How get to Pathfinder Society general tree in Store?

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When I move mouse cursor on Store->Starfinder->Starfinder Society - I get on page with list of seasons and can browse them. But when I try Store->Pathfinder->Pathfinder Society - I get back to website title, and if I get to all Store->Pathfinder list and try get to Pathfinder Society list - then I get to all Society Page (with links to Additional Resources) and from Adventures link from there - back to the title.

If I go from google search right to the specific scenario? then in Starfinder ones I see categories above the discription (separated by / ) and links See Also below description. No such things in Pathfinder scenarios.

Is it good for business of selling scenarios when potential customer can non browse the goods? Don`t you lose money?

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I think this broke with a recent update. The pages you keep getting redirected to were working fine a few days ago and are now impossible to get to via the normal (organized play tab) means.

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