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while I bought some adventure paths on the 1e sale, which will probably supply me with enough material to last till I get a spruce suit.

are there guidelines on how to convert a 2e adventure to 1e rules? for „I‘m too old for a new ruleset“ people like me.

or is it as simple as looking up the monsters by name or CR in the 1e bestuaries?

I‘d like to change my order a bit:
remove 1ea Giant Mantis
add the large cart from my shopping cart.

Do I need to „side cart“ it first?

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please have a note in the singles listing which minis have an oversized base, I‘d like to avoid those.

if you are in Hamburg Germany, please don’t read on, chances are you might become one of my players.
Some of my potential players have played the AP, I don’t want to rely on their short memory while asking these questions.
I don’t intend to play Wrath of the Righteous (WotR) so feel free to be as specific as you like, thread title has a warning.

I‘m home brewing a campaign along the crusader road and am wondering just how usefull „antimagic“ weapons and/or shields would be further up north, or how much of an essential ingredient to the success of WotR they could be made out to be.
The setting is supposed to be sort of parallel to WotR with the PCs on a supporting mission to keep supplies flowing: The bandits and pirates are getting greedy with the incursion up north upping the demand for suplies.

I‘d use the weapons, shields and other magic items to power a McGuffin in the hands of BBEG and leave them sucked to sort of negative levels of magic with a function similar to a Brooch of Shielding.They‘d absorb magic (not just magic missils) aimed at the wielder, but instead of crumbling to dust they are slowly restored to their former function. They are mostly dragon bane type of weapons or energy damage blocking and plenty are cold iron.

please change from „suspended“ Pathfinder Battles to „canceled“.

- ran out of shelf space
- ran out of disposable income

Pretty much in that order, got enough minis that I can no longer justify a subscription.

It didn’t help that the discount for the „Premium Figure“ is way lower than it was for the „Case Incentive“

as mentioned in title.

January is „pay annual insurance“ month, I couldn’t take a set under normal conditions in January.
also the price has gone way up for the next set, I have to do some math to see if it’s generally still in my budget.

I did not receive an order confirmation email for this (checked the spam folder and bin), my last order in december also went out on a sunday and I got a confirmation mail same day.

Also on the checkout screen it said „ships in 5 to 23 business days“ which seems oddly long.
Can you please check with this? I really don’t want to wait 23 days till I find out this got stuck in Pending Limbo after all.

how come the First Edition Non-Mint books are not part of the sale?

it’s a bit ridiculous that Non-Mint modules now cost more than twice as much as the regular Print Edition.

the package of my sub has a realistic chance to arrive while I’m on vacation. (and nobody around to collect it from customs)
So please put this on hold till mid October.

here’s something for the tech wizards:
I added the Pathfinder-Campaign-Setting-Inner-Sea-Poster-Map-Folio to my cart and now every item in it has the note „You purchased this product May 11, 2019.“ which I’m sure I didn’t (only the map folio)

is this stuck in pending limbo?

I assume the split to three packages was due to postage prices.

I wasn’t sure if how to combine Order 7935951 with just the package 2 of 3 of Order 7906140 (the Pawns Base Assortiment)
If you could do this manually It might save me shipping costs.

I‘m not interested in any other combination of shipping packages of these two orders, as this will raise the value above 30€ and have me pay 25ish % customs and duty.

for starters I don’t even see the „My Account“ button at the top.
I can’t add items to the cart.
it tells me „Your shopping cart is empty“ and „Sign in to see items...“ but doesn’t give me a link to sign in.
the product pages just list everything at once, no tabs like „All Products“, „On Sale“, „Available Now“ etc.

Firefox is up to date version 66.0.3 running on OS X Yosemite
maybe I‘ve cranked up the privacy settings too high, but I‘m at loss where exactly.
ad ons like adblock, no script etc. are deactivated.
other webshops work just fine.

anyone got ideas?

please add the order to the side card.
together with Order 7679029 to be shipped with my subscription.

ok, order has been finalized for shipping, so it’s too late to add something...
but at least I want to understand why my order dropped below the 100$ in shipping goods after I pressed the last button.
it showed the first 10 discount till the last page, them in the confirmation email I only noticed today that it somehow dropped to 98ish.

it looks like the numbers shifted from 2 stone golem to 2 shining child between submit and confirmation.

also on check out it said 4 packages

never happened before
is there an item or price limit?

I was planning to check with my local FLGS if they have Deep Cuts because it might be cheaper than shipping plus customs, but I might still need a bit more space.

