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Well, since the 2nd edition plan is to reboot all Society characters in August 2019, how about open replay of all scenarios. Play, play, play, until the world ends!

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Michael Donley wrote:

The Quest, Scenario, and AP marked with * are all repeatable, allowing a player to level multiple characters to level 2.

I do not think the AP is repeatable. Based on this quote from the Chronicle rules:

"As always, each player may receive credit for each Adventure
Path volume once as a player and once as a GM..."

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Check out Korada, packet includes redeemed evil-doers and fallen paladins.

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Prompted by the thread about "Most Useful Profession" I was wondering about the craziest, stupidest, wildest profession you actually have on a character.

Mine is "Mystery Shopper" on an Exchange member.

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I really tried to NOT post. I didn't want to open myself up to ridicule and adoration. Hold onto your butts.

Artemis Arwenstar-female ranger styled on Paris Hilton, "You know my dad, Gandalf. Gandalf Arwenstar. Owns Arwenstar Inns."

Luka Brazzi-dwarf mobster

Ticotinnabulum Tind Fith-Fath Toccata AKA "Tic Toc"-gnome sorcerer

Dokken Skyrlock-human gunslinger

Tunguska "Tusk"-half-orc barbarian, Russian meteorite

Ling-Ling Tran-Tien halfling ninja

Vilka Arodenyara-elf magus

Aldous Snow-half-elf bard, homage to Russell Brand and allows me to use my British accent

Istvan "Uncle Istvan" Rasputin Bolvigar-human inquisitor, named after the Magic card and Russian charlatan

Essial "Essy" Sessarion-elf fop

Sknr Sknr Sknr Skrm and Hrk Hrk Hrrkk-halfling druid and AC, the wind, "Maria", took the vowels

T'virr T'vaar-tiefling rogue/wizard

Albericci Alighieri Montressor "Hound"-taldan ranger, names from construction company, Dante, and "The Cask of Amontillado" (Poe)

Padfrar Mayhem Follows "MF"-human fighter

Shirri and Shefanhow-human summoner

Pippingham "Pip" Shadrach Puppysbreath-halfling monk

Shikaku Kakaw Shikalaka Boom Shikalaka-tengu monk, partial name from Muppets Pirate movie song

Asa Matari Peshwar-asura-spawn monk

Tawnee Kitaen-rakshasa-spawn rogue

Slar, Rider of the Wastes-div-spawn paladin

Frikk Havershum-dwarf barbarian with a twin brother Frakk

Tholozan-wizard, named after a street

Kinsa "The Feast" Kyrin-oni-spawn hunter

Brings Awareness With Instant Thundering Death Above Blue Air "Bawitdaba"-Shoanti rogue, thanks Kid Rock!

Asgaardu Ragnarokison-aasimar skald from Iberia

Sabra Barsa-halfling dawnflower dervish

Titsin "T&%$" McGhee-human cavalier, built on a dare and proving that cavaliers are a worthless class

Captain Bricksteel Manhammer Tightpants-aasimar paladin

Annalyssabeth "Darling"-tiefling bard fighting her inner demons

Otsana Baiul-skinwalker ranger

MaHak DaKoWr-oni-spawn barbarian

Dirty Dingus Dogby-halfling cavalier

Felicia Kitty-aasimar monk, named after the anime fighter

Ssun yat Ssen the Risen-nagaji bloodrager, named after Chinese revolutionary

Ghail GholGotha "Wakened to War"-Tien magus

Cassie Vixa-kitsune swashbuckler

Feren Gi Azhat-elf alchemist, named after a figurine we called "ass-hat"

Nuckalavee the Skinless-tengu oracle, named after Irish monster

Ilsa Ivana Demon-Drewn-tiefling cleric

Hugh Jass-dwarf monk

Abraxus Thermidore T. Archaeleus-nagaji paladin

Arionnan-sylph druid

Punkinhead-wayang kineticest, wears a pumpkin on his head

Eve of Destruction-halfling swashbuckler, 60s song

Polli-tengu medium

All my "Core" characters: Corleon, Corweas, Corgilead, Corma'al, Corruscat, Cordon, Corbae, Coroniel, and Dobro

Iron Lion and Zion-half-orc brawler and AC

Mersa Mensa "F.C." Medina-half-orc rogue, names from disease, club, and song

Coming Down the Mountain-Kellid barbarian, think Buttonhole Surfers

Bodhi Siddharthur-vudrani warpriest

Talk-Stick-human occultist

John Carter of Golarion-kellid techslinger, homage to Edgar Rice Burroughs, the greatest author of all times!!

