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So I was wondering what all the boons are for getting the Mantle of The Black Rider?

I remember the +2 ability boost + count as Baba Yaga's "minion" for purposes of wards.

Wasn't there one that gives you a +1 bonus(per mantle boon) to one stat for a minute?

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So what classes do you wish got the unchained treatment in Pathfinder Unchained?

Keep in mind the book came out in 2015, so no classes that come out after this book like the Shifter. So basically core classes, ones from Advanced Class Guide, Advanced Players Guide, Ultimate Combat, and Ultimate Magic.

For me the Fighter, Ninja, Cleric, Samurai, Shaman, Sorcerer, and Swashbuckler though I would have been fine with unchained versions of all the core classes as well as the non-core ones I mentioned.

So what class(es) would you change and what about those class(es) would you change?

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So what classes do you think are perfectly fine the way they are?

Barbarian and Ranger comes to mind.

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So do any of you guys think Rogues should have had a fighter's HD/BAB?

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So what feats do you love?

Ones that come to mind...

Cunning, love this feat.

Any feat that gives extra uses of class ability or adds additional class abilities such as Extra Channel, Extra Lay On Hands, Extra Revelation, Extra Rogue Talent, Extra Wild Talent, etc.

Many racial based feats such Angel Wings, Catfolk Exemplar, Drow Nobility, Fast Learner, etc.

Expanded Arcana, extra spells know is always great.

Quicken Spell, love this one for spontaneous casters.

Skill Focus, such an underrated feat.

Spring Attack, useful especially if you are a monk or have haste up.

Toughness, extra HP is always good.

Great Fortitude and Iron Will, do I need to say more.

Fleet, another underrated feat...and it stacks with itself.

Penetrating Strike and Greater Penetrating Strike, I know it's Fighter only, but still fun.

Deadly Agility, this should have been from Paizo.

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So what if magic equipment had some universal abilities/traits such as....?

All magic weapons increased in dice damage based on the enhancement bonus instead of a static bonus. Examples would be a +2 short sword would do 3d6 and a a +5 dagger would do 6d4.

All magic armor would grant DR/magic based on the enhancement bonus. I would say x2 or even x3 the enhancement bonus.

All magic shields would add it's enhancement bonus ether to all touch attacks(melee and ranged) or as an additional bonus against all ranged attacks(both regular and touch). Not sure wich I like better.

Of course you would have to make other changes to "balance things out" but I still like the idea.

Has there been any clarification if the entangle condition for this spell doesn't allow a save? The way the spell is worded looks like the targets are entangled no matter if they save or not.

So what are the best stats(starting and final) you ever had in P1e? Also was it a point buy or rolled?

So do you use favored class bonuses? If not then what do you give them as replacements?

What are your favorite favored class bonuses?

Do you let anyone use any favored class bonus?

Do you use traits? If not do you use any replacements?

Do you have any favorite traits?

How many do you let the players have?

So which version of energy resistance do you guys like best, the "ignore x amount" or the "1/2 damage" version?

So does anyone play as the shifter class?

Do you play the class as is, archetypes only, or both?

Would you buy a player companion that is focused on 1-4 classes? If so what would you want?

I would buy..

One that is focused on Kineticist.

One focused on the Shifter.

One that is for Bloodragers and Sorcerers.

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So as a DM, have you ever given the players any kind of boon/bonus? If so what did you give them?

Higher starting money
Better stats
Free magic item(s)
Bonus feat(s)
Altered class feature
Bonus class feature
Altered racial ability(s)
Bonus racial ability(s)
Extra skill points
Max HP per level
More class skills
Spell like abilities
Free weapon prof.(s)
Free armor prof.(s)
Bonus traits

So what types of products do you wish Paizo had done or at least done more of anyway?

Products that are for the game like maps, minis, building/dungeon pieces, character/spell/item/etc. cards, pre-made dungeons, models, etc.

Products related to the game such as video games, card games, toys, movies(animated and/or live action), TV shows(animated and/or live action), board games, etc.

I would have liked a globe of Golarion.

I like the idea of animated movies and/or TV shows.

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So what games would you like to see get HD remasters?

Ones that come to mind for me...

Atelier Iris 1-3
Breath of Fire 3
Castlevania Symphony of The Night
Chrono Trigger
Digital Devil Saga 1-2
Dragon Quest VIII
Final Fantasy VI
Mana Khemia 1-2
Phantasy Star IV
Valis 1-3

What non-casting classes would like to see get casting and what would you give up for that casting? Also what magic type/spell-list would give those classes?

4th level for martial classes and 6th level for non-casting classes.