I‘ve got a

„Product(s) not in stock“

on my confirmation mail.
never had that before.
could that be due to the Squishy Dice?

on a side note: my subscription package got heavily squasched in transit. got bashed in on one side by at least 2“
thanks to the design of the Boosters (and luck, that the most damaged booster was the slim Soul Gorger) there was no damage to minis.

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„large bush figure“
where you afraid of violating Mounty Pythons IP when calling it a shrubbery?

and a very fine one it is indeed!

there are some items in my side cart, can these be combined with this new order please?

creating a replacement character at higher levels, what is a good value of spells contained in the spellbook?
3+Intmod+2/lvl is minimum, but what os a good value to actually have?
or is it just a matter of allocating recources spent on coppying and transcribing scrolls?
NPC codex and other sources I‘ve seen only list „spells prepared“

please find a page in the new rules book for this

especially these parts:

In The Way — The Dead creature counts as difficult terrain for any creatures 1 or more size categories smaller than it.

Smells Awful — Dead bodies smell pretty bad. Keep track of how long the Dead creature has been dead. Use a d30 for random Dead bodies (probably needs use anyway). Fort DC 10+2+(# of days dead / 2). Additional dead bodies adds +2 each, or +3 if over 20 days dead each. Failure means the creature becomes sickened for d6 rounds. Failure by more than 5 means the creature is nauseated until 40ft from any Dead body or 2d4 minutes. Failure by 20 or more means they become panicking until they leave the dungeon or area they are in or 3d6 minutes later. Any character that fails by 5 or more takes the most severe penalty first, and then once thats resolved the next worst. For example, a character that fails by 20 will panic for 3d6 minutes then be nauseated for 2d4 minutes and then be sicked for d6 rounds.

please double check that order 4743832 will be shipped with Order 4533250, I placed the one after my subscription notification.
shipping and handling may need recalculation.

This edition:

Table 6-9, Footnote 1
clothing for small creatures weighs ¼ of clothing of large creatures.

Table 6–8: Armor for Unusual Creatures
armor for small creatures is ½ of medium creatures

the math for clothing is ignoring one dimension already:
half the height, half the width = ¼ (ignoring half the depth)

the reasoning behind the factor for the armor is probably an artifact of D&D 2 or lost in time of even older editions.

please Paizo, correct the math in the next edition and give armor for small creatures ¼ the weight of medium creatures.

and, yes I noticed the factor for large creatures is only x2 not x4
but at least in that direction it an be argued with thinner material.
cladding a small creature in armor twice as thick as that of a medium creature makes no sense at all.

can’t believe these don’t show up on a search, sorry if I‘m search stupid.

Animal Fury (minor): At 1st level, you can touch one ally and grant it feral features for 1 minute.

Storm Strike (minor): At 1st level, you can touch one weapon and grant it a blessing of stormy weather.

I guess I can be my own ally and since it doesn’t state weapon type Natural Weapons are included?

and why does it not state what type of action a blessing is?

I‘d like to build a catfolk focusing on natural attacks, still in the design phase.

Role in he group: scout, lucky charm and maybe diplomat.
I‘d be the 5th character and don’t want to play a bard ;-)
atm I looked at Ranger with maybe a level or two of cleric.

I took the Cat’s Claws alternate racial trait and planed for Catfolk Exemlar (Sharp Claws) Improved Natural Claw and Erdrich Claws.
then I noticed: no iterative attacks with natural weapons.
I won‘t be the main damage dealer, but it somewhat sucks.

any ideas for a build?
or feats I overlooked to gain iterative attacks?

The duration is given as 1 round per level and the dazzled effect lasts one round.
Does this mean the spell deals continuous damage?
Acid Arrow is given as an example for continuous damage in the concentration check description on page 206 and has a duration of round/level but it is not renewed each round.

I want a powerful magician to run several magic item shops in different towns.
So I'm looking for a magic item that activates when someone rings the door bell, to allow her to scry on the shop door and use "detect magic" on the customer to see if teleporting to the shop is worth the effort.
Casting time for ,scrying' is 1 hour and the subject gets a will save, which is impractical.

I want to scry on a specific location, and 4 or 5 of them, on demand from the location, no save for the customer.

Are there magic items around to do the trick?
Or do I need to design from scratch?

my case, case incentive and sidecart might need a nudge because my other order (that I made after the Maze of Death singles went live) just left the warehouse.

And don't worry: For tax strategic reasons I didn't want to combine shipping.

so I'm playing a rogue in Rise of the Runelords.

Just tripped all the traps at the entrance at the Graul Homestead because I was going to search at the doors instead in front of them. Nearly got digested by the beast in the basement as a result.

