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I`ve recieved e-mail about my subscription Order 7581623 is expected to ship from Paizo warehouse and only 1 (one) iten included - subsription! What about my Order 5380641 wich is labeled as sidecart? What I need to do other than pay for it (Done, payed) and label it sidecart (Done, labeled) to make it been shipped with my subsription?

Customer Service Representative

Hello Fedor,

The reason why your sidecart was not added to your currently pending subscription order was because the items were added to the sidecart after order generation.

When you receive the confirmation email containing your subscription items, it is already too late to add items to your sidecart to ship with them. This is because the system checks the sidecart only during order generation. Once the order already exists, it will no longer check the sidecart for items to add to the already generated subscription order.

If you contact Customer Service between when your subscription order was generated and before your order ships, we can manually move items into the pending order, but adding items to your sidecart alone does not accomplish this.

In order to assure that your sidecart items ship with your subscription, you must add the items to the sidecart before the authorization date. That date can always be referenced in that month's shipping thread. The one for December, for example, can be found here.

We generated the orders between November 19th to early morning November 21st. Your order can be generated anytime during that authorization process. Once it has, and you receive your confirmation email, your sidecart will no longer be automatically checked for items. You added the items currently in your sidecart on November 21st, after your order had been generated. This is why these items do not appear in your subscription order.

I'm sorry for any inconvenience this misunderstanding caused. We can move these items into their own order to ship out promptly if you would like. Otherwise, they will be ready to join your next subscription order.

Remember that charges are never finalized until the item ships from our warehouse, so you will not be charged for any items in your sidecart until those items ship out to you. So no matter which option you choose, you will not be charged until your items are on their way to you.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you.

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