On-lee, the Loneliest Monk-human monk

Bangs Whitley-ifrit gunslinger

Duckromancer-tengu wizard, named after cartoon (here's the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xi_hcwB8i64

Delicate red flower the color of blood-tiefling paladin

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Improved Natural Attack is an allowed Feat as a Ranger taking Natural Attack as their Combat Style.

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Yeah! If I add it from Season 3 it saves fine. Thanks!

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I cannot add First Steps #1 to my event, even with "Save Changes". Any fix?

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2 Dwarf
1 Gnome
9 Human
4 Halfling
1 Half Orc
1 Tengu
5 Tiefling
2 Elf
1 1/2 Elf

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Can I get an official answer?

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The Huntmaster Archetype (Animal Archive) of Cavalier has proficiency Net. Most net Feats (Ultimate Combat) require "Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Net)".

Does having net proficiency allow a Huntmaster to take the net Feats without EWP?

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I just registered a PFS session and cannot choose to run modules or First Steps. What's up?

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Always be looking at multi-classing.

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Let's just get this out there:

Men would appreciate a woman's mind more if it gently bounced as she walked.

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Ask yourself, instead, what would NOT go with a Witch? Look at the idea of multi-classing as opening wide new doors for your character, adding Class Skills, ramping up existing powers/feats, pumping up hit points/BAB/Saves, or just additional RP options.

After pining about what the party needs,my attitude has become, "If I want to see it at the table, I need to bring it." Don't be ashamed about multi-classing into three, four, Heck, five different classes. Frankly, every Pathfinder needs a level of Rogue to do the job.

Specific to Witch; as your name implies, go Paladin (armor does not hurt the Hex ability), Monk (Boost AC & Saves), Cleric (Domains & CLW), Bard (Songs & Knowledges), Rogue (Traps & Evasion), Barbarian (HP & Rage), Gunslinger (Gun, need I say more?), Alchemist (Bombs & Mutagen).

Find a class that fits your build/stats and adds some new wrinkles/shizzle. Enjoy!

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Multiclass Barbarian/Druid. In Wild Shape can he use Rage?

Citation: (Core: pg 212)"...lose all extraordinary...abilities that depend on your original form..." Rage is an extraordinary ability, but it does not depend on form. Animals can rage.

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Dame Venture-Captain Artemis Arwenstar of Almas, Andoran (Andoran Faction Level 13). Cleric of Cayden Cailean and Ranger extraordinaire. You know her father, Gandalf, Gandalf Arwenstar?

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How many tricks do the puppies start with? Do they count as "combat-trained"? Can I ride the puppies in a dungeon?

More important, can I sell my puppies on Ebay?

Can I "take 10" putting on my funny hat? Can a Magus wear two funny hats per round? Do monks get Flurry-of-hats?

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Okay, I could not resist replying. My character in WitWII was an ex-slave and she was incensed that the Muckers were so passive. She was also Chelish (rather be the rulers than the ruled) and so rationalized that the "mission" would be broken but not killed and then returned to the muckers to provide the hate and fire the tribe was missing. It had worked for her, but she is CN and a hateful halfling. The skills were also easy as she was a ninja/ranger.

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Bob Jonquet wrote:

Reporting completed...55 tables!

Bob, sorry to highjack. There is a reporting error. Shaun ran a table of Wonders in the Weave Pt I and Part II (all the same characters), but it was reported as two tables of Part II (and characters were dinged as having played it already). Saw this when I audited my sessions.

Thanks for reporting!

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nosig wrote:
and at this point I have been beaten into submission. I never said "all the time, except UMD; I am always right." I replied to the question of when would I allow a player to take 10 on a skill check at a PFSOP table that I am judging as follows: Outside of Combat? For every skill exept UMD and Swim in Stormy waters. That's the way I read the rule. At this point, I give up. I'll go back to lurking, and try to resist posting on the T10 threads anymore, even when addressed directly (as I was in this thread)... (I really do hate conflict - it makes me physically ill and this thread has not been fun).