There where no memorable traps up to this point, so the talent "Trapfinding" was at the bottom of the priority list. (a non memorable trap is one that knocks less than 1/3 of the HP of an average rogue.)

Now it's at the top of the whishlist, but I wonder if this will be a one off and taking it after the homestead will be a waste of talent.

My GM couldn't answer this question as he has only the paper version of the AP but he guesses that chances are good it would be a waste.

Anyone owning the AP willing to make an assessment on this?

That Nightmare dragon looks amazing! Love those colors!

just how much trouble would it be to make parts of minis more interchangable?

A good example of a missed opportunity is the Reclamation Cavalry and Reclamation Sky. The riders are nearly interchangable.
if a wee bit more attention/effort had gone into it the torsos would have been perfectly interchangable.

Since you are working with digital renders I wonder if this is on purpose or if it just never ocurred to the designers.

this order hasn't been out 36 buisiness days yet, but Order #4322419 has already arrived.
I'm getting a bit worried Order #4284298 might have gotten lost.
Does it happen often that a smaller parcel overtakes a bigger one?

by gnome build has

+2 vs. illusions (from Race)
+2 vs. fear and despair (traded "defensive training" and "hatred" for "eternal hope")
+2 vs. Charm, Compulsion (from the trait "birthmark")

am I missing something?
or do I now have a flat +2 to will saves

if a gargantuan dragon casts Anti Magic Field, is the dragon actually protected by it?
The radius covers the base but the dragon as range with all natural weapons.

PRD on enamation wrote:
An emanation spell functions like a burst spell, except that the effect continues to radiate from the point of origin for the duration of the spell.
PRD on Anti Magic Field wrote:

Range 10 ft.

Area 10-ft.-radius emanation, centered on you

The price for the table halfed a day or so after I finalized the order.
Can my order be adjusted?
If so, please add the Shoanti-Gladiator from my shopping cart to fill up to 100$.

I'd like to either cancel the order (and re-order) or add 2 Torrent Hellknight.


I checked with a Book of the damned in the shopping cart instead of the candelabra: shipping cost should stay the same.

how long till the squishy dice are back in stock?
it has been over a month now and I'm tempted to cancel and re-order to grab the 10% discount from this month.

I'm sure I didn't select "ship with subscription"
can the status be changed to ship asap please?

Is it possible to delete the PDF Superpack material from my downloads?
Just all the non-Paizo stuff.

It's all downloaded, on backup drives, mostly still unread and cluttering up list.

Where do I find the Stat. Block for this?

Can you please move the Bartender from my shoppingcart to my pending order?

She was sold out earlier when I pressed the panic button for the other two minis from Rusty Dragon.

my players kingdom makes 87BP profit per month

I think in some respects the rules are broken.
On top only one player was interested in running the math, so he's taking 10 on the Kingdom Rounds.

I have no clue what is a supposed "realistic" income for the kingdom at this stage and how strong the Pitax armies in the next book are.

What are other peoples experiances?
How much of a fight do the armies in the book put up?

I want to give them at least some resistance and make mass combat exiting.

are there any rules floating about on how to turn a tiny or smaller creature in to a swarm?

I paticularly have Stirges in mind, but it might be fun for higher CR rating too.

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my account showed Early Enrolement till last week, now it's on Friends and Family Enrollment.

just what is that? all I found are these: on#6

The XP in Varnholdt Vanishing don't add up to let my players walk out @ level 10

Is there a good module that will easily fit in the AP and do the job?

Or just a dungeon which is not in Serpent Skull or Carrion Crown (I'm a player in those and don't need spoilers)

so where in the bestiaries do I find the stat block for this?

is there a geek shop in Vancouver (Canada) where I can buy WizKids's Pathfinder miniatures?

I'll be in town as a tourist so I can't order online.

I've just been notified that my Pathfinder Online Tech Demo Kickstarter Rewards have been shipped to a false address.

when I checked my account emediately after notification I found only my correct address.

I had edited the addy shortly after the first kickstarter
and it appears the packages have been shipped to a mixture of my old addy and my new one.

I can check with the post office on this end on saturday if something can be done about it (they have a mail forward system)
but I'd like to prevent the trouble for the second kickstarter rewards.

so: which addy is showing up for shipment atm. and how do I know if my changes are actually saved to the system?

and while we are at it:
when I place an order at Amazon, they send a notification with all the details BEFORE shipping it - giving me time to make corrections.
That might be something for your programmers to add to your system.

I have send a note to, got no answer though.

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