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Me and my players liked this scenario very much:

- cool and truly different social part (except for discovery checks which are always Knowledge(local) and Sense Motive - boring) allowing everybody to shine.

- dungeon map which is visible all time long (without fog of war)

- opportunity to do things right, not being murder hobo

P.S. As for the last fight - my party ran away and fied the door-seal to the tomb throwing repairing stone at it! Hooray!

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Have you even playtested this scenario before publication?! And with first level pregenerated characters and players not knowing the script?! Forthcoming comments based on APL 1 party (subtier 1-2) playing this worst game-designed SFS scenario (and I have not GMed only ## 1-33, 1-37, 2-02)

Obstacle Course:

Fun idea, colorful map, great opportunity for GM and players to mock and show off, but - mechanical difficulties!

Do you now of Game Mastering section of Core Rulebook and how it recommends building an encounter?

This is one single 15 rounds encounter with CR_1 trap\monster (ooze) (400XP) + CR_3 trap (electrogrid) (800XP) + CR_2 trap (force punch) (600XP) + CR_1 trap (laser blast) (400XP) = 2200 XP budget, almost CR 6 (and this is not considering heat elevator trap encounter + water drown encounter + cliff fall encounter + lava drop encounter). For APL 1 there is Epic difficulty (APL+3 CR) = 4 = 1200XP encounter budget. What are the chances to overcome CR 6 encounter for APL 1 party? In this not bad game design, especially for introductory scenario for new season?

Combat Cooking:

Another fun idea, but despite different pictures monsters are the same here - no fun and different attacks or qualities, except akata`s affliction and vulnerability. So fighting them is boring. Cooking section is nice.

Kill Count:

Most (and only) spectacular part of the encounter is randomized (1 on d6 for damaging explosion of skeleton and 6 on d6 for fireworks explosion), monsters are the same. Boring, especially in second wave.

Capture the Flag:

Great map, fun idea of capturing flags, different opponents. But APL 1 party has little to no chance against moving in zero-g DC 20 checks to climb by the wall or to shook off off-kilter. So the see almost no of that map because simply can not move far enough!

And my personal grudge - not placing garrote on Chronicle Sheet is such a tease

All in all: plenty of good ideas worth almost two scenarios of time - and totally thrown to dumpster by too high DCs (in two parts of four) and boring placeholding monsters (in two parts of four).

You could have made it two scenarios: slightly longer part one, with crossing paths with second team and more scripted (written in scenario) speeches of hosts and crowd - and parts two-three-four as different scenario.

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Good, that it is finally published - better late than never.

I am sad that there is no Manifold Host faction with their boon for second Personal Boon (I have wrikreechee character (created with Alien Archive Boon) and can not get on him boon from #1-17 :-( )

I am sad that there is requirement for 3 (three) games in front of Venture Captain for fifth nova (I have trouble getting even one game for fifth PFS star despite having captains in 666 kilometers radius)

I am glad that there is table for evaluating GM in the end of the guide

I am sad that there is no Starfinder Society Starships document (mentioned on p.40) in this SFSRPGG download - I have older pdf`s - but what about completely new GMs and players? How could they play?!

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Good adventure with one bad map

Recently I`ve bumped into Mr. John Compton`s inquiry about reviews on Paizo products https://twitter.com/Archaeotagh/status/1072706185613082624

I`ve GM-ed Wormwood Mutiny and liked it - couple new mechanics, survival sandbox for players, huge number of NPCs to hate and oppose. But heres my spoon of tar in this barrel of honey: map (Riptide Cove) with 1 square = 10 feet grid.

If your artists can draw "1 square = 10 feet grid" - they definetly can draw smaller "1 square = 5 feet grid" so GM-s do not have to learn picture editing and spent time on it.

One might say, that it is because of printed book version page number limit, editing problems. Maybe. But why they keep "1 square = 10 feet grid" in interactive map PDF? Theres no space (page) limit there.

Maybe your artist and editor never GM-ed it, never prepared this particular map for game session - I am sure, that even after one such time with grid-editing "1 square = 10 feet grid" into "1 square = 5 feet grid" they definetly never did such thing for others.

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My copper piece

Railway scenario. No real choise for PC between of good\bad venture captains (and where is third Katapesh venture captain?)

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My copper piece

Interesting scenario. Mechanics of repeating skill checks of PC on NPC in investigation are rather unclear and unmotivated. Same checks on all three rituals - boring.