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I'm new to Pathfinder society, just transferring over from some homebrew DnD. For the most part, Pathfinder makes sense but I was wondering about the races allowed in Society. I was considering playing an Aasimar, but I'm not sure if I'm allowed to. In Dnd we just picked a race from either the core or the additional books. Whats the procedure for playing in society.

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Aasimar after a brief period of being allowed during the year of the demon proved to be a little TOO Popular and were put back on a restricted basis. (Overpopulation AND an invasive species from another plane? A druids work is never done..) You can still come accross a boon (special certification) for them on occasion though.

Allowed races are the core rules,
Eastern (Nagaji (snake people), Kitsune (fox people), Wayang (shadow puppet people), and Tengu (Crow/Raven people)

Elemental (Oread, slyph, ondine, ifirt)

I put together a briefer guide than the official guide here

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Check the "The Guide to Pathfinder Society" link in your guide. It's borked.


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aasimar requires a boon to play


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