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Very nice analysis Kazz. A few of my personal observations to consider when reading your data:

- We don't see any small rivers (which might be unswimable and crossed by few bridges and fords) or other small localized land features which may prevent passage and create more bottle-necks all over the map. (Hinted at earlier in this tread).

- Cliffs (and other future impassable terrain features) reduce access to hexes, but they are also a good security factor, preventing access from some fronts.

- "Valid hexes" include both "empty" or "suitable wilderness hexes" - where we will build POIs and Outposts - as well as Monster/MonsterHome/Badland hexes - where I believe we can't build POIs/Outpost but we can look for harvesting/gathering rarer and higher quality resources (correct me if I'm wrong). The way I see it, the value of each is quite different, depending on the plans of each guild. On the other hand, NPC hexes will still give common and lower quality resources, so maybe they should not be completely disregarded.

- One more thing to consider when choosing starting position: closeness to other settlement, including future settlements spots that will unlock later. For example, AC might look like a good spot, but once the two other settlement spots on that mountain are opened, it can become a bit crowded.

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Am I right in thinking that only empty (with no icons) hexes will be PC claimable POIs? Will passes/choke-points also be claimable POIs or are they only specially juicy PvP ambush sites?

Also, I feel like this should be on the first page but better late than never. Here's a map key I gathered from the video and this tread:

Map Key:

Map Key

Colors (dominant terrain of each hex)

  • Light Green: Plains
  • Dark Green: Forest
  • Yellow/Tan: Hills/Highlands
  • Brown: Mountainous Forest
  • Orange: Mountains
  • Light Blue: Water (only 4 hexes, found immediately south-east of settlement Z)
  • **Not on map currently** Swamp
  • Dark Grey: Meteorite impacts (some important resssources will be found only in these places, like skymetal, adamantium, meteoric-iron, etc.)


  • Stars: Starter NPC Settlements - Thornkeep (north-east) and Fort Inevitable (south-west) ***A third, Fort Riverwatch, will be added later farter to the north-north-west of the map
  • Black lines: Major trade routes
  • Triangle: NPC hexes - NPC-patroled/controled/protected areas

  • Letters "A" to "AD": Initial settlement spots available during land rush/early enrollment (total of 30)
  • Village (one big hut and one small hut): Future settlement spots to become available later

  • Lion: Monster hexes or specific adventure spot (Emerald Spire between V and W), *likely* related to escalations
  • Castle: Home hexes, permanent home to specific group of NPCs/monsters, with permanent escalation (orc/ogre tribe XYZ, etc.)
  • Ruins: Badlands, also related to escalations, not as icky as monster hexes, may also be used later by developers to add future content

  • Big white X: Passes/choke-points - Only way to move from one "tier" of elevation to the next
    -> Low tier: Lowlands - Light Green (most of south-west quadrant and small south-easternmost portion of map) (includes settlements L, M, N, O and P) (will eventually include swamplands as well)
    -> Middle tier: Highlands and Woodlands - Yellow and Drak Green (most of map) (includes all 19 other settlements)
    -> High tier: Mountains - Brown and Orange (most of north-east quadrant and 3 other spots) (includes settlements A, B, W, AA, AC and AD)
    --> Note: To better visualize, imagine "cliff lines" where the colors meet and plateaus in between
    --> Note: Sprinkled "off-color" terrain will *likely* be on the same tier as the dominant color around them
    --> Note: You can moving freely between yellow and dark green regions as well as between brown and orange regions
    --> Note: Actual "cliff lines" might be drawn a bit differently if there are some "off-color" terrain right next to the "cliff-lines"
    --> Note: There was a hint at unswimable rivers which are not currently drawn on this map (I would guess, other small impassable terrain features are also possible) that will hinder settlements from easily accessing/controling adjacent POI hexes as much as the tier cliffs
    --> Note: Apparently, one big white X is missing, 3 hexes north-west of Thornkeep along the trade route

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Nihimon wrote:
@Djoc, based on your reading, would P be able to travel directly into the dark-green hexes to its east? If so, then why would the nearby X be there? If not, then it seems like P would be a horrible choice for a Settlement since fully 1/3 of the neighboring POI hexes would be unreachable.

Yes, that would be my reading that the two dark green hexes to the east of P would be higher tier and require to circle around to the X to access them.

