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Do effects of multiple Djezet Draufgts stack or not? Djezet Draught https://aonsrd.com/MagicItems.aspx?ItemName=Djezet%20Draught&Family=Sta rmetal%20Serums

A) Yes - Djezet Draught bonus untyped, and Bonuses rule "Bonuses that do not list a bonus type do stack, both with each other and with all typed bonuses." https://aonsrd.com/Rules.aspx?ID=154

B) No - Djezet Draught is magical serum and Combining Magic Effects rule "Spells and effects that provide bonuses or penalties to attributes such as attack rolls, damage rolls, and saving throws usually do not stack with themselves if multiple effects would apply to the same attribute." https://aonsrd.com/Rules.aspx?ID=220


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Technomancer`s ability Magic Hack states
"When casting a spell, you can apply no more than one magic hack that affects the attributes of a spell (such as distant spell or extended spell)."

Does that mean only
A) you can not apply more than one _same_ magic hack (for example, 2 distant spell hacks to single spell thus tripling its range)
or whole nerfing
B) you can not apply more than one magic hack at the same time (for example, distant spell and harmful spells on same spell bein cast)

Greetings. After recent SFS change from Fame-Reputation to Achievement Points I see changes in my Organized Play - GM Event Coordinator tab:
- number of tables of credit decreased by about 20 (from approximately 119 to 99)
- 24 Achievement Points

I think that is because of this: if I enter to edit previus session, then I see that field with the chosen scenario is empty (before that, in all sessions page list id is filled with scenario name); and if I choose scenario for that field and save session, then my Achievement Points total increases.

And I see that there is no more Starfinder Quests Into the Unknown in reporting form - that is why I think I got 20 tables less.

Question is: I have to edit all my 99 tables to rechoose reported scenario for them to get my Achievement Points? And what about Into the Unknown?

I`ve been out of contact with bank for long and my debit card got empty, so couple of subscription orders stuck. Now I`ve added money, pressed try again payment method and all orders but this one are completed now.
Please, check this out - there is enough money and for this order too.

What happens to nonlethal damage after character death? Nonlethal damage zeroed - or stays?

For example, 200 hp character has 100 nonlethal damage and dies at -30 hp. Breath of Life gives him 32 hp, so he is at +2 hp. How many nonlethal damage he has?
A) zero, because he died = became an object, and objects can not have nonlethal damage.
B) 68 (100 nonlethal minus 32 healed by BoL), so at +2 hp and 68 nonlethal damage he is stll unconscious.

What if that 100 nonlethal damage was from kineticist burn?
C) look A)
D) 100 - because kineticist burn can be removed only by rest

Ive changed payment method for subscriptions, but this order for PFS 1-24\25 and SFS 3-03\04 still Pending. Is that correct?


When I go to https://paizo.com/organizedplay page and click on Coordinators link ( https://paizo.com/organizedplay/coordinators ) between Policies and Forum - it redirects me to https://paizo.com/cgi-bin/WebObjects/Store.woa/wa/DirectAction/signIn?path= organizedplay/coordinators and keeps reloading it - but does not show regions and coordinators

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How iconic alchemist Fumbus name spelled?


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Event Reporting Form in SFS 2-05, 2-06, 2-07, 2-08, 2-09, 2-10 is tough to fill:

- there is very short blank space for "GM Name" and much longer blank space for "GM Org Play #" - right in the same string! Maybe switch them places? Org Play # is like 10-11 characters long maximum - names can be much longer.

- there is very short blank space for each character "Org Play #" and almost as long blank space for "Level" - right in the same string! Maybe shorten Level blank space by half? Level is like 1-2 characters long maximum - Org Play # is like 10-11 characters, at least five times longer than level.

"Two characters are engaged in melee if they are enemies of each other and either threatens the other."

Greetings. I am sorry for my bad English, but I do not understand which variant of "either" used here:


a) either = EACH (every one of two)

b) either = OR (one of two)

For instabce: there are two men in near squares, they are enemies, one has longsword, another - unarmed (and no Improved Unarmed Strike, no Natural Attacks etc.) - are they engaged in melee (because they are enemies and one of them with the sword threatens the other)?


On September 10 I`ve bought Order 8055509 and chose to sidecart it with my subscription (status of order Complete and book in Sidecart on page Order History).

On September 16 I got e-mail "A package containing 1 item from Paizo Order #8129111 is expected to ship from the Paizo warehouse by Wednesday, September 18 via Standard Postal Delivery, estimated 4 to 8 business days in transit." about my subsription order.

On september 17 I`ve replied about wether my sidecrated order is in this shipment or not - no answer.

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Greetings. I see in my forum tag, My Profile and PDF society card that I am 5-star GM. It is a mistake - despite having needed 150+10 special/exclusive gmed tables I had not run a qualification game in front of my venture-captain (and he confirmed that did not report such thing) - I am not a 5-star GM

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Is there one somewhere? Or will be - when and where?

4/5 5/55/55/5

Is there one somewhere? Or will be - when and where?


