Base Gunslinger Good enough?


I wanna play a wannabe proficient in all firearms, and eventually, want to play Seige Gunner (It's not PFS Legal right now). Should I stick to just playing the Base version of the Gunslinger? If so what should I be for with stats and feats? I'm playing a Human Character.
And is the Gun Tank Bad?

The Gun Tank's bad and the base gunslinger is excellent at doing damage. Not as good as the musket master or pistolero but still very good.

With 20 point buy I might choose Str 9, Dex 16+2=18, Con 14, Int 10, Wis 16, Cha 7.

If you're not going to multiclass then for feats consider
1: Point blank shot
Human: Precise shot
3: Rapid Reload
Gunslinger 4: Rapid Shot
5: Deadly Aim
7: Clustered Shots
Gunslinger 8: Weapon Focus (your main weapon)
9: {whatever}
11: Signature deed (something)

There are other variants like going for two-weapon fighting with pistols. I could detail this but be aware it's very specialised.

It's been said a number of times that gunslinger doesn't offer enough past level 5 to justify continuing with it. Gunslinger 5 / Fighter 6 or G 5 / Inquisitor 6, or something complicated like G 1 / Savage technologist barbarian 5 / Weapon master fighter 4 / Battle shaman 1, would all be better in many ways (including damage with guns) than a pure gunslinger.


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