If I'm right, protection offered by having a settlement's back at the bottom or the top of a cliff (reducing the number of sides other settlements can attack from - until we start seeing feather-falling or climbing special forces) will come at the price of having to reach farther to control POIs.

There's still the possibility that the cliff lines might not follow exactly the color changes as I see it, though. We'll need the updated map to be sure.

EDIT: I also want to note that I can't watch the video yet, so all of my observations come from looking at the map and reading this tread.

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My take on elevation, based on Lee Hammock's comment:

Lee Hammock wrote:
1. The Lowlands: Croplands (or Plains) and Swamplands. These run from the river for a ways west and most of the map south of the map from the map from the Thornkeep sourcebook.

This would be all of the light green sections, which take most of the south-west quadrant and the small portion at the south-easternmost end of the map.

Lee Hammock wrote:
2. The Midlands: Highlands (Hills) and Woodlands (Forest). These are higher elevation in that they do not flood.

This would be the mustard yellow and dark green regions, which is more than half of the map. As far as I understand, you can freely go from yellow to dark-green and back. But yellow is higher than light-green.

Lee Hammock wrote:
3. The Mountains: Mountain and mountainous forest terrain. When travelling through mountains people use mountain passes to avoid having to travel far more dangerous, steep routes. The white Xs are those passes. Getting the mountains otherwise are too steep to pass.

These are the brown areas.

There seem to be one place, south-est of "AD", where the pass goes directly from lowlands tier to mountain tier.

Also note that, as far as I understand, sprinkled "off-color" terrain should be considered on the same tier as surrounding dominant terrain tier.

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So the burros did make it!

Scarab Sages

Since my case of normal boosters was opened, but bricks were still shrink-wraped, I will give results by brick.

1 Bugbear Hero 0 1 2 2
2 Gobln Commando 1 1 1 1
3 Goblin Dog 1 1 1 1
4 Goblin Warchanter 1 1 1 1
5 Kobold Champion 1 2 1 1
6 Faceless Stalker 0 0 1 0
7 Ghoul 1 0 0 0
8 Harpy 1 0 1 0
9 Ogrekin 0 0 0 1
10 Yeth Hound 1 1 1 1
11 Denizen of Leng 1 0 0 1
12 Redcap 1 1 0 0
13 Sinspawn 1 0 1 1
14 Sinspawn Axemen 1 1 0 0
15 Skinsaw Cultist 0 1 0 1
16 Alu-Demon 0 0 1 1
17 Lamia Kuchrima 1 0 1 0
18 Shining Child 0 1 1 0
19 Warrior of Wrath 1 1 0 0
20 Wraith 1 1 0 1

21 Goblin Commando on Goblin Dog 1 0 1 0
22 Jakardros Sovark 1 0 0 0
23 Lyrie Akenja 0 1 0 1
24 Ameiko Kaijitsu 0 1 0 1
25 Harsk, Dwarf Ranger 0 0 1 1
26 Lamia Matriarch 1 0 1 0
27 Malfeshnekor 0 1 1 0
28 Orik Vancaskerkin 1 1 0 0
29 Tsuto Kaijitsu 0 1 1 1
30 Vale Temros 1 2 1 0
31 Kaven Windstrike 0 0 1 0
32 Khalib 1 0 1 0
33 Ogre 1 0 0 0
34 Ogre Brute 1 1 1 2
35 Seoni, Human Sorcerer 1 0 0 1
36 Shalelu Andosana 1 1 1 0
37 Viorian Dekanti 1 1 0 1
38 Dire Bear 0 1 1 1
39 Stone Giant 1 1 1 1
40 Stone Giant Champion 0 1 0 1
41 Vraxeris 0 0 1 2
42 Lamia 1 0 0 0
43 Wendigo 1 1 1 1
44 Yeti 0 0 0 1

45 Aldern Foxglove 0 0 0 0
46 Jaagrath Kreeg 1 0 1 0
47 Lucrecia 0 0 0 2
48 The Scribbler 0 1 0 1
49 The Skinsaw Man 0 0 0 0
50 Highlady Athroxis 1 0 0 0
51 The Mithral Mage 0 1 1 0
52 Runelord Karzoug 1 0 0 0
53 Stone Golem 1 1 1 0
54 Azaven 0 0 0 0
55 Lamatar Bayden 0 0 1 0
56 Mokmurian 0 0 0 0
57 Forgefiend 0 1 0 0
58 Nualia 0 1 1 0
59 Warchief Ripnugget 0 0 0 0
60 Young Red Dragon 0 0 0 1

You can see I'm missing Aldern, Skinsaw Man, Azaven, Mokmurian and Ripnugget. But as I mention above, my FLGS will give me free exchanges for my duplicates to complete my set, to make up for the opened case they gave me.

