Deities in PFS?


So I’m playing a Summoner, but want to take a trait that says I must follow a outside deity. (ie Cthulu, Yog, etc.) the trait (Unspeakable Bond) is PFS legal, but the deities aren’t. Since I’m not required a god for my class can I pick a non PFS god

probably not, but i think thats a rules question.

what i'd like to know about deities is what the source is that people keep pulling these different deity oaths from (and i mean that literally, not as in the oathbound paladin archetype variant). mostly it comes up as regards to paladin, but thats probably because they have one of the most friction-inducing requirements ever. not going to get into that here though, because it always devolves into meaningless bickering, and everyone pretty much knows the score already anyway.

Try posting in the PFS forum.

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Duplicate post, this has been answered in the other thread.

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