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Guide to the Class Guides

Advice Forum Guidelines

Building Shieldy McShieldface

Tengu Swordmaster for PFS

Skills for a gravekeeper / mortician

New build, help needed

Druid spell loadout.

Polymorph focused Eldritch Scoundrel?

New PC build help

PFS - PbP - Necromancer

Advice - Help dealing with very high HP monsters

Shapeshifter class

Level 12th Sorcerer Spells

Advice for my Mummy's Mask PC's background

[PFS] Halfling on T-Rex

Spiked Gauntlet Brawler - for PFS

Help with a Polearm Master Fighter build

Advanced Race Guide and Polymorph Any Object

You have nothing to fear, even fear itself - verbal / thought only component spells for Psychics

Summoners and Healing

New player: Core rules / classes only, what are good expectations for healer?

Pick out magic items for me with 10,500 gp

Min Maxing to the Extreme

One level man!

To UMD or not to UMD, that is the question

Good module to train some new players on?

New GM needing help with magic item balance

Gear for a lvl 16 witch with some spare cash

Cleric of Blood (Clerics in Geb)

Getting into Eldritch Knight without a level dip.

Building a 'tank' magus

Searching for traps and secret doors.

Got a few race boons and I want to do something special with them

How do I stop?

Myrrh, Frankincense, and Steel: Kurald Galain's Guide to the Magus

Vigilante..just how do I play him / her?

Evil Masters come at meeeee :D

Help me create a backstory for an NPC

Lawful maybe?

How would you make a permanent spell "instantaneous"

Opinions / Help on Antipaladin build idea

What type of builds make the best use out of a 1 level dip in oracle of lore for Sidestep Secret?

Item Mastery Feats & the Magic Items That Fuel Them - A Study

Help a GM with a couple concepts please.

The struggle of feat budgeting (Polearm fighter)

Paladin Build Advice

Looking for info on Temp hit points

Reading hit points

The DPR Summer Olympics, or What are we supposed to use? Harsh language?

Skald build advice

Help with a dead Unicorn

im-Practical Tower Shield...

Adding mass combat to the Jade Regent AP, looking for map, advice

Disregarding Intelligence and Charisma.

Need to make sure i'm doing this right (Druid)

Looking for Bank Heist 1-Shot

oil of ghost touch?

leveling and feat efficiency for an unchained rogue

Lv10 Interesting builds?

CMB Melee with good AC, saves, and natural weapons - can it be better?

I need help with a mounted Barbarian / Hunter build. PFS

So how to go around a Bulette Charge Style build?

Looking for Feedback - The Tripping Mage

"Unarmed" Occultist of Ng

Ifrits, Mostly Human, and Human Favored Class Bonus

Emerald spire character help

witch gestalt lets bring it guys!

How do I build the Paladin tank / healer my party needs without multi-classing in Pathfinder?

Undines, Water Affinity, and Water subdomains

Broken niche situation for Craft skill?

Designing a custom magic item

Advice for Non-Fighter Weapon and Shield Character

Suggestions for a "Bad Luck Charm" NPC mechanic

Any good items for a telekineticist?

Skirmisher tricks for Hunter pet confusion.

looking for Sneak Attack classes

Advice for an item pricing

Clearing a jungle / forest time

Concealing one's magical aura

Magic weapons and enhancement bonuses

I kinda wanna make Phoenix ...

hunters scorpion pet to maximize grapple

Ravingdork's Crazy Character Emporium

Class weaknesses?

Panoply and the occultist

1 UnMonk / X Druid (Storm Druid)

PFS Wayang Occultist help

Help with a Druid build

Bard needs a Dip for a Bonus Feat (and would like to have an Order (Cav))

Antipaladin Fiendish Boon

Switch Hitter Pathfinder Advice

Level 18 Mythic 9, what method of game destruction do I want?

Help Me Build A Vicious Drow Magus

City Sized Construct

Wanted: Reason to use Wild Magic

Help me make my first Rogue!

Carrion Crown: Investigator a good idea?

The Bardic Dilemma

I think I'm a werewolf...

Power from the Pit: Crimson Cadaver’s Guide to Demonic Obedience and the Demoniac

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