I would give up sneak attack for rogues for 6th level casting(arcane or psychic). Though I am not sure what else I would give up.

Are there any class features you would like as a replacement for medium(6th) casting?

So what class features would like as a replacement for minor(4th) casting? Of course the answer could vary for each class:)

So are there any class feature(s) that you would like to see as a replacement for a Ranger's favored enemy class feature?

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I remember seeing people on the sight giving some classes different tier levels and would like to know what scale is?

Also what tier level does each class in Pathfinder belong to?

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If Paizo made more 1e products( yeah I know "and monkeys might fly out of my butt"), but if it actual happened, would you buy them?

Also would you be more interested in mostly new, roughly 50/50 new and reprints, or mostly reprints/updated stuff?

Along with racial mods, how about class ability mods. These mods would be for your starting class at 1st level only.

Alchemist- +2Dex +2Int
Arcanist- +2Int +2Cha
Barbarian- +2Str +2Con
Bard- +2Dex +2Cha
Bloodrager- +2Str +2Cha
Cavalier- +2Str +2Con
Cleric- +2Wis +2Cha
Druid- +2(Str, Dex, or Con) +2Wis
Fighter- +2Str +2Con
Gunslinger- +2Dex +2Wis
Hunter- +2(Str, Dex, or Con) +2Wis
Inquisitor- +2(Str, Dex, or Con) +2Wis
Investigator- +2(Str, Dex, or Con) +2Int
Kineticist- +2Dex +2Con
Magus- +2(Str, Dex, or Con) +2Int
Medium- +2Con +2Cha
Mesmerist- +2(Str or Dex) +2Cha
Monk- +2Str +2Dex +2Wis
Ninja- +2Dex +2Cha
Occultist- +2(Str or Dex) +2Int
Oracle- +2Wis +2Cha
Paladin- +2Str +2Cha
Psychic- +2Int +2(Wis or Cha)
Ranger- +2 to any two(Str, Dex, Con, or Wis)
Rogue- +2Dex +2(Int or Cha)
Samurai- +2Str +2Con
Shaman- +2Wis +2Cha
Shifter- +2Str +2Dex +2Wis
Skald- +2Str +Cha
Slayer- +2Str +2Dex
Sorcerer- +2(Int or Wis) +2Cha
Spiritualist- +2(Str or Dex) +2Wis
Summoner- +2(Str or Dex) +2Cha
Swashbuckler- +2Dex +2Cha
Vigilante- +2 to any two
Warpriest- +2(Str, Dex, or Con) +2Wis
Witch- +2Int +2(Wis or Cha)
Wizard- +2Int +2Wis

Has anyone else seen the pilot?

For the PS4 and Switch.

I hope they make the skill system more like Digital Devil Saga. For those who haven't played DDS, you could learn all abilities, but only had 4-8 slots for those abilities. Though you could change them anytime you wanted outside of combat.

I hope there will be a female main character option. Especially if she has white hair and yellow eyes.

I hope that you can see the enemies now like Persona 5, Dragon Quest 11, and many other modern turn based RPGs.

How would you feel if spontaneous casters got all their spells known for a spell level when they got that spell level?

Example would be that a 1st level sorcerer would have 5 spells known(not including bonus spells from class features, feats, etc.). Then when the sorcerer got to 4th level he would get 5 2nd level spells known, 4 3rd level spells known at 6th, etc.

At least this way you wouldn't need a chart to keep track of spells known.

So what spells do you wish were on a class's spell list?

Cleric- Disrupt Undead.

Druid- Acid Splash, Ray of Frost, and Wall of Ice.

Psychic- Greater Restoration, Lesser Restoration, Regenerate, Reincarnate, and Restoration come to mind. Healing spells, at least cure light to cure critical if not higher level ones. Some more elemental spells and some ray spells.

Sorcerer/Wizard- Raise Dead and Regenerate.

Witch- Ray of Frost.

Are there any classes or class abilities that you wished was done differently?

Arcanist- This could have been a Wizard Archetype.

Hunter- I wish this was a full martial class.

Investigator- I like the class but don't like how studied combat and studied strike work.

Medium- Would have liked a simpler/less paper work version.

Ninja- Not bad but could have been better.

Samurai- This could have been so much cooler then a Cavalier variant.

Shaman- Really wish this was a Cha based spontaneous Druid caster class.

Shifter- I love the natural attacks, unarmored AC(though I wish they let you choose Cha instead of Wis), but the actual shifting....

Skald- Just don't like the rage song stuff.

Slayer- I wish this one when the path of being very focused to slaying a creature type, subtype, etc..(dragon slayer, vampire slayer, giant slayer, etc.)

