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I have a player in my campaign who is a medium half-orc wielding a +1 Large Bronze Greataxe. I hadn't questioned his use of this weapon until we got to a point in ROTRL where they started facing large creatures and I began familiarizing myself with the rules regarding large creatures and equipment. So far, it seems that a medium creature can't possibly wield a Large two-hander. Maybe I'm wrong, but looking over his character sheet, I haven't yet found anything that provides an exception.

He is a half-orc fighter5/ranger1 with 18 STR. CMB +6. Axe Weapon Training. Greataxe Weapon Specialization.

Attack block for this weapon is +10 ATK, Crit x3, 3D6+10 DMG.

Forgive me if this question has already been answered elsewhere.

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The Titan Fighter Archetype would allow it - I do not know of anything beyond that that will allow it. There may be some monster feats or racial feats I am not used to.

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Yeah, if he's a Titan Fighter he can wield it. Otherwise he can't.

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Judging by the attack bonus he's not doing it right even if those are titan fighter levels. BAB +6, Weapon Specialization requires weapon focus so that's another +1, and then +4 from strength, and +1 from the magic weapon. That's a +12 attack bonus, but oversized is -2, and then two-handed oversized is another -2 even as a titan fighter. If he's a titan fighter that penalty is reduced by 1 at third level, for a grand total of +9.

The damage looks off by one as well. Two handing gets you strength*1.5 which is +6, weapon specialization is +2, and the weapon bonus is +1. That comes out to +9 as well.

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There is a trait from Giant Slayer (and maybe other places) that reduces the penalty "by half" for wielding oversized weapons (I believe it only reduces the original -2 by half, but it may carry over to both that -2 and the additional from it being 2 handed) so, potentially with that trait and Titan Fighter, it could fit.

Still, I'm fairly certain he is just using the "Large weapon as a two hander" and not realizing he can normally only wield a one handed large weapon in two hands.

Seems you guys are right. He doesn't have any of the replacement feats given by the Titan Fighter archetype, so he definitely didn't go that route. I'm also trying to determine where that extra +1 atk and dmg came from. I'll point these flaws out next session, and have him rework his character to make it fit, or he must give up the axe which has destroyed so many of my powerful enemies. Thanks for your help.

The other +1 attack/damage is probably from Weapon Training (fighter feature) which rules out him thinking he's a titan fighter - they lose weapon training.

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