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Fumarole wrote:
This is a photo I took of our game last night. Our GM (who is a player in the game I run) puts in massive effort for his games, and we players are highly appreciative of his efforts. No VTT or AI will ever be able to replace this experience for me.

that’s impressive

it also is „one sample“ which makes for a poor statistic ;-)

AI DM doesn‘t need to be THAT good
just slightly less good than the average DM
who can now also play.

I‘m wondering about the lack of mention of older editions:
they put 5th edition under CC but not 1st to 4th.
Are those just too irrelevant for WotC now, or is that a sign that 6e is going to resemble some aspect of those more than 5e?

6e going full VTT might be a good opportunity to make the rules so old school (complicated) that P&P is just unfeasible.
Why implement „advantage“ when „+20% success chance“(+4 on d20) is probably easier to program.

Watching 5e played on Youtube…
it looked pretty dumbed down to make playing faster.

When your DM is an IA and the dice are digital, this „dumbing down for fast play“ is not required at all.
6e can be fully digital source code and all 3rd party creators can do is link to CR rated monsters in the D&D-One eco system.
Or pay for the privilege to glimpse at the creation mechanics under NDA and create monsters for their content that they then give to WotC to market for them.

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SlowFlake wrote:
Genuine question - why ORC and not just publish rules under Creative Commons?

the OGL was created to separate the rules (the precise wording of the rules) from the other IP.

„Floating Disk“ is OGL
„Tensers Floating Disc“ is IP
„a round, concave, floating force field“ is probably generic enough to not be copyrightable, but rather a mouth full.

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thank you Paizo for your announcement to fight for the OGL if required.

after watching a couple of videos on this debate and looking at the monetizing plans of Hasbro I couldn’t help to get a „One China“ policy vibe on the „One D&D“ title… or a bit of Tolkien for that matter:

One D&D (by WOTC)
One OGL (2.0, the other de-authorized)

One Ring to find them all…
including the three made by the elves that the dark lord had never touched.

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so does this work?
who gets what for what with those sliders?
Paizo - payment for the pdfs
Humble - payment for the use of the platform
Charity - charity

or am I missing somethig?

I miss the olden day when we had previews.
My FLGS is one hour away and closes one hour after I get off work.
And I can't even check online if they have it in stock.

Logan Harper She/Her wrote:


Webstore let me know that we should be getting more of those minis in, we don't have an exact ETA, but they will be back :)

great, thanks

just don’t run out of the other minis in my order meanwhile :-)

while I still have one Heroes & Monsters „gnome fighter“
my spare one got eaten by a vacuum cleaner and now only serves as „headless gnome corpse“.

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YawarFiesta wrote:
I wish I had the space for that!

I‘m somewhat glad that I don’t.

ok, thanks,
I can wait till you have an answer, don’t need them at a specific date.

she’s still listed as „available now“ so you might encounter this problem more often.

I‘d like to change my order a bit:
remove 1ea Giant Mantis
add the large cart from my shopping cart.

Do I need to „side cart“ it first?

so where the FAQ did they go? (the 1st edition ones)

TomParker wrote:
Marco Massoudi wrote:
The Pleroma Aeon (#41) is a huge mini on a large base.
I can understand having a larger base on some for stability. Why on Earth would they use a smaller base?

I don’t even understand the larger base: with digital sculpting it should be trivial to get the center of gravity sorted out accordingly.

I‘ll not buy oversized bases, but I hope they have at least put some sort of marking on the base to show where the appropriate size ends.

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please have a note in the singles listing which minis have an oversized base, I‘d like to avoid those.

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Terevalis Unctio of House Mysti wrote:
Would it be benefical from now one to just go directly to Wizkid's site for up to date information?

Kor - OrcScrollkeeper does a good job of consolidating all available information: shed

Lelomenia wrote:
.. but i think it’s misleading to imply that it’s just as effective as any other approach.

wasn’t implying that, just pointing out that the difference gets smaller with time, relatively speaking.

sure, at low levels those 4,5 damage on the biggest weapon in the books is about half your potential.
but looking at the lvl13 char sheet I see:
furious nodachi with +22 to damage and a crit range of 15-20
the player stopped caring about those -2 to str a long time ago.

Derklord wrote:
How important is the axe? A mounted build on a charge-happy class not using a lance is practically a crime.

eh, the lance needs the charge

I‘d councel with the DM first if its a „charge rich“ campaign.
you don’t want to build a „one trick pig“ when that one trick only shows up once per encounter, if you’re lucky.

elipsion wrote:
BUT the halflings -2 str is a real bummer,

it's "just" -3 to damage compared to a race with +2:

-1 from -2 str
-1 from the other one getting +2 str
-1 average from the small weapon

the difference is only rally matters much at lower levels and the "to hit" disadvantage is compensated by the size bonus.

my co player has a gripli with the following progession:
power attack
furious focus
crit improvement feats with 18-20 range weapon

ability boost on strength for every level
+x str magic item
furious weapon

his damage output is, quite frankly, obscene

ckdragons wrote:
They could have very easily renamed it Old White Dragon. Very lazy. Like the medium-sized cyclops on a large base, or the gnome on a medium base.

gnome on a medium base (factory error) isn’t as much of a problem as anything else with a larger base:

at least small and medium bases both take up only one 5ft square on the battle map.
anything medium or larger and we need to shuffle minis around, have them partially rest on others bases etc.