There is still some fun things to get from this, like two Lucrecias from the same brick. Also, I had two bricks with 4 rares and two bricks with 5 rares.

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Hobbun wrote:
However, I heard from the official product thread someone bought a case and had four Storm Giants and 0 of the Karzoug Statue.

That would be me, but then I realized the impossible happened (and deleted my post, for lack of being useful to judge distribution). My FLGS gave me opened and repackaged case of huge and a case of repackaged bricks). Some pesky goblin (employee) decided it would be a good idea to open all cases, slap price tags on each booster (or brick in case of normal boosters) and repackage them after mixing things up a bit more using multiple cases.

I discussed with them about this and they will give me free exchanges for all my missing minis (I'm mising 6 total after opening 4 bricks and the huges) against any double I want to get rid of, as soon as they have opened some cases to sell singles. All is well!

To be honest, after looking through the (aniversary) adventure, I find the storm giant is probably the most useful mini of the four to get multiples of, based on needs for encounters. So I'm happy this came to be in the end ;)

That makes me think, did anyone gather a list of how many of each mini one would need to cover all encounters using minis from H&M or RotRL sets?

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I didn't know this was illegal... Maybe they could let me sign an online contract where I legaly give the right to Paizo to do this with my credit card? Or else let's find another solution.

Being from Canada, most of my subscriber price reductions get eaten by shipping and I typically have to wait 2-3 weeks for my package to get to me. Therefore, my main (only?) bonus for subscribing is a free early pdf copy to look at while waiting for my package. If I get my pdf copy almost after my friends/players get to buy their physical copies off our FLGS, I just feel like my subscriptions are not as useful and interesting as they should be...

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flash_cxxi wrote:
DaveMage wrote:
I understand being behind on shipping, but could you release the PDFs for subscribers?
I wish they could too, but unfortunately they don't actually charge us for the products until they ship and they can't give us the .pdfs until they charge us.

But you would think after 5 years of seeing similar situations happen every now and then (being behind on shipping subscriptions), they would have implemented a workaround.

Like charging credit cards early, even if they ship up to one week later, just to make sure they unlock pdf downloads for all subscribers inside an acceptable timeframe.

At the rate this is going, we will barely get access to our pdf before they are available for purchase to other customers next Thursday...

Scarab Sages

Dark_Mistress wrote:
Now if only they wasn't still a preorder.

Hopefully the burros will get there before September's books shipment.

BTW good job on halving the price, now to find something else to buy and give you more of my money...

Scarab Sages

I can't wait to get my hands on this set so I can start the Anniversary version campaign with my players. Their characters have been ready for two months now...

I'm also curious if there are any "hidden" rarity in this set (including for the huge ones). And what will be the distribution for the regular boosters.

One last thing, I don't mean to nitpick, but since this is an official list, might as well have the names match the adventure (both original and anniversary versions)...

- Malfeshnekor (with an H in the middle, not a K)
- Shalelu Andosana (no R in her last name)

Scarab Sages

I was wondering if the price tag for this restock pre-order was right?

Scarab Sages


Doing it as a subscription product means those people get free PDF and the people who don't want it...unsubscribe.

I would like to add one counter argument to this wide spread statement. I have been a subscriber since the beginning of Pathfinder and even if I am really glad each time I get a new shipment, I hardly come on the site to see news and upcoming products anymore.

Paizo has done a very good job with their product line since the beginning, to the extent that I now felt fully confortable in trusting them with my subscriptions. I felt confident I would find monthly new products I want every month in the mail without needing to come here and micro-manage my shipemnts/subscriptions. I think it has been a good 6 months since I had last visited here, until recently when I had a problem with one of my received books and wanted to order some additional products. Had it not been for this fortuitous timing, I would probably have gone many more months before coming back here.

