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Guide to the Class Guides

Advice Forum Guidelines

What to play? (Gestalt)

Thoughts on Swamps Grasp hex

Bard / Cleric build advice

I can has lightning?

Crunch my backstory

Full caster archer?

All the Summon Monster / Nature's Ally Tricks

Take, or not to take prestige class (Evangelist)

Tormented New Player Looking for Help!

Druid build help / advice

Armor of Plot and other teaching tools for new players

Speeding up a sailing ship with planar bound huge air elemental.

Should I be a cleric? - urgent

From X to Y II

Fighter Archer Optimization

Invoker concentration checks

Optimizing an Elephant (Mastodon) Animal Companion

Unchained Classes Alongside Standard Classes

Improved Eldritch Heritage, Mutable Flesh, and Mighty Strength

Dominate Person Question

Magus Archetype Compatability

Master Builder: Ways to Increase Crafting

Mystic Theurge with a twist...

Mauler Familiar build

wild arcana - how do I keep track?

Questions about my low level recurring villain

Can one put tusk blades on an eidolon?

Needing help with a Conjuration (Teleportation) Wizard

Sorcerer Bloodlines

Making great item crafters

Noob Learned of Minmax - Knife Master

Rogue - starting noob questions :)

Myrrh, Frankincense, and Steel: Kurald Galain's Guide to the Magus

What Equipment To buy as Alchemist

Ways to make perception a class skill?

GM Issue: Concerned About (Hunter?) Pet Power

Optimizing an Arcane Trickster

Do bard-level increasing untyped bonusses on (certain) performances stack?

Feats for a Sorcerer

Best forms for the abominate Grand Hex?

Ascetic Mystery Oracle build

How to build Mythic magic items?

Item-shopping for a Fighter

Human Witch favored class bonus option

Full Caster Advice

Am I a paranoid player?

Anyone else ever have a problem with incompadible table?

Metamagic Feats Question

Helping a player Choose unchained or archetyped monk

Crushing despair with Fear

Good Idea / Bad idea? Ratfolk Occultist / Alchemist...

Need Trait and spell advice. Gunslinger / Warpriest

Ravingdork's Crazy Character Emporium

I have a crazy GM who wants to do a 3 class Gestalt game. Advice?

20pt buy on a Human Sorcerer

Witch and Paragon surge

How can a catfolk bard deal damage in combat?

"threat and not threat" please e

combine extracts combinations.

Pathfinder class tiers?

Help! I'm terrible at character names!

Looking tor the tankiest build possible

hooded champion advice

I am going to combine hook fighter and equipment trick(rope)

"We've got money... let's just hire an army!"

Looking for Gish Build Idea

Savant Spell Selection

Long distance item / gold transportation?

Estoc for an Unchained Rogue?

Guardian spirit for a reincarnated druid (lore)

sculpt corpse as a substitute for alter self for undead?

Brawler (Mutagenic Mauler) Outslugging and Grappling through RotRL

What could a magic boat do or what are cool boat based magic items?

How to be good at wrighting backstories, practical advice please.

Dwarf or Human - War Priest or Sword and Shield

Player wants to eventually become a good (well neutral) undead?!?

Recreating a Dread Necro character from an old game, build suggestions?

(looking for ideas) Where to take this campaign.

Clockwork ship design

Blood Arcanist vs Sorcerer

Alchemist / Master Chymist questions!

Back Up Wizard

Mystic Past Life (Psychic Edition)

Alchemist - improved familiar

The Campaign and World Bulding Thread

Trying to figure out a feat

Upgrading my weapon (PFS)

best single nonmagical item worth up to 400 gp?

Hammer-throwing Magus - Is it viable using Paizo material only?

Magus on a homemade campaign

Newbie's Barbarian

Alchemist Bomb Movement

Sorcerer cantrip and level 1 spellist

Need help with character Backstory

Help with my first Pathfinder Character (Two Weapon Fighter)

Sticky bombs

Kikituk Kombat, or what are some good scrimshaw spells for it?

How to increase spells known for a sorcerer

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