And at this point I must stand up for nosig. I know and game with nosig. He is a kind, friendly sort, both as a player and GM. He has an opinion and will tell you. He is not rude at the table. In fact, I have never seen nosig act rudely. He merely knows the rule and believes it should be applied correctly.

Some posted disparaging remarks about nosig. One questioned if nosig should play OP games. Of course he should! He is exactly the player and GM you want. Thoughtful, intelligent, and concerned about applying the rules objectively. He reads the books, finds rules, seeks feedback, asks questions, and urges others to adjust their gameplay.

Give the guy a break. Heck, give every one a break.

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I agree that many people don't know all that GMing entails. This is why I urge every player to try their hand at running after they have played a bit. They gain a new perspective on the demands (knowing the rules, controlling the action, guiding the pace, listening to players, adjudicating actions, role-playing, etc) and thus respect for GMs. Plus, it makes them better players. I know not every one will be comfortable GMing or even want to GM, but it is a good experience, even one time. And maybe down the road, the seed will grow and another GM will sprout.

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[With the first players showing up I explained the situation. Luckily a tier 1-2. Three experienced players who knew each other. 2 new players - thanks to the GM who did the mustering for my table for organizing 2 pregens for them. And one player who played his second game. I even had some spare PFS...

I wish my first session was with you, Thod. My DM was still reading his mod Thursday morning and we waitd 30 minutes into the slot. It went fine but dragged a bit. The DM said we were fine on time, but we had just started the next to last encounter when the time warning was given. The DM rushed us into the last encounter but we ran out of time two rounds in. The final straw was when the DM did not know how to fill out the chronicle sheets nor have a PFS number! He had never played a PFS mod before. We told an organizer and were offered "we didn't have time to screen all our DMs". I hesitate to grouse because luckily, the rest of our DMs and games were fantastic!

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I've got several questions about casting spells in an unusual manner. Namely from magic items. When casting from a wand (Spell Trigger) is there an Arcane Spell Failure Chance? Rod? Staff? From a scroll?

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What bothered me and the table was that two people were killed in a noble manor full of guards and that no one cared in the mod. The characters even got to search the place...

BTW: Where were Jacquo's magic items?

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Chris Ballard wrote:
Say a person doesn't currently have a PFS character and that person wants to play a level 5 scenario, would it be ok for that person to create a level 5 character, provided the character met all rules? If so, what would the character's starting TPA and CPA be? Would those have to be each at zero or could they be something higher to be close to the other characters?

It would not be okay to create a fifth level character. For PFS characters to be legal, they must start at first level. The only exception I am aware of is playing a pre-generated character of higher level which are available for download from the site. However, those characters have zero PA and the player does not get a chronicle sheet.

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clparis wrote:
I was looking over the schedule for DieCon 11 and didn't see that many Pathfinder offerings. Does anyone plan to be GM Pathfinder at DieCon in June? I plan to bring two new characters just for the con but I may have been wasting my time giving what I see so far.

If you mean Diecon in StLouis/Collinsville, there will definately be PFS. Check out the Warhorn site for the games.

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<unless you trick the baddies to coming down to the cargo space where your mount is most likely kept>

"Wait, before we draw weapons and cross blades, I would really like to show you something in the cargo hold..."

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I agree there are problems with the pre-gens, even the APG ones. I enjoy the use of the term "lack of focus" as opposed to "min/max". :)
I appreciate the Powers That Be making the characters general, but they need to be fluffed out (even the current pre-gens need Traits and Faction).
Perhaps there can be some established "focusing" for each pre-gen, by which I mean that the Feats and Spells should be open to the players choosing, but with guidelines offered. I would even go so far as to suggest an Ability Score option. Now, some newbs would be overwhelmed with too many options, so they could play the "basic" pre-gen, but those comfortable enough could stretch the character by using these options.
Example: Fighter, Options: Two-Weapons, or Sword and Board; Ranger, Options: Melee, or Ranged; etc.

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Hold the phone. Cavalier mounts are "as Druid animal companions". The mount could enter any building or cave it can fit into (using Handle Animal). Granted riding it inside the could be difficult or restricted or impossible, but it could be directed to travel or fight as needed. That being said, I do think mounts are often restricted in their usefulness. Even in my home campaign, mounts rarely get used to maximum potential.

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I play and DM PFS. I might be moving to the Cape Girardieu area. Where is PFS played there?