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Love this class,but just a quick question. It says the Vileblood archetype can apply there charisma mod x2 to damage if the weapon has the corruption trick. But what is the corruption trick, I couldn’t find it in the guide? Thanks for making this sick class by the way.

How do you go about choosing a Heritage in Pathfinder Society to be able to use one of the traits or spells that are given to a specific ancient group? Cause I bought the book, but it mentions having taken a heritage.

I wanna play a more caster focused character, and liked the look of the Mesmerist. But the guide I found focused mostly on Strength builds. So I was wondering what stats and feats work best for the caster build. Thanks (P.S this is for PFS)

Is this PFS legal to play, and try?

I have seen the guide presented by Mighty Glacier and noticed it doesn't have the new Eidolon sub-types.(ie deepwater, shadow, ancestor, etc.) I was wondering if there was a more recent guide created, and if not then what is the general feeling on the new subtypes.
I'm considering shadow, but I don't know yet.
Thanks for the Help.

So I’m playing a Summoner, but want to take a trait that says I must follow a outside deity. (ie Cthulu, Yog, etc.) the trait (Unspeakable Bond) is PFS legal, but the deities aren’t. Since I’m not required a god for my class can I pick a non PFS god

So I’m playing a Summoner, but want to take a trait that says I must follow a outside deity. (ie Cthulu, Yog, etc.) the trait (Unspeakable Bond) is PFS legal, but the deities aren’t. Since I’m not required a god for my class can I pick a non PFS god

Kiesman wrote:

I'm actually very surprised this is PFS legal - most of the gun-toting archetypes get cut from PFS legality.

The first thing is that you're going to need the Gunsmithing feat. The rules of PFS say that you cannot purchase a firearm without it. Secondly, it's going to be a while before you're able to buy a firearm, so perhaps planning your first level or two around being a regular barbarian might be a good idea, then taking Gunsmithing as a feat during a level that you're able to buy a gun.

Ok that's reasonable, but what would be some good stats for the Barbarian.

I wanna play a Weapon crazy, gunslinging, blood covered Barbarian.
And I found this Archetype and was wondering what stats and feats I should take to make it work.(I'm Playing PFS)
I probably playing a human, because.... they're good at everything.
Thanks for all the Help.

I wanna play a wannabe proficient in all firearms, and eventually, want to play Seige Gunner (It's not PFS Legal right now). Should I stick to just playing the Base version of the Gunslinger? If so what should I be for with stats and feats? I'm playing a Human Character.
And is the Gun Tank Bad?

Rory wrote:

Archer bard is VERY feat intensive (requires all feats moreorless). Angelic wings requires two feats. These two things clash too much to work out well at all.

That makes flag-bearer bard as the option to go. This will give you GREAT party contribution in the form of big buffs at minimal resource cost. The biggest thing to go for is to get boot strapped fast.

Consider, you will the need Angelic Blood (and another feat for wings) and Flagbearer feats to get to the build you want. Angelic Blood does pretty much nothing for you at level 1. Flagbearer sets half the build for you at level 1. You should consider picking Flagbearer instead as your level 1 feat.

You don't actually need the Angelic Blood feat until level 7. And that is only if you plan to retrain your level 9 feat to Angelic Wings at level 10. That is the earliest path into those wings.

So, your level 3 and level 5 feats are also free to play around with to better the flag-bearer part of the build. If you plan to use a long spear (advisable with the Banner of the Ancient Kings), then you will be AOO fishing. Combat Reflexes could be good. Getting the buffs up early is also good, so Improved Reflexes is noteworthy.

Here is an example feat order that might suit you:

1st: Flagbearer
3rd: Combat Reflexes
5th: Improved Initiative
7th: Angelic Blood
9th: Placeholder (retrained to Angelic Wings at 10th)

Items you will want:

- Long Spear
- Banner of the Ancient Kings (18k - around 7th to 8th)

Archetype that might interest you: Arcane Duelist

- Arcane Strike as a bonus feat
- Arcane Bond: cheaper long spear upgrades equals DR penetration faster
- Disruptive for extra enemy spell caster debuffing

Thanks for all the help! How do I go about retraining to get my 1 st feat changed.

The reason for Angelic Blood is due to me wanting wings later in the game

(PFS legal only) I wanna be a good contribution to my party, but am unsure of which route I should take.
I’ve heard both good and bad things about each route, and was wondering which route would help a party the best.
My stats are: ( Already selected)

Musetouched Aasimar Bard I
Str 14
Dex 17
Con 14
Int 10
Wis 8
Cha 16
First feat: Angelic Blood

Any suggestions for future feats, gear, etc is welcomed, but please make it PFS legal
Thanks for the help

Alright thanks for all the help

AlastarOG wrote:

Oh boy did you come to the right place :)

I'm going to link the guide to the buffer bard here:

Most of what I build on bards comes from here.

Lingering performance is useful but I haven't really missed it.

1- Flagbearer
3- Extra Performance
5- Master Performer
7- Improved Initiative (Or Power attack, or Combat Reflexes)
9- Grand Master Performer
11- Discordant Voice

Take Aasimar FCB every level on inspire courage.

Grab a banner of the ancient kings, it doubles flagbearer bonuses, boosts inspire courage by 4 Effective levels, grants +4 ini, allows you to reroll failed will saves and is Bawwssss as hell since it automatically changes to your groups heraldry.

