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No. Haha First on new page.

Shadow Lodge

last on last page is all that matters here

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yeah well...>;)

Shadow Lodge

It's going to be a while.

Big deal. We have plenty of that.

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Worship Me!!

*Takes the puppet and tosses it into the bonfire.*


Danggit, just lost a fang. Now I'll be growling with a lisp.

Step into my office. I will take care of that for you.

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Sorry we don't give @$$hole doctors the win

What about rabbit hole doctors?

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Why are you getting mad at me.
I have never had you as one of my patients.
I am a human and animal doctor, not an insect doctor.

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I watched you from below, you had know idea I was there...

So your contamination was why some of my patients died.

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Yep but you didn't see it so it's still on you


*attempts to eat the cricket*

*misses and bites own foot instead*

Since less-than-adequate-duck is indifferent to the win, i shall take it instead.

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Places a copy of Pazuzu on the duck and sends Cthulhu at TFF and takes the win


I think I've let you people get your grubby fingers/talons/whatevers on the win for too long.

I agree. That bunch of existences has had it for far too long. So have you, chicken.

I took a break, so I'm here to get what's rightfully mine.

Indeed you will. Sadly, you will just have to be content with what you truly deserve: Nothing. I will be holding on to the win.

*Grabs the win*

Sorry lady Sissyl, not today.


*Topples the gold statue over and on one side to swipe and carry away the win*

Shoots the win out of the princess's hand.

Swoops in and catches the win

Shoots the ugly bird.

runs through and moons the shooter mockingly.

Oh crap, now you pissed her off. *Runs away with win*

"Bacon Piggy !!!!!! I am hungry come back here. !!!!!!!!!!"

"Oh boss I have a statue for you." Hands a gold statue to Alissa.

*Watches the hitting from a distance*......

The win is mine, with the orc neglecting it.

Thank you, loyal subject! I shall take the win from here.

Pah! No canary rules over me.
*yoink the win*

I am no canary...*takes the win back*

Guess again, it stays here.

You can take one of those trinkets from this pile instead, the previous owners don't need them anymore.

Stomp !!! Nasty Stomps TFF under his foot for the win.

"ME WIN NOW !!!"

I will trade this nice plate of haggis for the win.

Thank you.

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Here is your haggis, thank you the win

Already traded the haggis to the orc, I do not need any more. I will just keep the win.

sleight of spam skill for the win

*Has a BLT and wins*

*has a CLT and wins*

No, no, no. There are no multiple wins, just the one i just relieved you of.

*has a FLT too*

*Smacks the Otyugh into the next county and takes the win.*

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Pathfinder Adventure, Adventure Path Subscriber

wrestles the bear to the ground for the pin and win.

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