With 3D CAD models it should be trivial to design a miniature that is balanced on the properly sized base.

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Yoshua wrote:
The Adult White Dragon is DEFINITELY on a huge base, but it is a 'Large' monster. Wizkids have changed the way they base Large Mini's in awkward/flying poses, for stability they will put them on Huge bases.

Oh dear,

Now I remember commenting on this in the past:
Enlarging the base for balance is depressingly lazy.

The base of the white dragon looks huge and the Marid? looks like it needs a huge booster package to fit comfortably.
So I‘m betting one „I told you so“ there are huge minis in this set.

How are the colours in RL?
could this serve as a stand in for tropical jungle?

if you are in Hamburg Germany, please don’t read on, chances are you might become one of my players.
Some of my potential players have played the AP, I don’t want to rely on their short memory while asking these questions.
I don’t intend to play Wrath of the Righteous (WotR) so feel free to be as specific as you like, thread title has a warning.

I‘m home brewing a campaign along the crusader road and am wondering just how usefull „antimagic“ weapons and/or shields would be further up north, or how much of an essential ingredient to the success of WotR they could be made out to be.
The setting is supposed to be sort of parallel to WotR with the PCs on a supporting mission to keep supplies flowing: The bandits and pirates are getting greedy with the incursion up north upping the demand for suplies.

I‘d use the weapons, shields and other magic items to power a McGuffin in the hands of BBEG and leave them sucked to sort of negative levels of magic with a function similar to a Brooch of Shielding.They‘d absorb magic (not just magic missils) aimed at the wielder, but instead of crumbling to dust they are slowly restored to their former function. They are mostly dragon bane type of weapons or energy damage blocking and plenty are cold iron.

please change from „suspended“ Pathfinder Battles to „canceled“.

- ran out of shelf space
- ran out of disposable income

Pretty much in that order, got enough minis that I can no longer justify a subscription.

It didn’t help that the discount for the „Premium Figure“ is way lower than it was for the „Case Incentive“

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how about just the head mounted on a piece of wood?

Marco Massoudi wrote:
... I did complain about the lateness of previews for the last three or four sets before this one, though. ...

for what it’s worth:

I can remember a time when previews started shortly after the release of a set.
First with renders, then with paint masters and finally photos to fill the time till release.
With that policy in place we could have the bulk of the previews already, at least with renders.

My enthusiasm for my subscription dwindled as the previews got later and later and this set I had to pull the emergency break, mainly because January I‘m generally short on money but also because the deal I got from the subscription changed dramatically over time.

I want to know what I get in advance, I need time to think about which of the minis I need for my campaigns (or just want to own because they are cool) and I need time to think about what to do with the minis I don’t want and don’t need.

This massive info dump, and it was similar for the last set, is nearly as bad as a blind subscription.

Elfteiroh wrote:
DropBearHunter wrote:

how much table time will Mengkare get if used with the adventure path?

I‘m not the displaying minis type of person, so the fact that this is an impressive pose on a beautiful gargantuan „mini“ is more of a disadvantage for me.
I want to have it, but I really don’t want to store it.
** spoiler omitted **

Thank you, but that’s a pass then:

I have never had a campaign actually make it to the last book.

how much table time will Mengkare get if used with the adventure path?
I‘m not the displaying minis type of person, so the fact that this is an impressive pose on a beautiful gargantuan „mini“ is more of a disadvantage for me.
I want to have it, but I really don’t want to store it.

as mentioned in title.

January is „pay annual insurance“ month, I couldn’t take a set under normal conditions in January.
also the price has gone way up for the next set, I have to do some math to see if it’s generally still in my budget.

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my case arrived today, lowest count of „miniatures surplus to keeping“ of a case I‘ve had for a while.

do I need this when I already have the map pack „Slum Quarter Alleys“?

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Mark Moreland wrote:

Marco Massoudi wrote:
The "Zombie Brute" mini is not looking as good as the render. It is also a bad decision to make an uncommon large mini missing an arm for building a warband/group.
It's not missing its arm! He's got it right there in his other hand..

very confusing

is that armed combat or unarmed combat?

sweet, now I can finally re-base the H&M „Huge“ Black Dragon to a large base where it belongs.