This Starfinder Subsription order is Pending for like a day - no charging money from my payment method (there are enough money on that card)

P.S. And what about order for Starfinder Adventure Path subscription? Last i got was in June


This Pathfinder Subsription order is Pending for like two days - no charging money from my payment method (there are enough money on that card)

P.S. And what about order for PFS #10-23? Last I got by subscription is #10-22 and it was in June


I see in store that PFS PF 2.0 Scenarios - Season 1: Year of the Open Road - are in Available Now category.

I do not see order for them in My Orders on Paizo.com ir on e-mail, despite I am a
Pathfinder Society Scenario Ongoing Subscription subscriber (as I see in My Acoount - My Subsriptions).

Is that right?

Situation: I am a wizard with Shadow Evocation. I`ve readied an action for Counterspells. I`ve succeded at Spellcraft check to identify spell being cast (Fireball).

Question: Can I use Shadow Evocation (Fireball) to counterspell regular Fireball? If I can, should opponent throw 20% chance to disbelieve?

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SFSRPGG mentions such important thing for SFS as pregenerated SFS starships. In older SFSRPGGs they are in Appendix, but now SFRPGG mentions "Starfinder Society Starships document (included as part of your Starfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Guide download)." That document was absent in first day of SFSRPGG v.2.0 downloads, and - as of now - still absent.

Old GMs have old versions of SFSRPGG with starships, but what about new GMs?

P.S. So, you have fixed incorrect pdf in Age of Ashes Players Guide in several hours today - and we are waiting pdf with starships (mentioned in the guide) for several days?! Looks like not only you published SFSRPGG month later than season 2 began, but forgot to create pdf file with starships at all! And too lazy to do it fast now - despite tier 2-4-6-8-10 are in old guides and you only have to add Gorgon (and even if you are not simply copy pages from SFSRPGG v.1.2, but transferring those starships on starship sheet - it is job for one day maximum). And too scared to confess out loud. Shame on you.

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Paizo Blog wrote:

As we wrap up our production on Pathfinder Society (1st edition) scenarios, we would like to reiterate that this is not the end of the road for the campaign. Just as scenarios still count for event support and players can still earn boons at events, games ran will still count towards star requirements. So don't worry if you're not quite to your goals, there will still be time to reach for the stars.

https://paizo.com/community/blog/v5748dyo6sgrh?July-Update-REDACTED-S potlights-and-Conventions

So, let`s say in September 2019 I still can run PFS #10-02 in front of my Venture-Captain - and get my 5-Star GM qualification game?

When I move mouse cursor on Store->Starfinder->Starfinder Society - I get on page with list of seasons and can browse them. But when I try Store->Pathfinder->Pathfinder Society - I get back to website title, and if I get to all Store->Pathfinder list and try get to Pathfinder Society list - then I get to all Society Page (with links to Additional Resources) and from Adventures link from there - back to the title.

If I go from google search right to the specific scenario? then in Starfinder ones I see categories above the discription (separated by / ) and links See Also below description. No such things in Pathfinder scenarios.

Is it good for business of selling scenarios when potential customer can non browse the goods? Don`t you lose money?

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Unlocking races described as part of Personal Boon. Does that mean that wrikreechee created with this boon has his Personal Boon used and he cannot slot any other Personal Boon?

https://www.aonsrd.com/WeaponDisplay.aspx?ItemName=Low-Heat&Family=Sear ing%20Grip


1. If I successfully hit KAC+8 then I deal damage and grapple


2. I must declare what I try before attack (deal damage OR grapple attempt)


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Starfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Guide p.29 "The ally
does not participate in combat, cannot be killed outside of combat," - but that is for Ally Boon.

What about my Surviving Companion (Slotless, Vanity)? He doesnt have any actions (like basic hireling does) - can he die from area effects or radiation?

Greetings. Considering very short ranges of almost every scene (I remember only one scenario with thousand feet map) - sniping is useless.

We used homerule for sniping in Dead Suns: if you use aim with sniping weapon and hit target EAC\KAC - it is a critical hit (even if not natural 20). That is how snipers do their job: one hit = one target down (maybe for second shot).

Greetings. I`ve updated funds on my subscription payment methot and pressed retry button - now status is Pending. When will it be Completed?

Even without Amazon Prime and its discounts and free delivery - they just cheaper! How come that reseller has lower prices, than original publisher (who prints books and sells them to Amazon)? Or Amazon is the biggest fan of Pathfinder/Starfinder and in such way makes these games more popular?

Is this book "canon"? Or it is obsolete? I am asking specifically about Appendix B: Pronunciation Guide


Whipwood special material (Ultimate Equipment) states:
"Only wooden weapons or weapons with wooden hafts (such as axes and spears) can be made out of whipwood."

Looking at the whip description and picture in Core Rulebook I am not sure that whip's haft made of wood. But according to dictionaries - some handle/stick considered as part of whip

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Greetings! Somehow my Order 7583374 was payment declined. I found it only recently - tried repeat (or how that button was called)- and now it is in "Pending" status. Please, check there that everything is OK.

