13

If a giant uses a sling does it increase the range? What about a huge creature? I would think that the range increases, but maybe I'm wrong. Please let me know if there is an official ruling on this that I'm missing.

Or it is discovered that there is a prophecy or belief that in order to bring about the apocalypse the harbinger must also be sacrificed.

Caimbuel wrote:

Take this with a measure of salt, but that fey race as a wizard is just asking for trouble. Tiny wizards have 0 problems, but can be truly annoying when they can by raw hide on another character. Also flying at max spell range invalidates so many issues a wizard normally has.

As I said YMMV

I certainly get your point. I'd love to say I have extensive game play that shows otherwise, but IRL over many years, no one has played a fey and transformed into a sprite in one of my games.

With that said, I think I'd be OK with it, and see it more as a feature that I'd let the player take advantage of. In fact, I'd see it as kinda in character if they used other "big dumb" races as shields. :)

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Here is the eidolon for the CR17 Summoner

Eidolon for CR17 Summoner

Up next; Great Cyclops Mercenaries!

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Here's the strike team leader.

Strike Team Leader, Summoner CR17

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Another member of the strike team who is hunting down the heroes.

Lunic Strike Team Rogue CR11

Collin Young 84 wrote:
Gray wrote:

I'm rebooting an old campaign for a new group, and I thought I'd share the updated stat blocks for comments and suggestions.

Here is a Centaur War Priest, who is leading a war party into territory protected by the PCs.

Centaur War Priest..

I noticed on the centaurs who use two-handed weapons (greatclub and longspear) you have them using shields...unless I am just seeing things of course, and if so I apologize.

No, you are right. There were a few builds that still had the shield listed in the AC calculation when the centaur was using a two-handed weapon, or in the case of the Centaur War Priest, I needed to adjust the weapon to a short spear (1d6). I've corrected some of the earlier builds. Thanks for pointing that out.

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I'm back after a bit of a hiatus, and getting ready for the next chapter. Here are some elite centaur soldiers who are part of a strike team trying to ambush our heroes.

Elite Centaur Soldier CR11

Debihuman wrote:

Thanks for posting all these. I haven't been playing a pathfinder game recently but I do enjoy reading new critters all the time.


Thanks for the comment. I appreciate it.

I'm a bit clueless on this as well and it has been quite some time since I've read anything on this. Yet one still years for games like that. Is there anything stopping Paizo from partnering with an established game company to combine at least story lines and Golarion to another games mechanics? Say Golarion Adventure Path on Monster Hunter mechanics?

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This reminds me. I've meant to post this for a while. . . The entire reason I started this thread started an idea on taking some risks, but also giving back. I enjoy this community, and have received quite a bit of advice and information that has improved my games. So that's spurred a bit of a desire to give back. I've also been trying to increase my creative output a bit in both writing and drawing, and gaming is part of what I enjoy in creativity. And if one is to create, it also helps to share.

In addition, there's always been a desire to write up an AP or an adventure. I've been essentially writing about the same homebrew world since the mid 80's. So part of this has been somewhat of an experiment. Could I take what were scribbled notes and drawings, and create actual stat blocks that someone else may find valuable and actually use? As one can see from the date this thread was created, it's taken me quite some time just to get to this point.

Will I ever actually publish all of this? Do I have time to create all the drawings I'd like to accompany such a work? All before I leave this physical realm?

We'll see. However, in the meantime, thank you to everyone who has commented so far. If you enjoy this, or have critiques, please let me know.

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Here4daFreeSwag wrote:
Gray, good to have some free campaign maps and homebrew stat blocks out there. ;)

I hope you enjoy it. And now I realize the resolution on that map isn't so great. I'll try to get a better picture out there once it is done.

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I've been using Outflank occasionally. Just wanted to see if there was anything else. I especially agree that I don't care too much about minion builds to a degree. They are speed bumps to the BBEG.

I'm also not sure why I was thinking that Aid Other didn't stack.

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Sorry for the slow response time. Thanks for all of the idea, which are useful. I was not aware of Second Chance at all.

Tacticslion wrote:
What's your end goal? What do you have to work with so far?

I'm running a game at 17th, and I was looking for ways that lower level enemies could sacrifice damage or iterative attacks to increase their likelihood of hitting the PCs. Nothing game breaking by any means. It is just the PCs are sporting some high AC's, which is fine, but total invulnerability isn't fun either. I've just noticed that this group of players likes the big battles with many enemies on the field.

There are certainly other ways around high AC, it was just a thought I had as to whether I may be missing some other mechanic or feat that allowed this. It's kind of hard to keep up with all the feats out there.

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Is there a feat out there that will allow a PC to do any of the following?

1. Decrease damage to increase attack rolls (like the opposite of Power Attack)?


2. Lose one or more iterative attacks to increase the primary attack roll?

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Here's a map I've been working on in my spare time. This is the entire region for the whole campaign. It's come in handy to help the group keep track of where all the enemy forces are moving.

Gray Campaign Map

Cannibal Druid CR17

And that closes out the leadership of the cannibal army.

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