What does that mean? Yes, cancelling/resubscribing is all easy and available and easy and available and easy (repetition is voluntary), but the problem remains. I could have ended up not having any idea this product was coming and would not have had time to cancel it before being charged the extra customs/taxes by the mail delivery cie.

So my final question is this: What about trusting customers who will not see this coming? What about customers who will find themselves with a surprise $50+ extra customs/taxes (on top of the already expensive item price and shipping) to pay for a product that is more or less related and useful to them?

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I just want to add that my copy, which I also just picked up from the post office today, also has this strange problem (cover attached backwards). Order no 1749894.

I'll have photos comming your way in an e-mail as soon as I can get my hands on a decent camera, but I thought you might want to know ASAP to help you spot any similarities between our orders. Unless it's just a weird hex affecting all order picked up today from the post office...

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I'll probably visit Draconis on Saturday. But I can't play, since I played through all 4 scenarios at Gencon.

You will regognize me as I'll be wearing my Qadira faction t-shirt!

I started a subject on the blackguard forum, feel free to stop by!
Blackguard Forum

Scarab Sages

Hi! Another guy from Montreal here. French, btw.

Any of you thought about some kind of forum where we can discuss, organize play sessions and invite wannabe players? (And maybe do it in french) Maybe we could use the Blackguard forum? (I'm Orb there) Unless Paizo has some kind of plan to make regional sub-forums for PFS?

I also talked with the Carta Magica store manager and he's willing to participate and let us use his play room on a regular basis.

My main goal would be that we gather enough GMs so that we could play the scenarios before we DM them to other players, including our home groups. That way, we get as few DMs as possible that burn each scenario.

Let me know what you think!

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We have been told that combining Subs with normal orders is on Gary's list since many months now. With all the crazy-good projects Paizo is puting up, I guess shipping options and combining orders get pushed down the list.

If you want it to go faster, apply for their software developer job and help Gary to keep up with all those projects and get to that to-do list!

Job offer.

Scarab Sages

I don't see much difference between getting two in August and getting one mid-june and the next at the start of july. April was a busy month too, while none came out in May. Sometimes we get 2 shipping in 2 weeks, then we wait for 1 month and a half before the next. Over the complete year, that would still be 12 PF, even if some months look bigger than others.

Long story short, Paizo is trying to catch up with their schedule for a year now, and if they finaly make it, I say it's a wonderful thing.

For the budget thing, my september 07's 20$ budget is still running up...

Scarab Sages

That is great news :) Here I was thinking I was having a new idea and was ready to talk you into it. As always, you are reading the minds of your customers!

So, how do you go about identifying us? Secret handshake? With a couple Golarion trivia? Using biometrics identification sytem linked to the info you gathered on us (insert conspiration theory here)?

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I'm wondering about the subscriber's priviledge of -15% on what we buy here.

Will we be able to get that same discount with what we buy at Gencon Indy?

I was planning on buying many things from you there, mainly those things that don't have subs and which would probably end up having quite high shipping prices (t-shirts, item cards, the Beta PF RPG book, etc.). When I think of it, though, that would mean I would not get sub's discount, so I guess I wouldn't be saving that much in the end.

This is why I'm asking, because it would be wonderful to be able to get the subscriber's discount at Gencon and save a lot on shipping, especialy for internationals like myself.

Please? (Insert cutest Wall-E eyes here)

PS: I'm taking for granted you'll be selling stuff at Gencon...

Scarab Sages

... is able to penetrate our customer's minds and imput complaining ideas towards Paizo in us. (Note that I don't include constructive criticism in complaining.)

... is the one behind the USPS rates raise.

... has no talents, because having talent would mean he his GOOD at something. (Which is a paradox, because how can he be a powerful vilain if he has no talent?)

... became a lich before he was born.

... is in the process of having the word "live" and words of the same family, changed to something else. He can't stand the fact "live" is "evil" when spelled backwards.

... suddenly screems to startle those he is whispering to.

Scarab Sages

Vic Wertz wrote:
Gary's hard at work...

