Battle Field Management Oracle.


So I'm creating an Aasimar (Musetouch Variant) Oracle, (Yes I have the Boon), and was wondering which Mystery would serve as the best battle management. Oracles already get the heal spells free, so I just need the ability to help Mangement battle and heal.

Battlefield control you mean? I'm not sure what else battlefield management would be, but control's the usual term.

The winter mystery, using the freezing spells revelation and rime spell would be pretty good at debuffing. At the other end of the temperature scale volcano could work using ash cloud, erupt and pyroclastic shove, and spells setting enemies on fire. Either way being dual-cursed and using misfortune will make you more reliable. The shadow mystery, using sorc/wiz spells and their bonus to summons doesn't want dual-cursed so much.

Of those I think winter would be strongest, volcano would be most flexible and shadow would be second at each.

Ya, I meant battle control, my bad. I only have the core Mysteries, and Mysteries available in the advanced player guide. Were do these ones come from, and whats the best from the 2 previously mentioned books.

People of the North, Pathfinder 95: Anvil of fire & Blood of Shadows respectively.

The core mysteries are those in the APG, that being where the oracle class was introduced. Of those heavens is effective control so long as mind-affecting spells work, or stone can throw stone calls around & use the base cleric/oracle list for some other mind-affecting stuff (less effective than the heavens oracle with such). is good for looking up stuff on your own BTW, including sources.

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