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Unlocking races described as part of Personal Boon. Does that mean that wrikreechee created with this boon has his Personal Boon used and he cannot slot any other Personal Boon?

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If you are using a Personal Boon for access to a race, your Personal Boon slot is generally not available for other Personal Boons, as you can normally slot only a single Boon of each type.

A few exceptions exist, and are explicit in how they work, such as the Tier 4 Faction reward for Wayfinders.

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Yea but that one is specifically applied at character creation.

Its possible that the guild guide v2 will unlock the minor faction "Manifold Host" (distributed as a GM boon at certain 2017 conventions) for everyone, and the capstone boon for that faction is allowing you to slot a second non-race personal boon for an existing PC.

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Hop on the boon trading thread and try to get invited into the manifold host if you want to get your personal slot back.


Some of the recent Personal Boons on scenario chronicles have been limited use that can still be used unslotted. If you have it slotted, you check one box to trigger the effect, but you can also trigger the effect unslotted by checking two boxes. It is a nice balance for those who do have their personal boon slot occupied, so the boons aren't wasted rewards.

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