I hope you don't mean harder than usual, that could not be possible for a human being ;p

Thanks for all the info Vic! You can be sure to keep all the sub items going my way, then :D I was a little worried for my "Charter Superscriber" tag ;p

I sincerely hope all the new things you are doing (PFRPG, PF society and future PF products) will give you enough increased business that you get to new heights in copies sold and can make up for your somewhat lower margins :)

Scarab Sages

I feel like your margin is going down in a spiral, after the discounts you offer on some subs, the general discount to PF subscribers and now the hit on postage (Seriously, a 4 pound package went from 7- to 23+? That's robery!).

Do you have any Plan Bs being worked out?

Would using someone else beside USPS be a viable possibility?

Selling subs through FLGS? (You send all subs at once to the FLGS, each subscriber then goes at the FLGS to take his portion. Maybe shipping for a dozen or more subs at once would end up cheaper for everyone?)

Or any other solution including buying at my FLGS while I could still receive free PDFs? (At these shipping rates, I guess I would be willing to pay a couple bucks and type in an access code to get a PDF...

Or selling PDF-only subs? (Physical books are nice, but I would prefer you make money over the PDF I buy, instead of losing/breaking even.

Or working with USPS, showing them their new rates don't make sense, and reaching an agreement on lower costs based on the quantity you ship? (What Amazon is probably doing if they want to be able to keep the free super saver shipping...)

Right now, I'm wondering if keeping all subs is a good thing, for both you and me. Not only am I not sure about paying twice as much for shipping each month (but I do think it's still worth it with all the discounts and free PDFs you give me). But you might almost be losing money for my convenience, and that I don't like at all.

Show me the way!

Scarab Sages

I'm planning my GenCon schedule right now, and after D&D minis tournament finals and other things I want to do, it will be hard for me to attend to all 4 PF Society scenarios, let alone attend to even one of them.

So I'd like to know if these scenerios will be available some other way after GenCon? Free or small cost PDF downloads? I would realy like to see all of the scenarios even though I might attend to only one during my stay.

As a side question, is there any chance for scenarios events where only last minute subscriptions are possible? Will there also be a delve at your booth? If the D&D minis finals go wrong early for me, I might have a lot of unexpected free time :)

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Well, there's a chapter house of Pathfinders in Magnimar, so the PCs could end up visting it sometime and get to learn what organization they are (Journal in PF1), and they can get very new information from Eando's reports (Journal in PF2&maybe 3). He's sending them to Absalom, but nothing says his notes don't go through the chapter house in Magnimar for a first review/copy, and to insure safer long-distance travel using Pathfinder connections.

While I'm writing this, I'm thinking that my group is going through the last part of PF2 next week, and I'm sure what they have done in the region so far reaches the hears of the PF house. They'll be contacted to visit the chapter house (and maybe stay a day or two) to exchange tales and stories.

After all, even if the PCs don't want to join the organization or are not interrested in it, the Pathfinders will most probably be interrested in the PCs when they hear about their adventuring!

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Ha! A trip back 15-20 years, when I was a child! Asterix is probably the reason why I like all things in early history (medieval/ancient times) and fantasy.

I just took some time loking at English translations of names on Wikipedia and I find that some look funnier in English, while some are definitely better in French.

Scarab Sages

I'm starting to think that as soon as there was a problem with your order, you get pushed down the queue, to after everyone else. Since this time, there was a small problem with some orders (including mine) about the free Player's Guide not automaticaly including itself, I feel I have to wait again, even though I'm International and a big subscriber (two things that were said to give some priority). And I say "wait again" because it seems there's a problem with my sub order every other month (this might be the 3rd time out of 7 PF I get pushed down for corrections to my subs package).

I can wait a couple days more, but the wait is very hard when everyone else is already discussing the products... and even harder when there's a week-end comming soon and I feel I might have to wait next week... OK, I'm done complaining now :)

Now to the positive idea part!

I'm assuming that a problem with the subs order (and following manual change that must be made by Paizo staff to correct it) gets my order processing to be pushed down to the "normal queue", as opposed to the "subs queue", or get pushed down some other way as to increase the normal delays. If that's a correct assumption, could you please create a new queue were those subs orders with problems get dumped after correction is made? And then, make sure this queue gets:
1- PDF access as fast as everyone else by charging the card even though it ships 3-5 days later, so we at least get to see it as soon as everyone else;
2- shipped right after all normal subs shipments are done with, so they at least go out before the usual day-to-day orders (which was said to be a priviledge of subs, if I remember correctly).

