Unexpected Mythic - Where to go From Here?


Something interesting happened in my Saturday game - our GM sprung Mythic on my group! Normally, I am well prepared for the paths that my characters take, but this particular twist caught me off guard, and I have no idea where to go from here.

Two things that make the decisions a little bit harder for me to pick:
1.) My character build is not as easy to fit into a mythic archetype
2.) The obvious answer that came to me first, Champion, is definitely being used by two other people at the table.

The character is a somewhat bog-standard Intimidate-Samurai build, with a few nods to necessity for the campaign's politicking. (Pardon the copy-paste from my working document, I'm short on time)

Order of the Cockatrice
H: Persuasive
1: Power Attack
*2: Special - Dazzling Display
3: Intimidating Prowess
5: Weapon Focus: Katana
6(C): Shatter Defenses
7: Feat from “Other Feats”
9: Greater Weapon Focus (Katana)
11: Deadly Stroke
12+: Feat from “Other Feats”

Other Feats: Hurtful, Cornugon Smash, Chain Challenge, Antagonize, Weapon Specialization (Katana), Skill Focus (Intimidate), Toughness?

This build has been sufficiently powerful for the campaign and team I am with so far, so I am not so worried about that element (unless I missed something glaring).

So, my challenge I would like assistance is with this: I need to best match the build, and I need to avoid Champion if at all possible. I don't know how far this will take the mythic Tiers, so I may as well have a plan for all ten!

Thanks in advance.

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Guardian works well - and Sudden Block can just be amazing in general. You can also take the feat "Dual Path" to be able to grab from either Guardian or Champion.

I would recommend looking at your feats, and finding the mythic equivalent, and taking a strong look at the Guardian path. Mythic Dazzling Display is a thing, and the generic path abilities are also quite good (legendary item can let you do a ton).

I know it's not a build, but take a look at Guardian and see what you think - especially keeping in mind Legendary item and the other generic path abilities.

Also, as a side note- mythic can overpower a game really easily, so be aware.

You may want to look at the trickster path. You seem to be an intimidate focused build and there are a lot of path abilities that would enhance that. Take Display of CHA for your first path ability to get a +20 on intimidate. Path Dabbling allows you to take a path ability from another path so you could still get a champion path ability. Critical skill would also be nice. If you roll a 20 on intimidate for dazzling display it would only take a standard action instead of a full round. There are also a couple of universal path abilities worth looking at Legendary Item has some nice abilities after 3rd tier.

Guardian is generally considered very weak but Sudden Block is very nice as mentioned. I'd second the Dual Path so you can pick up Champion and Guardian abilities.


Given this advice, and a bit of time to think, how does this look?

Mythic Path: Guardian
1: Sudden Block, Dual-Path (Champion), Display of Charisma
2: Mounted Maniac
3: Cage Enemy (F: Power Attack)
4: Fleet Warrior
5: Ever Ready (F: Weapon Focus?)
6: Impassible
7: Shatter Spells (F: Weapon Specialization?)
8: Impossible Speed
9: Legendary Item (F: Deadly Stroke?)
10: Mythic Presence

After tier 5 I really could run with anything available - nothing stood out to me in particular. Again, anything obvious that I'm overlooking? I tend to miss the glaring things.

Don't underestimate the Legendary Item tree. I didn't have much of a plan to grab it at first, but on a weapon, foe-biter, and being able to legendary surge is very, very nice. Alternatively, making your armor intelligent can enable it to just... sprout wings, and fly. Sure, there is the Fly spell, but where's the fun in that? Also, do not underestimate Mythic Vital Strike, which utterly blows the standard version out of the water.

There's just lots and lots of fun opportunities to do stuff with Mythic.

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