100 or more security measures


In a derelict starship, there will be 1-3 still active in a room bay. In an enemy base, bypassing one may involve tricking it into believing you belong there.

1:Door locks. The whole area is protected by locked doors. You can slide a proper ID card or try to hack it. As an average lock, DC is 25.

In a derelict ship, the alarms caused by failure will simply attract wandering monsters.

In an enemy base, it can alert the entire base to your presence.

2: Charged floors. This may be an intentional measure to prevent passage by people without the electricity resistance the staff have by gear or otherwise, or it may be a result of space goblins 'fixing' the wiring. It dies 1d6 electricity damage per round to anyone touching the floor in either case.

Flight or climbing can bypass charged floors, but disabling the system requires prying up or cutting through the floor then a DC 15 check to cut the power.

You can also short it to the wall for the same check.

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3: Pro Ambulation Body Scanner – CR 2: This technological device is often found near public transportation hubs and other secure locations, deployed to detect weapons and contraband. Utilizing the latest in imaging technology and consisting of black polycarbonate panels measuring eight feet long, five feet wide, and half a centimeter thick, PABS units are commonly mounted vertically on stands. As few as four and as many as twenty can be connected together into one seamless unit and positioned near walls to create a hallway of sorts. To scan a subject, a creature must move alongside a PABS unit, thus allowing a viewer on its opposite side to monitor in real-time the skeletal structure of those being inspected as they pass by, their skeleton typically displayed digitally in neon green on the panel. The nearby computer terminal that controls a PABS can be calibrated to detect a variety of known materials, such as metal or plastic. When such material is displayed, an alert notifies the active security personnel. A PABS unit can be hacked with a DC 20 Computers check or temporarily disabled with a DC 20 Engineering check. PABS panels are especially fragile, having only 8 hit points.

Goes great with...
4: Statue droid
This is an android with a skin surfaced to look just like stone. When it sees or hears a violation it draws it's holdout pistol and tries to make an arrest. It's usually a warrior the same level as the party.

5. Gravity Flail - CR 5
The artificial gravity in an area has been modified so its downward vector rapidly changes. This causes anyone entering the affected area to fall onto a ceiling, floor or random wall taking full falling damage. The gravity changes 1d3 times per round, causing falls each time. When first entering the area, one may attempt a DC 16 reflex saving throw to notice that changed gravity and avoid entering the area. Once in the area, if an intruder can find something to grab onto they may attempt a DC 16 reflex saving throw to take hold of some fixed object and avoid the fall, but the saving throw must be repeated each time the direction of gravity changes. If there are loose items in the area, a simple DC 10 perception check will notice them flying about.

Often a gravity flail will be kept deactivated until an intruder enters an area. In this case, noticing that the area is trapped requires noticing the sensors that cause the flail to activate. These are typical location based motion sensors or surveillance cameras that can be spotted with a DC 25 perception check. Deactivating a gravity flail requires access to the gravitic panels on the area's surfaces, and a DC 21 engineering check that takes 1d4 rounds. Deactivation can be tricky if the flail is active while the engineering check is being attempted.

6. Wall Safe
Usually hidden behind a picture appropriate to the room, a search check 15 or more allows finding it. All ranks, including shock grid, are +1 rank unless otherwise defined.

Lock type
1. Combination lock
2. Key
3. Retinal and Fingerprint Scan
4. Number Pad
5. Smart lock(It can see, hear, and talk to most sentient life)
6. Double lock(roll twice)

Disable lock fail
1. Alarm
2. Shock grid (Sound and security alerts)
3. 10 minute lockout(after 3 attempts you can't attempt again)
4. Laserfire. Targets everyone in range of a Corona. one shot for each.
5. Silent alarm. Any security or even raiders who picked up a communicator is alerted. No other sign of reaction.
6. Double countermeasures(roll twice)

1. 1D6 credit sticks. Roll 1D4 for hundreds, then percentile for the change. Replace with plastic coins if you are using the Cleaves, random, derelict, space hulk, tables or decks.
2. Rare, alien, coins. 3D10 in number. Can be copper, silver, gold, platinum, or mixed like electrum.
3. 1-4 stock pads. It's a datapad that contains only 1-4 shares of stock in a company. Like coins, even stock from bankrupt businesses have great historical value. Some businesses still have outstanding debts or are defendants in criminal proceedings, so be careful who you show them to.
4. Gems and jewelry. 1D6 in number.
Roll percentiles. 1-90 normal, worth some money, gives some bonus for disguises. 91-Cursed. -1 to every skill or attack while in your possession. 92-solarion weapon crystal. 93-Ring, aeon stone, or amulet. 94-Fake(requires an appraise check of at least 15 to detect.) 95-Bugged jewelry(Broadcasts sound and video on a frequency when worn). 96-Drift crystal(The heart of a drift drive). 97-100 GMs choice.
5. ID. Passport, vehicle drivers license, birth certificate, some store discount cards, ect.
6. 1-4 Small, technological items.

7.Vacuum Trap
When everyone is in the room for 2D6 turns, the doors begin to close. A spot check DC15 will detect the hiss of air being sucked out. Everyone gets a reflex save 15 to get out before the doors close, or they can make a disable device on the doors or sensors. Sticking something in the doorway to stop it from closing is a disable attempt using strength in place of dex. Successfully disabling this trap may make a character MORE desirable as the captain's new first mate.

Standard analog, mechanical, Perception DC17, Disable DC 12 or 18, 2D6 falling damage, Reflex DC11, multiple targets in 10 ft square.

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