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Guide to the Class Guides

Advice Forum Guidelines

[PFS] "Unique" Bard with Familiar ~seeking advice

Mental results of being young and extremely powerful?

Need ideas for creating and managing my cult

Any other way to get a Huge animal companion?

Deep Old One Eye

Is double-barrel pistol even worth it?

Myrrh, Frankincense, and Steel: Kurald Galain's Guide to the Magus

Rank'em ladies and gentlemen

Skald + Barbarian = Bad Combination?

Brawler Class + Brawler Archetype

Help building a Rapper Skald?

I need some ideas for a brutal dragon fight, please!

Catfolk build

Arcanist (Occultist) critique

(PFS) I got a boon to make a spell-slinger, what do I do with it?

Missile Shield worth it for Shielded Fighter

What are the uses of suggestion?

The Melee Transmorgifist revised?

Master of Many Styles concept ideas

I've finally written up a sorcerer I like. Except the Arcana.

The Players are Coming! The Players are Coming!

Advice on filling a campaign

Sources for Still Mind class feature... Other than Monk

Shadows out into Light

Bestow Curse alternative

Newer DM needs a bit of help

Taunt Feat and Skill Unlock of Unchained Rogue.

GM Tricks: Automatic Bonus Progression

Lych aspect.

Punishing Bad RP

Need some advices for a few builds

Advice on Character Building:

Gunslinger Dead Shot deed vs. Vital Strike vs. Clustered Shots

Improving my gear

Improving my gear

Inimimancy Build Guide: I made this. You should look at it, because it is nifty. Feedback welcome.

Halfling Support Slinger

Improving my gear

Is it worth preparing this spell daily?

Non-magical energy resist?

How would you spend 40 HD of animate dead?

Kijimuna - Steal fire (Su)

Armor Class as DR Variant, homebrew variant advice needed (touch attacks)

Phantom Gun build

Shaman monk build

Rayfa's guide to the Medium class

Dirty Trick or Feint for a stalker vigilante?

Do Evil Clown Monsters or Organizations exist?

Archmage Variel's Guide to the Shifter

Miniature for Longspear / Polearm Enlarge Person

Any popular gods for reptilian humanoids?

Shifter guide?

Need ideas for an Android Character with random pre-rolled stats.


Suggestions for Mass Suggestion (good in-combat uses for the spell)

Is this domain power as good as it sounds?

Ki-focused, Invulnerable rage-cycling Superstitious ARCHER...?

Dragon Magic Choices

Dire Wolf thinks she's a lapdog?

Starting Scroll Selection for Level 5 Wizard.

Cohort and archetypes?

Sorcerer Trip Build

Gunslinger - homebrew pirate campaign

Moral guidance

Psychic Tiny Kitsune Fox advised needed

Daring Champion vs Virtuous Bravo: who ya got?

How restrictive are you with Raise Dead?

Advice on Criticals

Oath of the People's Council

Kineticist Gestalt characters

How can I use Advanced Spell Search

Oracle Mystery for a Buffer / Healer..?

Ideas for a Supernatural Detective

Mass Combat Alternatives

How much preparing should monsters do

How do melee rogues function effectively at higher levels?

Advice with sword and board inquisitor

Goblin Divine Commander - New Player - Build Suggestions

Need some help to build investigator whole

Ways to spend bloodrage rounds?

Maintaining Concentration

Recommendations for a psychic lich's psychic spells known?

This is probably a bad idea...

Building a rogue sniper

Advice wanted for further optimization of halfling dungeon buster.

Which books to use

Symbol of Persuasion

Very quick Warpriest question

Dealing With Death In An Adventure Path

Want a wizard to disguise themselves as another class

Gestalt Kineticist Guide

Tree Soul Oracle Advice

Buff that Bluff

Help with Gestalt Bad Touch Cleric

Str Monk Intimidation

What's In The Dungeon!!!

Increasing fly checks for a 7th level PC?

Help picking a Skald feat

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