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Patrickthekid wrote:
I'm just hoping there's a GM that wants to run a PF2 AP campaign. I have my preferences, but it's rough finding a PbP for it right now.

Right now? I'm a recent convert to 2e and I'm struggling to figure out where people even do recruitment for it. Everywhere I look, even on these forums, is still mostly 1e and 5e.

Then you add on that I don't want to do a voiced game and I'd rather play via Foundry than PbP on a forum and uuurgh.

I'd love to see the Void element return, but given the lack of mentions I've found of it, I'm guessing that isn't happening.

James Jacobs wrote:

Going forward please do your best to keep questions tight and short, because the way this website works, it truncates quotes and makes it awkward to reference the question while answering it, forcing me to scroll back and forth or manually copy/paste. It's not a LOT of work, but when I get runs of lots of questions on the thread... it's important to keep things easy and quick for me to reply to.

1) Aroden wasn't quite a full-on deity yet, but also has the arrogance to keep tinkering directly in mortal affairs even while he was doing the long transition between demigod and deity. In my head, Aroden showing up in Sarkoris/Mendev to fight Deskari's avatar happened during that period, and it's the last time he would directly interfere, with the prophecised next appearance never happening, of course. Demigods have stat blocks, and while they're super powerful at the top limit of what can HAVE stat blocks, the fact that they still have stat blocks means they risk a lot when they interact with mortals. Aroden was probably at that cusp, or just over it. Think of it as him overstepping his bounds as a "new hire" I guess?

Sorry about that!

Anyway, so that means Aroden spent pretty much the entire time from the raising of the Starstone until roughly a little after 4433 AR as just a demigod, and he wasn't even a full powered deity for even 2 centuries before he fell? For as wide reaching as his influence was, I always assumed he spent most of the millenia as a god with Iomedae being pretty new at the job, but I guess at this point she's been a god nearly as long as her old boss was then?

Oh wow, thanks for updating it. For some reason I still have access to the old one but maybe it's because I've routinely continued to access it before the policy change so I skirted around it.

My group is a bit higher power than yours so I still have to upscale things past what you did, but your modifications give me a much better baseline to work with, as well as just a springboard of ideas to use, so I really have to thank you for all the effort.

It has been many moons since I've posted a question here, but as I'm a year into running a Wrath of the Righteous game (I may be in the minority but I love mythic), there's a series of questions that've been nagging at the back of my mind all centered around the events of the past that I just can't figure out.

Nearly 300 years before WotR starts, Deskari tried send forces into Sarkoris, led by the Echo of Deskari (which keeps being referred to as his avatar even though from everything I've read it's really just a distinct individual demon with a vague resemblance and complete loyalty). Then while this was happening, a literal god, Aroden, manifested and personally fought off the invasion and drove the Echo into the Lake of Mists and Veils, and this is the part that keeps throwing me.

A god appeared, in the flesh, on Golarion, to personally fight a battle against demons and cultists and a creature that scratches the bottom rungs of nascent demon lord power...and not only was this apparently cosmically OK given that there didn't seem to be any consequences for it (unless him dying 170 years later is somehow connected), it also resulted in the Echo of Deskari...being routed and not instantly obliterated by an impossibly more powerful opponent.

I guess to put these into an easier question format;
1) What was going on with that situation that made it so Aroden didn't start some planar war for interfering so blatantly on the material against a threat that was well within mortal capability to deal with?
2) How did the Echo of Deskari survive the encounter at all?
3) *Why* did Aroden deign to interfere and manifest directly in the first place?
4) If Aroden could get away with *that*, why couldn't Iomedae help out more directly with the Worldwound problem?
5) What exactly is the Echo of Deskari? If it's really Deskari's avatar, what *is* an Avatar in Pathfinder (1e)/Golarion terms?

....bonus 6 I guess) Thinking about it, we also know that it's possible for demigods to kill gods, it's happened before. Gods are, obviously, not statted (a design decision I agree with after 3.5), but the fact that it has happened means they're clearly within striking distance of a dedicated and strong enough demigod, and demigods are within striking distance of a dedicated and strong enough set of mortals, so setting aside the idea of "anything is OK if the GM allows it" do you think it's possible for a group of mythic adventurers to go toe to toe with a god, since history says adventurers can beat demigods and demigods can beat gods?

In no particular order;

Insinuator Antipaladin - Alignment restrictions are annoying, insinuator is an interesting take on the antipaladin and could be easily applied to work across any alignment.

Kensai Magus - No armor, sword using martial with magical support, enough said.

Pact Wizard (HHH) - It's making a deal for power and gives some spontaneous options to the prepared caster.

Titan Mauler Barbarian - Hit things with really way too big sticks.

Chronomancer Wizard - Time magic is cool.

James Jacobs wrote:
Desril wrote:

Glad to see this thread is alive once again!

I saw that you mentioned Nocticula's possible redemption/ascension would be a big standalone adventure rather than an Adventure Path now, does that change mean we're closer to seeing it finally happen?

No, alas.

It's probably not gonna even be an adventure at this point, alas. It'll probably happen quietly and behind the scenes.