Grab a Dervish sikhe for +5 to bardic knowledge, +1 to inspire courage, and +2 to one of your performs.

at level 9 you are going to buff your pals for +10 to attack (+4 inspire courage, +2 master performer and greater, +2 flagbearer and banner,+1 sihke, +1 haste), +9 damage (+4 inspire courage, +2 master performer and greater,+1 sikhe, +2 flagbearer and banner), +30 ft movement speed, +1 attack at their max base attack bonus; this is only the BASIC buffs that came from banner, inspire courage and haste.

And these are all buffs that apply to you as well, turning you into a melee machine.

And also to any combat maneuvers checks, or ranged touch attacks from spells. Or summons. Or animal companions.

Is the Factions Guide and Feats PFS Legal?

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I’m a Musetouched Aasimar with a 14 Str 17 Dex 14 Con 10 Int 8 Wis and 16 Cha.
I’ve taken the Anglic Blood Feat as my first feat, and was wondering what I should do from hear on out. I wanna use Spears, and support. Any ideas on future feats, weapons and gear. Thanks for all the help

Are you still able to cast the standard bardic performance, instead of battle dance? Like instead of me starting the battle dance, can I inspire courage with my lute for the party?

avr wrote:
It's possible but it's not the power choice. A lunar oracle probably has a bunch of revelations which depend on class level, besides their spellcasting which of course won't improve and their curse likewise.

Say the roles were reversed. Would it be alright to dip 1 or 2 levels into being a Oracle, while being a bard

Would dipping into Bard for 1 lv. be alright. I'm a level 5 Lunar Oracle

Its states outsiders have proficiency with all simple and martial weapons plus all armor types in the Outsiders traits.

(http://www.d20pfsrd.com/bestiary/rules-for-monsters/Creature-types/#TOC-Ou tsider).

Does this apply to a character playing an Aasimar in PFS since Aasimars are natural outsiders

I think she is some form of Aasimar, but that's as far as I got. What do you think?

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I'm playing a Musetouched Aasimar with a +2 to both Dex and Cha. I want to be effective with a bow, but i dont know how to stat myself correctly. Can someone also give me the feats to be good with a bow an high levels

Am I aloud to be a Paladin of Desna in Pathfinder Society? If not what deity’s are allowed to be worshipped in society for a Paladin.

Elegos wrote:

Assuming this the paladin Divine hunter, it gives free precise shot at level 1, your party will appreciate that. If you have spellcasters making ranged attacks or other ranged attackers in the party your ability to give them access to ranged feats is well worth it.

If this is about the hunter archetype, i have no idea.

Ps paizo could we not reuse names? Please

No you’re right it’s the Paladin archetype

Which is better?
MuseTouched Aasimar +2 dex and cha.

Ok, so a Bard seems to be the way to go. Should I pick up any of the Aasimar Bard Masterpieces?

Fuzzy-Wuzzy wrote:
What classes/roles do they have already?

They Already have a Cleric, a Paladin, Fighter, and Sorcerer.

(This is for Pathfinder Society)(I Have the Aasimar Boon)
So I am joining a party that already has 4 main players, and I asked what they needed. They told me to play whatever I wanted to, and I've come up with the race, but cannot think of a class to go with it.
I just wanna have fun but also be productive in the campaign. I plan on getting the angels wings from the Aasimar feats list. Any recommendations. (Stats welcomed if you can think of any 20 pt buy)

avr wrote:

Are you starting at level 1, and how high are you likely to go?

What sort of character concept do you have in mind? I'm getting 'music' and maybe 'holy' from the elements you've mentioned but confirmation and anything more you're thinking of would help here.

Ya we’re starting at lv 1 and going to 20. I’m looking to make a music/holy character, that’s just doing what’s good and right, while being joy to those in dispair. Ya know, the works

I want to play a Musetouched Aasimar, but am having trouble picking a class to roll with. I get a +2 to both Dex and Cha, and we get 20 points for stats. I was thinking a bard/Paladin, but I don’t know where to start. Help please

If I bought one of the books as a PDF, would I be able to print out a few pages from it. Or is that not legal.

Ya, I meant battle control, my bad. I only have the core Mysteries, and Mysteries available in the advanced player guide. Were do these ones come from, and whats the best from the 2 previously mentioned books.

So I'm creating an Aasimar (Musetouch Variant) Oracle, (Yes I have the Boon), and was wondering which Mystery would serve as the best battle management. Oracles already get the heal spells free, so I just need the ability to help Mangement battle and heal.

DesolateHarmony wrote:

Oracles vary wildly, due to the differences in mysteries. What is it you would like to do? Melee combatant? Ranged Combatant? Buffer? Debuffer? Battlefield control? Blasting?

Here's a guide that is a little dated but has good information for you.

If you would like specifics, perhaps the Advice forum might be a useful place to ask?

I want to play a ranged combat. And I was thinking of taking the Heavens Mystery.

It’s also buy points. We start off with a base 10 with 20 points. Lowest is 7, highest 18 before racial bonuses

What would be the best stats and build with an Aasimar Oracle. Please include archetypes, spells, stats, and race variants. I own all the references for the Aasimar, so anything works. Thanks

Would I be allowed to use his PDF files for the Aasimar race

Is it alright that I play a race boon that my friend gave me? He never used it when he played, and he's giving it to me for free.


I'm new to Pathfinder society, just transferring over from some homebrew DnD. For the most part, Pathfinder makes sense but I was wondering about the races allowed in Society. I was considering playing an Aasimar, but I'm not sure if I'm allowed to. In Dnd we just picked a race from either the core or the additional books. Whats the procedure for playing in society.