Order 8055509 - sidecarted with Order 8129111 or not?

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On September 10 I`ve bought Order 8055509 and chose to sidecart it with my subscription (status of order Complete and book in Sidecart on page Order History).

On September 16 I got e-mail "A package containing 1 item from Paizo Order #8129111 is expected to ship from the Paizo warehouse by Wednesday, September 18 via Standard Postal Delivery, estimated 4 to 8 business days in transit." about my subsription order.

On september 17 I`ve replied about wether my sidecrated order is in this shipment or not - no answer.

Paizo Employee Customer Service Representative

Hello Fedor,

In order to have an item added to the sidecart ship with a subscription order, it must be added to the sideart before you receive the confirmation email when we generate the order. For this month, we generated those orders on September 5th, so any sidecarted items would have to be in the sidecart before September 5th. If you add an item to the sidecart after receiving the confirmation email, it will actually wait to go with the next order we generate without customer service intervention.

I hope this makes it clearer for how to add items to your sidecart in time to ship with subscription orders! If you need to make any changes to the item in the sidecart, please let us know. Currently it is set up to join the order we will create on September 26th.

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