That would be perfect. And I would never again feel left out just because I was part of the unlucky ones that had a problem with its subs package.

Thanks for reading my ramblings :)

Scarab Sages

As for the monthly charge, I guess the timing depends on how you set things to ship. And on which subs you subscribe.

For now, PF sub has a 14$ charge each month (though the timing can vary as they are still trying to catch up); Modules sub as a 13$ [11$ if you have PF sub, after March 10] monthly charge (stabilized); Planet Stories as a 10.40$ monthly charge (more or less stabilized). The thing is that, even if they are not exactly the same date each month, and may sometimes even lag a month behind in schedule, you are sure to get the same charge each month. So you can easily recharge your card each time for the upcomming month, with the same amount, without surprises.

The big uneven sub is the Chronicles. They are not a monthly thing, as two products (or even 3, like right now) can show up the smae month, and nothing is scheduled for the next month. On top of that, there are some difference between the price of each products. Most of them range from 13$ to 20$ [11$ to 17$ with PF sub after March 10], but there's the occasional big guy, like the upcomming Setting hardcover which will be 50$ [42.50$]. So far, the only indication we have is "about 9 products each year", and I'm pretty sure that most products will fall in the average 13$ to 20$ [11$ to 17$] category.

In any case, don't forget to add the shipping charge. I believe the charge for each shipment [usualy monthly] is 5$ in US or 6$ outside US for PF only; 6$ in US or 6.86$ outside US for a montly shipment of many products.

I hope this helps! I didn't know exactly which subs you wanted, so I covered them all.

Scarab Sages

It looks like the machine* is working on it :D The thing is now inside the order in my order history, and went from the sidecart to the preorder section. Both are good news and show that the Player's Guide is being showed how good products should behave, as we speak! CS and Webmaster ninjas at work!

* "Machine" as in either Gary and/or CS and/or the whole Paizo office!

Scarab Sages

I've also sent an e-mail with the same question, but I'm posting here just so that others with the same problem could add to the conversation.

So, I've received pre-shipping e-mail for my big package which is order #888560. It includes PF#7, J3, RotR Map Folio, Harrow Deck, Guide to Korvosa and Northwest of Earth.

But the CotCT Player's Guide is not included. It's showing in my sidecart, though, with the mention it's waiting for PF#7 to ship with it.

Thanks for your time :)


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Selk wrote:
Additionally, one of the PCs knows Thassilonian (it was an available language in the Player's Guide, which I regret). Wouldn't the story of Thassilon effectively be played out in their language? It's pictographic and their magical/political philosophy is anchored in writing. How do you keep Thassilon cryptic for someone who speaks Thassilonian?

I also have one PC who knows the Thassilonian language and who put points in knowledge of Thassilon. I find this very useful to have her at some times. Here's how I went about to make sure it doesn't ruin the game for anybody:

First, I made a shortened version of the Thassilon article of PF1, and gave it to her. It was about one page long when I finished to shop off anything that could relate to the plot of the AP.

Then when she discussed those choices with me, I told her that Thassilonian was at best legends and old tales that are mostly used nowadays to teach lessons to youngsters through parabolitic (is that a word?) meaning. That was to mean that she could expect to be laughed at or ignored if she was to talk about Thassilon to others (something like what happened to Brodert in Sandpoint).

As for language, I decided that her studies of the language was made through observation of Thassilonian documents and very poor translations and notes that were made of those documents by other scholars who spent their lives trying to make some sense of the runes. So I decided that she could recognize a couple runes here and there, and make some general meaning of common groups of runes, but that she could not fully understand it. I took the example described in the spherical room in part 3 of PF1 as a guidline to general meaning vs exact understanding.

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Lulz the Neutral wrote:
Tigerhead McJazzhands is probably a Rakshasasasasa ... sa.

Ha, yes, I mistook the "Rakshasasasasa ... sa" to be some kind of half-transformed druid...

So a monk he is :)

Scarab Sages

It looks like they used the Player's Guide diversion to sneak that cover up without us noticing.

So, who's that druid guy? (Druid is a guess from the tiger-head/magic-hands version of him in the background...)