Swashbuckler- I like this one but could have used a good fort save, Dex to damage built in, and a few other tweaks.

Vigilante- Liked the play test version were you could custom make your hero. Also the class's alternate persona could have been a NPC class or a NPC class template of some kind.

Warpriest- Would have liked a martial class, like a Paladin but any alignment.

What class or classes that you wish did exist in Pathfinder?

I would love to have seen a Cha based spontaneous Druid based caster(Primalist?), bloodline focused mid caster(6th) class, Tarzan/Jungle girl based class(Wildling?), Engineer class with gadgets, bombs, guns, inventions, etc., Psychic martial class, etc.

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So who else here has enjoyed getting the pocket editions of 1E books?

Any plans to get Pathfinder Unchained pocket edition?

Are there any hardcover books that will not get a pocket edition?

So which action system do you like best, 1E(standard, move, etc.) or 2E(3 action + reaction)?

Keep in mind I am only talking about the action system itself, not any other aspects of the combat systems.

So which action system do you like best, 1E(standard, move, etc.) or 2E(3 action + reaction)?

Keep in mind I am only talking about the action system itself, not other aspects of the combat systems.

Why isn't there a saving throw for this effect?

personally real death is less annoying.

Have you ever seen an entire adventuring party being comprised of the same class? If so what class?

Is there a single class that you would pick to comprise an entire party?

Bards, Kineticist, and Vigilantes would be interesting.

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The game will be released on May 28th. Preorders will start on May 15th. The physical copies will be done by Limited Run Games.

Anyone else excited for this game?

Have any of you played any of the other games of the series?

So what are your favorite martial class (or classes)?

I really like the Monk(if I get the stats for it), also like the Ranger and Swasbuckler. I really wish the Shifter was my favorite and should have been, but that is another story all together.

Are there any Barbarian archetypes that replace rage?

Are there any Rogue archetypes that replace sneak attack?

Other then one monk archetype, are there any other ones that grant the Shifter caws?

Are there any feats (other then Furious Focus) that enhance power attack?

Are there any other feats for two-handed weapon builds?

Has anyone else seen this show?

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So what is your favorite psychic class?

My favorite is the kineticist.

So what is your favorite arcane class?

My favorite is the Sorcerer.

So who(or what) was your favorite character you have ever played as in Pathfinder?

My Favorite

Name: Aliel
Class: Kineticist(Aether)
Race: Human
Sex: F
Age: 12
Hair: Black
Eyes: Right(Green)Left(Violet)
Height: 4'9"
Weight: 97LBs
Deity: Onos

Alternate Racial Traits
Dimdweller and Focused Study.

Blood of Dragons(Low-light vision)
Trap Finder
World Traveler(Diplomacy)

Guilty Fraud

So what are your favorite Oracle Mysteries and Curses?

My favorite mystery: Life

I also like Dragon, Heavens, Spellscar, and Wood.

My favorite curse: Tongues

I also like Covetous, Haunted, and Lame.

what are your favorite sorcerer and/or bloodrager bloodlines?

I really like aquatic, celestial, draconic, fey, phoenix, unicorn, and verdant.

So what is your favorite kineticist element?

Mine would be Aether.

What effect does warp wood have on wooden shields and wooden armor?

Does warp wood effect magical wooden objects?

A race that as a +2Str +2Dex +2Con +2Int +2Wis +2Cha but has no other racial abilities/traits?

A race that has the human highly skilled(+1 skill point per Lv) and an ability that makes all skills as class skills, but nothing else(not even racial mods)?

What racial abilities do you think would make a race that has a -2 to all stats worth playing?

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So what are the classes, class options, race options, feats , spells, archetypes, etc. that you wished Paizo had done before 1e ended?

The first is obvious, more of the same, more classes, more racial feats and alternate racial options, more kineticist wild talents, more bloodrager/sorcerer bloodlines, rogue talents, witch hexes, oracle curses./revelations, etc.

More classes would have been cool, especially more occult/psychic ones(especially some martial ones). A martial class that used witch hexes. More alternate versions of existing classes would have been cool. They are so many other ideas but lets move on.

More dex to damage options. Yes I know this is "controversial".

More unarmored options.

A feat that lets you use your casting stat to hit for spells, spell like abilities, and supernatural abilities. That would be really fun for kineticist.

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So what are your favorite Pathfinder 1E hardcover books, softcover books, and other merchandise?


Advanced Players Guide, Occult Adventures, and Advanced Races Guide. Also the core book would be on the list but that seems to be a given.


Distant Worlds, Occult Origins, Psychic Anthology, Heroes of Golarion, and Chronicles of Legends come to mind. I am sure there are more.


Nothing that comes to mind.

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