Fumarole wrote:
I think over-sized bases is far more of an issue than clear bases. I don't think I've ever had a mini that was close to toppling over due to a too-small base. It's a terrible, terrible idea.

the medium earth elementals had a strong tendency to fall over till I turned them on their bases.

with digital sculpts it should be no problem to keep the center of mass on the center of the base.
from an engineering point of view fixing balance with an oversized base feels just lazy.

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Yoshua wrote:
DropBearHunter wrote:
Mark Moreland wrote:
Kor - Orc Scrollkeeper wrote:

Mark, could you please confirm the rarity and base size for the Gogiteth. I suspect it is a Large Rare?

Yes, it is a Large rare. How did I forget to include that info above? Must've been to creeped out by the thing to keep my head in the game.

from a player perspective, I don’t like that sculpt

at all
Mind if I ask why? If it is because you are repulsed by it, then I think it is perfect :D

it‘s entirely from the perspective of someone whose character is about to be chewed up ;-)

from a DM perspective I‘ll absolutely have to try and convert it to 1e.

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Mark Moreland wrote:
Kor - Orc Scrollkeeper wrote:

Mark, could you please confirm the rarity and base size for the Gogiteth. I suspect it is a Large Rare?

Yes, it is a Large rare. How did I forget to include that info above? Must've been to creeped out by the thing to keep my head in the game.

from a player perspective, I don’t like that sculpt

at all

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while I like the figures...

as with the spriggans: it would have been nice if the enlarged version of durgar resembled one of the normal sized ones.

David knott 242 wrote:

I think Marco is making logical and well supported arguments.

I am hoping that his arguments prove wrong for some reason, but I would have been surprised if any minis sold well in the current climate even without the additional reasons he has given.

on the one hand yes

his assesment based on Covid impacting sales through tanking the economy is likely correct. Previews past the „order buy“ date are not helping.

otoh, it’s generally difficult to please someone who already has (almost) everything.
based on this Marco is the last person to listen to when composing a set.
Better try to sell a set to 90% of potential costomers than try and please the 10%? that have been collecting minis since forever.

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CorvusMask wrote:

I'm curious of how they will do Norgorber's invisible floating arms though :O

No seriously, will it be like see through material or connected to other part of the body?

appears that the floating ribbon is holding things together

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Patrick Levasseur wrote:
these, thanks to the symbol on the shield, aren't generic enough to be use in any size town.

I think it’s not so much the shield that make them not usable in any town but the quality of the uniforms.

They look like there should be a little pot installed at the bottom of the mantle, to catch the gold they practically ooze from every seam and brass button.

as for the symbol..
I guess one of the advantages of getting old is, by the time these are on the table they are so far from my eyes I won’t recognize it anyways.

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well I like what I see here, thank you for picking up the previews again.

Liane Merciel wrote:
Hey hey! I'm happy people liked the story. [...]

I‘m a bit confused about this blog: did you write an intro to the pocked edition for the AP or a novel based on the AP?

I liked Nightglass and Nightblade, so even though I’m currently playing RotR I‘d buy the novel if you wrote it with Shalelu as the main protagonist.

Marco Massoudi wrote:

This seems to indicate the end of the scenery sets as case incentives.
I think from now on, we will get huge or gargantuan minis as "case incentive premium sets".

which is a bit of a shame: I was more willing to spend 60$ on a gargantuan figure or a set of huges than on a set of scenery. Getting them at incentive discount was real sweet.

Marco Massoudi wrote:
Assuming a june 24th release date, there are still 19 weeks left.

I‘m sure it will be later, there appears to be a public health crisis in China.

going by bestiary 1 of 1e
adult black is large and adult red is huge.

Berk the Black wrote:

While I already have a couple of very nice Pathfinder Battles red and black huge dragons, I might still be interested in the case incentives if they were more on par with the size of the huge huge elementals we got in the Kingmaker set.

I’m excited to finally get news of a new Pathfinder Battles set, and can’t wait to find out what it will be comprised of.

yeah, that H&M black dragon was rather cute for a huge. I‘m still thinking about re-basing it to large.

Berk the Black wrote:
Wizkids just added Pathfinder Battles: City of Lost Omen to their release schedule with a expected date of June.

also added Black and Red Adult Dragons as a premium set.

sure hope Hero Forge can handle the huge bundle of work coming up.

Sam Phelan wrote:


I checked in on it and the warehouse is working on getting that one going! it should leave soon. Thank you for your patience!

great, thank you.

looks like your automated email system is having hickups: The CC reservation has disappeared, which probably means it’s been dispatched and I‘ll get the charge on my card tomorrow, but again no notification.

the credit card reservation has arrived, looks like it’s running it’s course.

I did not receive an order confirmation email for this (checked the spam folder and bin), my last order in december also went out on a sunday and I got a confirmation mail same day.

Also on the checkout screen it said „ships in 5 to 23 business days“ which seems oddly long.
Can you please check with this? I really don’t want to wait 23 days till I find out this got stuck in Pending Limbo after all.

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