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So I’m playing a Summoner, but want to take a trait that says I must follow a outside deity. (ie Cthulu, Yog, etc.) the trait (Unspeakable Bond) is PFS legal, but the deities aren’t. Since I’m not required a god for my class can I pick a non PFS god

This is something that can only be answered in the PFS section IMO. Flagging to move it someplace that can answer your question.

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This has happened before. The feat Dreamed Secrets used to be legal though the required Deities were/are not. You need to Worship one of those deities for the trait and they are not legal selections so unfortunately this trait might as well not be legal.

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There is no legal way to take the trait in PFS since it requires you to worship gods which are not legal in PFS.

Here's a full list of PFS legal deities.

It's been specifically stated multiple times in resource material for PFS that the Outer Gods are not legal for play, so it might be a good idea to flag to the team to mark the Unspeakable Bond trait as not legal for play in the additional resources.

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