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I'm planning my GenCon schedule right now, and after D&D minis tournament finals and other things I want to do, it will be hard for me to attend to all 4 PF Society scenarios, let alone attend to even one of them.

So I'd like to know if these scenerios will be available some other way after GenCon? Free or small cost PDF downloads? I would realy like to see all of the scenarios even though I might attend to only one during my stay.

As a side question, is there any chance for scenarios events where only last minute subscriptions are possible? Will there also be a delve at your booth? If the D&D minis finals go wrong early for me, I might have a lot of unexpected free time :)

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I've also sent an e-mail with the same question, but I'm posting here just so that others with the same problem could add to the conversation.

So, I've received pre-shipping e-mail for my big package which is order #888560. It includes PF#7, J3, RotR Map Folio, Harrow Deck, Guide to Korvosa and Northwest of Earth.

But the CotCT Player's Guide is not included. It's showing in my sidecart, though, with the mention it's waiting for PF#7 to ship with it.

Thanks for your time :)


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It looks like they used the Player's Guide diversion to sneak that cover up without us noticing.

So, who's that druid guy? (Druid is a guess from the tiger-head/magic-hands version of him in the background...)

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I just saw that appear in my Sidecart after suscribing:

Pathfinder Chronicles: Rise of the Runelords Map Folio
Paizo Publishing, LLC
Preorder - expected February 2008 1 @ $14.99 $9.99

The 14.99 is crossed out, with a supposed 9.99 as the new price.

I wasn't expecting a discount, so I just wanted to point that to you and see if that's normal?

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I think the title says it all :)

So far, products (out or upcoming) that happen in that part of the world or describe it are many: D0-1, E1, TC1, LB0-1-2, Guide to Darkmoon Vale. And there will probably be a section about the region in both the Gaz and the Campaing Setting.

So I guess you'll have plenty of material for both a Map Folio and an Item Cards Deck :) Any plans about them?

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I'm just wondering what you came up with for the table on which Aldern placed all the relics of the PC he's obsessed with?

PF#2 states these:
- Empty potion bottles
- Used scrolls
- Enveloppe of Hair, hairbrush/comb

Here are a couple of my ideas:
- Bathing relics (towel, brush, soap, maybe even a bottle of soapy water from her bath...)
- Bedroom relics (pillow cover, bedsheet)
- Meal relics (used plate/bowl, ustensils and mug/glass, maybe with rotten/moldy left-overs in them)
- Mundane jewlery relics (ribons and other hair fashioning objects, mundane bracelet/earing(s)/necklace)
- Old adventuring equipment relics (either sold back or left over once she got better equipment, like small weapon, used up kit, etc)
- Small piece of parchment with random doodles and notes from the PC.

What else?

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So, what's this teaser blog?

The Yeti is Coming?

M1_Mountaintop Adventurers? (<--- Name of the picture)

/me turns into a zombie "Hungry... For... Infor... mation..."

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What does Last Baron means?

Is it the next "Darkmoon Vale" location where you'll have many different modules happen and want them to have the same tag? (instead of having D0, D1 and E1 with no indication that they're linked at first sight)

Or a new "sub-line" for a certain type of Modules?

Please enlighten us!