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Guide to the Class Guides

Advice Forum Guidelines

How many animal companions can you have at once?

Myrrh, Frankincense, and Steel: Kurald Galain's Guide to the Magus

Rage Demon vs a Level 9 Party?

Need help items for level 20 magus

Thoughts on and uses of Time Stutter (Sp)

Herald Caller caster advice

More Taste Less Filling: The shifter Any good or not?

[PFS] Making it work- Hexenhammer Inquisitor

Outright lying to your players about game world

Playing an Oozemorph: The mega(slimy) thread.

Better version of Slow?

Magical Lineage

[PEACH] Pathfinder Society Cleric Character

My very first PFS fighter - help appreciated!

Premade Adventure Paths / Modules suitable for evil gits...

Solo Inquisitor build advice

First time playing, what class to choose?

Taking icehawk333's Lightsaber build and making it better.

Giving a fast opponent Spring Attack?

does this seem balenced

A new guide! "Magic in the Blood: A guide to Sorcerer Bloodlines"

How good is Hallow / Unhallow for planar binding?

Portable desert?

What 7th level feat should I pick for my cleric?

Green Knight Archetype's balance?

Dimensional Savant Kensai Magus Build Advice lv 20

Gaining proficiency in a Whip (without Exotic Weapon Proficiency)

[PFS] Help me make a Samsaran caster

Highest Carrying Capacity Possible?

Would you rather have a Cleric, Alchemist, Bard or Witch in the party?

DMDM's Guides, collected

Illusionist build?

Make a bomb for 30,000 gold?

Alchemist Bombs / Discoveries

Ideas for a mythic bard build

Looking for a feat or ability or sth other(Make shaken / fear penalty from -2 to -4)

Trying to find a balanced but fun custom boon for a PC

Critique my Firearm Mesmerist

LoreWarden Polearm Tripper advice

Best Cleric Domain

Trying to copy the Magus ability

21st Level Cleric Advice Please

Most Fun Magic Items for Automatic Bonus Progression Game

Recommendations for level 18+ adventures

Evil Cleric anyone? Are they viable?

Front liner Martial - Fighter Archetype

LoreWarden Polearm Tripper advice

Converting Curse of the Kingspire to Pathfinder. SPOILERS.

Nobody expects a guide to the inquisitor

Victorian era style investigator

looking for an effective polearm build

Shifter Rageshaper Archetype

One shot character help

Creating and Controlling Undead feats

Question about Arcane Deed

Help Me Build a Gestalt Mysterious Avenger Swashbuckler / Cleric of Callistria

Most Dragon like Kobold you can make?

Complete Wizard Guide [Ver. 2.0]

Help Making a List of All Caster Variations

Arcanist or Witch: Is there an Archetype that changes the casting stat to Wisdom?

seeking input on a feinty tricksy swashbard

Idea for a Warpriest of Phatasma

Death penalty?

Ways to start with telepathy

Help me pick a feat for this character

When one PC is in the spotlight

Summoner, UMD

Best class vs the undead?

Help me allocate my stats

Viking build that does something better than a Barbarian?

Help me apply this template.

Spells to lower enemy saves for a Cleric


How would you handle these Goblins?

Sneaky caster

Would plane shift get you to a different reality?

Critique My Bard variants....

"Assassin of Mages" build

Help me choose my feats for my Brawler / Master of styles build

Ways to benefit from taking non-lethal damage

Magic item must haves

Advice on Halcyon Druid mask.

Temple of the Ravenous moon adventure and cannibal camp map

Ways to apply templates to summoned monsters

Solo Cleric vs Solo Inquisitor

DMDM's Guide to the Spell Sage DRAFT Part 1


Reach cleric advice

Muscle Wizard - yay or nay

Which Wizard Discoveries Are Worth It?

What type of weapon for a ranged cleric

Trying to gain AC

Best spell for a word bottle?

Greatsword Fighter

Arcane Trickster - because Rogue is dead [*]

Best spell for a word bottle?

Help Increasing HP (PFS)

How to Remove a Botted PC

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