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As much as I would like to see that map myself, I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you.

I guess that the map would be part of a product named Guide to Absalom, and this product is not part of the schedule anounced up to August 08.

And while the Paizo team probably have a general idea of the layout of Absalom for them to be able to get the U1 and U2 modules (yes, U2 has another of Absalom's district mapped out in it, Beldrin's Bluff), they probably don't have precise map of all districts ready.

Let's cross our fingers for more Modules set there next autumn, or even for an AP set there (but that would be only in 2009, after Second Darkness). It look like having many Modules (Darkmoon Vale) or an AP in the place could let us get that Guide to Absalom and the inevitable map that would come with it :)

Scarab Sages

Thanks Vic and Void-Eagle, I think you together found a good way to do it.

I tried zooming in to 200% in Acrobat, then use the snapshot tool and Ctrl-A, then Copy and paste into Paintbrush or other simple software my old computer can run without slowing down to a halt. It's working perfectly to keep the writing nice and be able to get bigger detailed maps of the districts :D

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James Jacobs wrote:
While the CotCT map pack won't be available until the end of the Adventure Path (since we've only seen completed maps for 2 of the 6 adventures so far)... you won't have to wait that long for a poster map of Korvosa. There's one in the Guide to Korvosa, which should be available at about the same time Pathfinder 7 is.

I did know that the map pack was only coming by the end of the AP, si I was joking :)

But it's very good news that we'll get a poster map as part of the Guide to Korvosa :)

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Cosmo wrote:
Djoc wrote:

Mmmmmmmm de la poutine!


I just came by to say that this is the first I've heard of this "poutine" but I am intrigued.

I would like to try this Quebecois confection and may even try to recreate it on my own.

** spoiler omitted **


Well, you can easily get the receipe in the link I gave you. Adjust the amount of each of the three ingrediens to your liking. Most of the taste differences come from the gravy you use (and how you spice it).

1- Patates frites
2- Fromage en crottes (ou fromage skouick-skouick [pronounced squeek-squeek], d'après le son qu'il fait quand on le croque)
3- Sauce brune

PS: Ton français est excellent Cosmo, tu n'as aucune raison de t'excuser!

I might add this is a favorite for after a long night of hard drinking!

Seeing that Vic and Mike want to try it too, I'm wondering what we could do to have some delivered to your office...

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In the gray menu at the top of almost any page on the Paizo website, select "Blog", then go at the bottom of the page and select previous month. Rinse repeat that previous month button until you get to the months were PF2 was released, and you'll find an updated verion of the map there. You can also shop for other pictures, maps, and Golarion info while you are there, and don't miss the Web suplement for PF#5 (which is in January's blog IIRC) Enjoy! :)

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Will that map of Korvosa make it to the blog? Or will the copy that is likely added to the Guide to Korvosa be savable/copy-pastable?

Because I'm not able to select it for saving or copy-pasting. I would have liked to be able to print magnified portions of the maps, to have each district by itself for example.

And by the way, I want the CotCT map pack NOW, with a poster map of Korvosa, of course! ;p

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Vic Wertz wrote:
I should also mention that we're working on significant additions to our shipping and subscription code, and that includes making our system smart enough to split orders into multiple packages when doing so would lower the shipping cost.

Wonderful news, no more fingernail biting needed!

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The weight and shipping guru has spoken!

Thanks a lot Vic for looking into this and answering my concerns!

100% satisfied customer here!

The extra 50% satisfaction (for a 150% total) will come when all that will arrive at my home. I'll feel like it's my birthday early this year, with so much goodness in only one box! I cross my fingers so all that will arrive at your warehouse as Lisa said!

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Tarren Dei wrote:
Well, we came up with a way to fix that. From now on, the 'natural gas' we send you will come from Quebec and it will be generated by eating a lot of poutine and then farting into a long tube.

Mmmmmmmm de la poutine!

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I've considered that option too, but I would need to be sure the shipment would include the 3 items. While I'm willing to pay 6.86 S/H for a single PF (and that explains the option I took), it seems a high price for a single Module... If the Module was to arrive one week and the rest is delayed a week later or more, it'll be a bad move.

That, and the fact other people still have problems when modifying their shipping option, is making me hesitate to do the move and come back to my original setting inside a couple weeks...

