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Frencois wrote:

It depends if you want to play with the second version (Core) rules or the previous historic set of rules (Runelords used 1st version. In short, depending if you want PREcore or CORE rules.

PRE : No avenge doesn't exist in Pre-core
CORE : Yes

PRE : Yes, the limit is one / type / character / check
CORE : Yes, the limit is one / type / whole party / check

PRE and CORE : You can play as many spells as you want during any turn (yours or another character one), respecting the limits (for example, you can't play CURE during an encounter

PRE and CORE : It adds the die that is linked to the SKILL you are using. So if a spells says "for your combat check, use arcana + 2d6" and your arcana skill is charisma+3 and you have d12 in charisma, then the blessing adds 1d12. if your charisma was 1d4+3, then you would add 1d4 (and not 1d6). Note by the way that if you didn't had arcana at all, you could still cast the spell, with a default arcana skill = 1d4. So the spell with a blessing would do 1d4+2d6+1d4 before being banished.

PRE and CORE : NO, when you add a DIE, there is never a "+" added.
So your blessed Scorching Ray is (1d12+3)+2d6+1d12
Blessing only adds a DIE to a CHECK. The amount of damage a cure heals ISN'T a check. So a bless would not add anything to the cure amount. Actually, you cannot even play the blessing because it doesn't apply.

PRE and CORE : YES you have to roll the second even if you failed the first one.
Succeeding on the second usually only prevents you to take additional damage, since each time you fail a check, you take damage.

PRE and CORE : like any boon, if you banish it at any time (including when rebuilding your deck), it goes back to the box (in PRE) or vault (in CORE) - which usually means it's lost forever.
Now depending on the rules, when you rebuild your deck and are lacking a specific type of card to complete it, you may decide to repick a previous loot from tyhe game (but usually if it's something like 3 levels below where you stand)....

Thanks so much for your help!

I wanted to confirm one more thing.

If a Monster has 2 Checks, Combat x Then Combat Y, if I fail one of the checks but pass the other, is the encounter defeated?

Apologies for the long list in advance.

1. Are there Avenge mechanics in this Adventure? I saw the core set having rules for fighting monsters that other characters in the same location having failed to defeat but not this one? How do we go about it if there are?

2. I am only able to play one card per type per check am I correct? So if a villain has 2 lives (Combat then Combat) I can play 2 blessings (one for each life)?

3. I can play spells anytime am I correct? Even during my opponents turn? I understand I can play one spell per check (when someone/myself) has flipped the card and I am responding to it, but how many spells can I play per turn?

4. When playing a Boon (usually Blessing) says add 1 die, is it the highest die, lowest die or both? E.g. If I play Scorching Ray with a Blessing, what die does it add? 1D12? 1D6? 1D12+2D6?

5. When adding more dies to a check that has +1, do I double the +1 as well?

E.g. If I roll my Arcane Die for Scorching Ray and my Arcane Die is D12 (+3 Charisma), and I use a blessing, is it 2D12 (+3 Charisma to each die) So I subtract 6 from the Check Requirement?

What about fixed values like Cure? If I blessing a cure, is it 2D4 (+1 each to each die)?

6. For Fights that have Combat then Combat, I read that you HAVE to roll for second combat even if you fail the first one. What happens if you Fail the first Combat Roll but pass the Second one?

7. Does unused Loot stay with you forever? E.g. If I decide to take out my Shih Medallion to replace it with a different item, what happens to the Shih Medallion? Can I reverse the decision 1(or future) scenario(s) later?

8. Does banishing Pidget (Henchman) count as defeating him?

9. If I use an Arcane Die for a Combat Check, does it count as an Arcane Check/Invoke? E.G. If I use a card that says add 2 die to your Arcane Checks, does CASTING a spell/using the spell in combat give me 2 additional die?

10. Are Villans and Henchmen Monsters? (My card says add 2 to defeat Monsters).

Thanks :)

Not sure if this is allowed here :/

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