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Greetings! When does #8–99: The Solstice Scar, Version D start? Somewhere in February? Any particular dates?


Aasimars have racial oracle archetype Purifier, which has Sin Eater feature:

"Sin Eater (Su): At 11th level, a purifier can consume a curse, enchantment, or emotion effect by touch as a full-round action. She can do this a number of times per day equal to her Charisma modifier, and must make a Charisma check with a bonus equal to her oracle level against a DC of 11 + the caster level of the effect (or the Hit Dice of the creator for a supernatural effect). If the check succeeds, the effect is negated; however, the purifier is sickened for 1d4 rounds.

If the target is possessed (such as by a magic jar effect or a ghost's malevolence ability), the possessor is forced out on a successful check. Whether the check succeeds or fails, the possessor is sickened for 2d4 rounds."

Will it work on subject under Feeblemind effect?

For: Sin Eater works on enchantments and 5th level in particular (Magic Jar) - and Feeblemind is 5th level enchantment spell

Against: Feeblemind states that "The subject remains in this state until a heal, limited wish, miracle, or wish spell is used to cancel the effect of the feeblemind."


So, again, can Sin Eater cancel effect of Feeblemind?

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I am GM with huge bookshelf of Paizo books.

Can my players use them so their characters be legal for PFS?

If I put that bookshelf with my Paizo books in our tabletop gaming club - can everybody in the club use them so their characters be legal in PFS?

I`ve recieved e-mail about my subscription Order 7581623 is expected to ship from Paizo warehouse and only 1 (one) iten included - subsription! What about my Order 5380641 wich is labeled as sidecart? What I need to do other than pay for it (Done, payed) and label it sidecart (Done, labeled) to make it been shipped with my subsription?

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I have got a question about Shackles Paragon boon. It gives two options:

- get exp+prestige+gold but lose three other boons;

- get only prestige, but get three other boons.


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Since on Additional Resources page only Bestiary 1-6 have line "Other: all creatures in this book are legal for polymorph effects (including a druid's wild shape ability) within the boundaries of each spell or ability's parameters."

What about core races? I can not Alter Self into human?

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Boon Question:

Borai boon must be used only on that same character who got this chronicle - or any other this players character? It is written that you do not have to slot this boon - that is why I am in doubt.

For example: my character xxxxxx-703 gets this chronicle. My character xxxxxx-701 dies and opts for raise dead - can he use the boon from -703, get fame discount for raise dead and become borai?

Second question: this boon is one-timer, or may be used many times?

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Once upon a time I`ve stumbled on Google Spreadsheet with all (?) Pathfinder Society Chronicle sheet-boon compilation. But I can not find it again.
May be you`ll share link for such page, please?

Paizo PRD says that Plane of Water has
Subjective Directional Gravity: The gravity here works similarly to that of the Plane of Air, but sinking or rising on the Plane of Water is slower (and less dangerous) than on the Plane of Air.
But what is the speed of a character sinking in the direction of his Subjective Directional Gravity? 145 feet/first round is slower than 150 feet/first round, as well as 5 feet/first round - but there is huge difference between these "slower" numbers

Submitted Friday, August 17, 2018 07:02 PM
Status Pending
What I need to do? There are enough money on card for payment

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How much does it cost to become a goblin PFS character?

I understand business necessity of new edition. And I think, that creating something new, different from Pathfinder 1.0 and D&D numerous editions in d20 sceleton is difficult. But I do not like what I see in Playtest - changes are both small and difficult. Thats..small. Changes should be more general, large-scaled - but simple, I think.

I`d like to see more common between Starfinder and Pathfinder 2.0 - and seeing HP+SP+RP systems in Pathfinder 2.0 would be great and as much changes as needed to count for new edition (with other minor changes - 5-foot step as Move action, everybody full-attack two attack at -4, etc.) Dreams bring me visions of melted ice and Golarion turning into Waterworld, with lots of isles and implementing of Starfinder Starship Combat mechanics into every third Pathfinder Scenario as Ship Combat. Even wilder dreams vaporize all that water on Golarion making it gas planet, bringing isles into the air and turning Ship Combat into Airship Combat.

Considering more drastical changes I think of something like bringing mana pool, or even mental pool - which could be spent on magical deeds and mental skills + being mental health (and at zero you are unconscious or something). And changing hit points to physical pool - wich could be spent on physical deeds and physical skills + being physical health (and at zero you are unconscious or something).


Some weird disturbing things happen:

Got email at 09 august 21-10 gmt+3 time zone about order 4297813 for 8-18 and 8-19 and my card charged $7.98

Got email at 09 august 21-12 gmt+3 time zone about order 4270999 for 8-16 and 8-17 and my card charged $7.98

Got email at 09 august 21-13 gmt+3 time zone about order 4234284 for 8-14 and 8-15 and my card charged $7.98

Got email at 09 august 21-14 gmt+3 time zone about order 4325729 for 8-20 and 8-21 and my card charged $7.98

I already purchased them as a part of subscription. I haven't placed these new orders. Please cancel them and return me my money.

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