Ah, that's unfortunate, I've been looking forward to that adventure for 5 years now. Still, I'd love to see it happen in general, even if it's behind the scenes!

Glad to see this thread is alive once again!

I saw that you mentioned Nocticula's possible redemption/ascension would be a big standalone adventure rather than an Adventure Path now, does that change mean we're closer to seeing it finally happen?

This is one of the few APs I don't know spoilers about but given the general themes around it, I had an idea of playing a character who fell victim to a certain trap in Shattered Star and had the appearance of an Azlanti Human. Would that create any issues with anything?

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As someone who enjoys playing tieflings, I would be pissed if my GM ever forced an unwanted race change on me for any reason without even talking to me first. If you have problems with tieflings then you sort it out. They're a known race, they're not even rare among the Crusaders and are especially common in the Worldwound. This feels more like you're overplaying a universal racism that doesn't exist than anything else.

And this is ESPECIALLY true in Wrath of the Righteous.

If you talk to the players and they're fine with it, sure, have Ragathiel "purify" them, despite him being half devil and that being totally against his nature as he's more likely to inspire them to use their innate powers for good, but if my GMs forces that on me without warning I'd drop the game. I don't enjoy playing humans.

So Scorpion, think you'll update Areelu or others with some of the new options (or updated classes in Vorlesh's case) in the Book of the Damned?

QuidEst wrote:
Desril wrote:
So if there's a ritual to discover an outsider's True Name, are there more mechanics for True Names as well? Paizo has been pretty...quiet about what they can be used for.

Not much. It just makes the calling/binding ritual easier.

The ritual for getting a true name requires having the Book of the Damned, so that's heavily plot-hated.

Oh, hey Quid.

But g$+*#*nit *WHY*!?

The Book of the Damned GIVES YOU THOSE BONUSES ANYWAY! What's the point! The True Name would never ever be worthwhile to have unless you're too weak to actually perform the ritual! At that point it's just a bad plot point the GM should be dealing with off screen, not an option for players!

So if there's a ritual to discover an outsider's True Name, are there more mechanics for True Names as well? Paizo has been pretty...quiet about what they can be used for.

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So there really is quite little about him. Interesting. Well, it'll give more weight to the argument I'll make IC then!

(Essentially the PC in question is rather...violent and thinks people can't be redeemed without being made to suffer for it. I'm going to put forward the argument that Neshen's teachings aren't to inflict pain upon others, but more literally Christ-like and about enduring pain for the sake of others. You don't lash the evil out of the necromancer, you lash yourself to repent not only for your own failings, but to beg forgiveness for the necromancer!)

He says he doesn't remember ever seeing the name Arqueros before, but admits that seems to be what happened.

So is there *any* information on Neshen at all, aside from the mechanics of his worship?

It's been nearly 8 months since the last obituary here, let's add some fresh..ashes to the pile.

Name: Nalin (Again)
Race: Condemned (Homebrew race)
Classes/levels: Zealot (PoW) 11/Guardian 4
Adventure: Demon's Heresy
Location: The Ivory Sanctum
Catalyst: Player Abandonment and Angry Worms
The Gory Details: (optional)

Nalin's player has been complaining about Pathfinder as a system for some time now, and this finally came to a head as we were gearing up to confront Xanthir Vang with him leaving the game. Most of the players and the GM felt it was more important to the story to keep Nalin around rather than just have him mysteriously vanish, however, so he was botted for just a little bit longer before getting blasted by a Maximized Augmented Mythic Magic Missile and Quickened Disintegrate. He was the only death that fight, unfortunately, as the modified Xanthir managed to reform himself in a secondary swarm that survived the initial fireballs and teleport away.

For context, my PC is a heretical worshiper of Nocticula with Touched by Divinity. We're about to start chapter 4 after 2 years of playing, and I can't help but make plans for the future. It'd be kinda fun as an epilogue to be able to claim dominion of the isle of Baphmeri or whatever (anyone have a better name for it?) and try to tame it.

Oh, I hadn't considered that. I was thinking it'd have a massive labyrinth on it (a mini-Ivory Labyrinth), lots of maze like forests and caves on other parts, all filled with demonic beasts. But puzzles I didn't think about.

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/slow clap

Well played, Rysky, and I walked into that one.

So out of curiosity, has anyone ever written up what sort of Midnight Isle Baphomet would make if the party brought his body to Nocticula?

A friend of mine claims that he read somewhere once that Neshen was basically Ragathiel's panic button. That Ragathiel told Neshen that, should he fall into evil, Neshen was to immediately put him down.

Now, given all we know about Ragathiel, I believe him, but I'm curious about where this information comes from and he can't for the life of him remember. I've scoured all the campaign settings and player companions but there's basically nothing on Neshen other than he exists and his domains. He thinks it might have been from a PFS module but he's not even sure which season so I wouldn't know where to begin.

So, is he crazy, or can someone link me to information on Neshen?

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Crystal Frasier wrote:

We've taken some steps to correct problematic elements of the lashunta for Starfinder.

That's actually pretty disappointing if you mean to say that you've removed the sexual dimorphism. As Illorin Lorati said above, it was one race among hundreds, having the option opens possibilities, and having those options is a good thing, especially given that they are an alien, non-human species that has no bearing on real life. The fact that some people find that idea offensive is, frankly, their problem.