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Note that beside the Modules montster, the fact they are layed out as one monster per page or two in PF, it makes it easy to print and arrange them per CR and/or alphabetical order in a binder... Therefore, while a PDF of all monsters would be useful, I think one with only Modules monsters arranged in the PF format would definitely be very useful.

As for formating of this list, I think it's more useful to have either: only one standard character ("/" for exemple) in between each stat; or have exactly the same number of characters in each column (so have it formated so that it lines up perfectly in the box you use to write the post). In either of those two ways, one can easily copy/paste the table in Excel and then Convert* it to columns.

* I'm not sure that's the proper english name for it, as I have a French version of Excel. I can say I found this option under "Data".

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Here's the missing information for the Modules monsters you had. I've changed a couple size and added subtypes as well.

CR__Source___Creature Name______________AL__Size___Type / Environment
+0__U1, 28___Painted Creation___________N___N/A____Template
+3__J1, 29___Mummy, Osirion_____________LE__N/A____Template
_2__D0, 15___Tatzlwyrm__________________N___Med____Dragon / Any Forest
_3__D2, 30___Bats, Nightmare____________NE__Med____Outsider (Evil, Extraplanar) / Hell
_3__W1, 30___Roseblood Sprite___________NE__Small__Fey / Any Forest
_5__W1, 29___Drake, Flame_______________CE__Large__Dragon (Fire) / Any Forest
_6__D2, 29___Swarm, Granule Construct___N___Fine/10'_Swarm(Construct) / Living hosts in any climate
_8__U1, 27___Shadowy Lurker_____________NE__Small__Undead (Incorporeal) / Any land (usualy urban)
_8__J2, 29___Wings of Protection________N___Huge___Construct / Dragonfall
_9__J2, 27___Arcanton___________________N___Med____Outsider / Any
_9__J2, 28___Tongue of Rebuke___________N___Large__Construct / Dragonfall

As for D1, TC1, E1 and U2, here you go :) (A in alignment is for Any)

+0__E1, 30___Dark Ice Fey_______________AE__N/A____Template
_2__D1, 31___Slurk______________________N___Med____Magical Beast / (Subterranean?)
_3__TC1, 14__Wooden Protector___________N___Med____Plant / Any forest or jungle
_3__U2, 30___Gutdragging Lurcher________CE__ Med___Undead / Any land
_4__E1, 29___Frosty Chiseler____________CE__Small__Fey (cold) / Any cold
_5__D1, 28___Forge Spurned______________NE__Med____Undead (Fire) / (Suterranean?)
_5__U2, 29___Croaker____________________LE__Med____Undead / Any land (usualy urban)
_8__E1, 27___Cold Rider_________________CE__Med____Fey (cold) / Any cold
_*__E1, 28___Unholy Mount_______________NE__Large__Undead (cold) / (* Mount of the cold rider, so it's CR is included in him)

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Assuming all that comes as you say (cross fingers!), and since I have all 4 subscriptions, I'm an international (Canada) and my shipping option is set to wait for PF, then my next package will include:

RotR Map Folio
Guide to Korvosa
Harrow Deck
Crucible of Chaos
Northwest of Earth

I've done a little simulation with my shopping cart, and it seems there would be one too many things in that package for me to get the cheap rate of $6.86 . With all those, I get a $22 to $23 shipping charge.

I'd just like to know if there are possibilities to avoid that big shipping charge:
- Push one (or more if needed) of the items to my next shipment (the next month) so the weight limit to Bound Printed Matter International is met?
- Divide the package in two, so I pay $6.86 twice ($13.72) instead of $23?

Thanks :)

PS: And since I know you are working on new shipping options for subscriptions, how about a "Ship me what you got so far" button. In my case, since everything is set to ship with PF, I get to wait on 3 items for an extra week or more, and the PF will likely get many other items to ship with it anyway. With that option, I could tell you to ship those 3 the day after they become available, and I would still get my usual shipment when PF arrives along with all the rest.

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I'll use a couple of Eldrich Giants as proxies for the Rune Giant.
Grey/Purple skin, runes (though they are blue instead of red), big armor and big sword... close enough for me.

They're already huge, so I'll just stick a larger base to them, to make them Gargantuan.

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