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SFSRPGG mentions such important thing for SFS as pregenerated SFS starships. In older SFSRPGGs they are in Appendix, but now SFRPGG mentions "Starfinder Society Starships document (included as part of your Starfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Guide download)." That document was absent in first day of SFSRPGG v.2.0 downloads, and - as of now - still absent.

Old GMs have old versions of SFSRPGG with starships, but what about new GMs?

P.S. So, you have fixed incorrect pdf in Age of Ashes Players Guide in several hours today - and we are waiting pdf with starships (mentioned in the guide) for several days?! Looks like not only you published SFSRPGG month later than season 2 began, but forgot to create pdf file with starships at all! And too lazy to do it fast now - despite tier 2-4-6-8-10 are in old guides and you only have to add Gorgon (and even if you are not simply copy pages from SFSRPGG v.1.2, but transferring those starships on starship sheet - it is job for one day maximum). And too scared to confess out loud. Shame on you.

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The Starships were added as an additional document below the Character Sheets on the Starfinder Roleplaying Guild Guide page.

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I have moved this to the Starfinder Society discussion forum.

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Also, if you go to the PFSPrep website, you can find the starships.

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