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I'm running a game in which I want one of the BBEG's to have a colossal eidolon. I'd like to stick to OGL/RAW to build this rather than just creating a unique rule for my home brew.

I can see the eidolon getting to huge via the large evolution. Then getting to gargantuan via enlarge person and then permanency.

Any thoughts?

Gargantuan is as big as it goes for summoner. You would need to increase size two steps with your spell rather than one. The only spell to do that is Animal Growth, which doesn't work on outsiders (and the mythic version is limited to huge, making it worse). Share Spells only bypasses that for spells on the Summoner list, which it is not. Druid can get an eidolon and has the spell, but the eidolons don't have an evolution pool.

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Doesn't the Samsarian racial ability put a spell from another class on their class list? Animal Growth is a sorc/wiz spell, so it should work.

That should do it~

Thank you both. I should have mentioned the BBEG is a unique race to my world, closely related to tieflings in a way.

I think I'll end up making an artifact for this particular guy.

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