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I understand business necessity of new edition. And I think, that creating something new, different from Pathfinder 1.0 and D&D numerous editions in d20 sceleton is difficult. But I do not like what I see in Playtest - changes are both small and difficult. Thats..small. Changes should be more general, large-scaled - but simple, I think.

I`d like to see more common between Starfinder and Pathfinder 2.0 - and seeing HP+SP+RP systems in Pathfinder 2.0 would be great and as much changes as needed to count for new edition (with other minor changes - 5-foot step as Move action, everybody full-attack two attack at -4, etc.) Dreams bring me visions of melted ice and Golarion turning into Waterworld, with lots of isles and implementing of Starfinder Starship Combat mechanics into every third Pathfinder Scenario as Ship Combat. Even wilder dreams vaporize all that water on Golarion making it gas planet, bringing isles into the air and turning Ship Combat into Airship Combat.

Considering more drastical changes I think of something like bringing mana pool, or even mental pool - which could be spent on magical deeds and mental skills + being mental health (and at zero you are unconscious or something). And changing hit points to physical pool - wich could be spent on physical deeds and physical skills + being physical health (and at zero you are unconscious or something).

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