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Good Morning!

I would like to cancel both of my Subs (Adventure Path and Companion) for the time being. Family needs me to help, but I'll be back once they are back on top of things.

Thank you!


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Littimer wrote:
Would someone be willing to detail the new Insinuator auras? I have a game starting soon and before I lock down a character concept I'm trying to understand more about that. Thanks!

Sure, here is a quick rundown -

they do not get Aura of Evil (They get an aura from the being they contact and make a deal with on that day)

Aura of Ego replaces cowardice - it gives each ally +2 morale on fear saving throws, and enemies -2 on saves against fear effects. (10 foot radius)

Aura of Ambition replaces aura of despair - enemies get -1 on all saving throws, allies get +1 on all saving throws. (10 foot yet again)

Aura of Glory replaces aura of vengeance - lets him spend 2 uses of smite impudence as a free action to grant all allies in 10 feet the ability to smite impudence with his bonuses, they have to use the smite before the insinuator's next turn.

Aura of Belief replaces aura of sin, makes their weapon chaos aligned when invoking chaotic, law when invoking lawful, or evil when invoking evil. You must choose one even if the outsider is multiple of those.

Aura of Indomitability replaces aura of depravity , gets DR 10 bypassed by the alignment opposite of who he has invoked for the day, or DR5/- if he invokes a neutral outsider that day.

dnoisette wrote:

Would someone be able to tell me which class features exactly are being altered or replaced by the Ilsurian Archer Ranger archetype?

Thanks in advance to anyone who might answer!


Ilsurian Archer Stuff:
1st level replaces Track and Wild Empathy
2nd requires Archery combat style
Replaces ALL spellcasting (no caster level)
8th replaces swift tracking
11th replaces quarry
19th gives quarry late (and therefore replaces improved quarry)

I haven't read them yet, (back to work) but there was Empty Quiver Style, Overwatch Style, Startoss Style (Ranged) as well as Ascetic Style, Outslug Style, Smashing Style, Swordplay Style and Spear Dancing Style.

So, certainly more than just the racials.

Style Names:
I haven't read them yet, (back to work) but there was Empty Quiver Style, Overwatch Style, Startoss Style (All three Ranged) as well as Ascetic Style, Outslug Style, Smashing Style, Swordplay Style and Spear Dancing Style.

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Zangy wrote:

Ooh Halfling Style looks really cool.

What all archetypes are in the book?


Ilsurian Archer (Ranger) - Gives up spellcasting, gets free ranged feats and other goodies.
Molthuni Arsenal Chaplain (Warpriest) - Focuses on War blessing & can grant blessings to allies.
Rondelero Swashbuckler (Swashbuckler)- Falcata and Buckler swashbuckler, special deeds (a lot of sundering)
Tempered Champion (Paladin) - gives up spellcasting for specific bonus feats & increase damage die like Warpriest
Varisian Free-Style Fighter (Fighter) - Gains Martial Flexibility and the gradual ability to use multiple styles at once
Relic Master (Fighter) - gives up some armor training and weapon training to gain more and improved use of item mastery feats (free spells and effects by coaxing magic items into doing things within their school)

Quick Rundown.

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Quick mention: I love the new Paladin Archetype, Tempered Champion. It's the simple non spellcasting Paladin that I often want to play.

Tempered Champion:

It simply removes Paladin spellcasting (but not lay on hands, smites, etc) to give a bonus feat every 4 from a specific list (Like Greater Weapon Focus, Weapon Specialization, etc), and for this list the paladin's levels count as fighter levels for feat prerequisites.

It also grants the warpriet's sacred weapon sacred weapon damage die increase.

donato wrote:
You can share vague details about the contents, but posting the actual text is a no-no until the book is released.

Thank you!

What are the typical rules around sharing things with the people here still waiting?

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Sorry, but this poster is just yelling all over the place. Here, in the thread on Occult Realms, in the thread on the Weapon Master book, etc. I feel it's probably best to not attempt to deal with them - they continue to demand developer explanation of "why" they should buy books, etc.

That's perfect. Thank you very much!

Good Afternoon!

I did send an email on this over the weekend, so I apologize if it's already being taken care of and this is superfluous. Late last month I ordered the Giantslayer Pawn collection and placed it in my sidecart, marked with cheapest shipping, assuming it would attach to my Adventure Path sub.

My order has combined to a single order properly (370502) but they are listed as 2 shipments, and the pawns are listed as USPS Priority for 15.74.

Can these shipments be combined and sent normal? I was trying to save some money, and I'm not sure how the Giantslayer box got marked USPS Priority. Any help would be appreciated!



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I have to say, I really enjoyed both Midgard and Southland heroes - picked them up yesterday and am planning on using/opening the options up to my new game. Keep up the good work!

What type of stats do they have (15 point buy, 20, etc)?

Also, there are NPC's in Giantslayer that may or may not join the party for a time, and those 4 PC's should probably be able to handle things for at least the first bit.

Guardian works well - and Sudden Block can just be amazing in general. You can also take the feat "Dual Path" to be able to grab from either Guardian or Champion.

I would recommend looking at your feats, and finding the mythic equivalent, and taking a strong look at the Guardian path. Mythic Dazzling Display is a thing, and the generic path abilities are also quite good (legendary item can let you do a ton).

I know it's not a build, but take a look at Guardian and see what you think - especially keeping in mind Legendary item and the other generic path abilities.

Also, as a side note- mythic can overpower a game really easily, so be aware.

There is a trait from Giant Slayer (and maybe other places) that reduces the penalty "by half" for wielding oversized weapons (I believe it only reduces the original -2 by half, but it may carry over to both that -2 and the additional from it being 2 handed) so, potentially with that trait and Titan Fighter, it could fit.

Still, I'm fairly certain he is just using the "Large weapon as a two hander" and not realizing he can normally only wield a one handed large weapon in two hands.

The Titan Fighter Archetype would allow it - I do not know of anything beyond that that will allow it. There may be some monster feats or racial feats I am not used to.

UndeadMitch wrote:

Knowingly abusing an underpriced item is a good way to find yourself -5000 gp. I wouldn't be surprised if they removed the item and didn't give out refunds, if people are going to advocate abusing an oversight.

I know practically nothing about PFS, but this just seems logical. I hope it is how it works or does work.

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I'm not sure if abusing something that to get it banned is really the way to fix the problem, though.

I simply don't see anywhere that indicates "All and Only Energy Drain=Negative Levels"

They may be the main type of negative levels, but there are many other things that would cause you to loose levels (Some games actually shortcut temporary memory loss as negative levels, for instance).