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Yeah, that's pretty much entirely your GM's doing. Baphomet has, like, nil sexual content related to him. All the sex stuff is tied up with Nocticula and the Midnight Isles and even that's coy, just mentioning being able to "spend the night" or "find other ways to entertain".

If it was Nocticula's brother whose name I won't attempt to spell, then maybe, but he's not relevant to the AP. Paizo writes for PG-13, not R or X. That's not any different in Wrath of the Righteous.

James Jacobs wrote:
Desril wrote:
Given that this is the Book of the *Damned* I don't suppose there's any possibility of more information on Ascended Nocticula is there?
Not really the book for that topic at all. It's mentioned, but the story of Nocticula ascending to a chaotic neutral deity is something I'm saving for a more appropriate story-based product, rather than a supplement like Book of the Damned. I may NEVER get to the story either, so don't be too disappointed if Nocticula stays a demon lord for the duration.

One day we'll get that adventure! (Maybe harken back to Wrath and make it a Mythic adventure...just...with a little more understanding of how powerful mythic is and how much NPCs need to be empowered to stay relevant in the face of Mythic PCs)

Given that this is the Book of the *Damned* I don't suppose there's any possibility of more information on Ascended Nocticula is there?

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So, Favored Prestige is needed for Prestigious Caster, but what exactly does it *do*? Is it just "You get a favored class bonus (+1 HP or +1 skill point per level) in your PrC or is it something that's actually worth a feat?

Name: Millia
Race: Aasimar
Classes/levels: Oracle 5/Nocticulan Aspirant 5 (Homebrew)|Hierophant 4
Adventure: Demon's Heresy
Location: Wintersun Clanhold
Catalyst: A big mouth, an angry demon, and scry and die tactics
The Gory Details:

The party had rushed from Drezen to Arueshalae's Redoubt, defeating Scorizscar on the road, and then immediately heading to the Wintersun Clanhold where we defeated Marhevok in single combat. While we were preparing to move the remaining clan to Drezen, Jerribeth, who we'd encountered once back in Kenebres, arrived with a mythic vrock and 2 other vrocks as backup. Millia, who decided to build for AC and be a 'tank' mouthed off while standing among civilians, taunting Jerribeth. A quickened unholy blight weakened her slightly and killed some civilians, and a Destruction obliterated her entirely.

Name: Nalin
Race: Hellbred (homebrew)
Classes/levels: Zealot 10 (3pp)|Guardian 4
Adventure: Demon's Heresy
Location: Wintersun Clanhold
Catalyst: Suicide by Teammate to prevent resurrection
The Gory Details:

After Millia was Destroyed, the archmage was Dominated and Mythic Fireballed two of the party members with Jerribeth thanks to a badly worded order, killing her and weakening them. Or at least, she would have, if Nalin didn't opt to take additional damage and then choose not to mitigate it. Instead, Nalin died as well, in an effort to consume party resources and prevent the revival of Millia.

They both got better.

I'm afraid I don't follow. The Time Handbook playtest doesn't have an Armorist archetype and I can't find any Armorist archetypes that use the Time sphere.

Greetings! At this point I suspect most everyone here has at least heard of Drop Dead Studio's Spheres of Power system and that expansion handbooks for each of the individual Spheres are being created, and I've had the honor of working on the Creation Sphere Handbook (Working Title, names are hard). However, one neophyte writer working with just the helpful suggestions from other handbook authors isn't as effective an editing tool as crowd-sourcing, so in an effort to make sure the book is perfect before it's sent to print, I present to you an early look into the Creation Sphere Handbook, use it as you see fit, break games, make your GMs and players cry with awkwardly worded rules text, realize there's a missing size limit somewhere and create a new moon, or just point out that one of the abilities uses a comma when it needed a semi-colon, any feedback is helpful, and even if you don't see anything wrong to call out then have fun with it!

The Creation Sphere Handbook Playtest

Feel free to leave your comments on the google doc itself, here, or both. Content, rules mistakes, rules interaction, copy editing, and any other pertinent errors or issues are fair game. All replies will be read and considered, even if I don't respond to each in detail.

Hey James, question;

What can you do with a True Name? They haven't been detailed in Pathfinder much yet, all we know about them is that outsiders will do anything you say without payment to keep them a secret, mispronouncing them harms the one whose name you know, and using their name makes it very difficult to resist being called, but is that all?

Similarly, does *everything* have a True Name? Or only Outsiders? Would PCs have one? If it's only Outsiders would tiefling and assimar have them?

The Mythic Heroes Handbook has an option for taking Mythic Arcane Discovery as a Mythic Feat, and one of the options for that is allowing the player/GM to create their own version of a mythic arcane discovery in addition to the simple numerical bonus so how would these forums design a mythic Arcane Discovery?

I'll get it started:

Mythic Creative Destruction: When casting an evocation spell you gain temporary hit points equal to 1.5 times the number of dice used to determine damage. When casting a spell of another school that deals damage you gain temporary hit points equal to the number of dice used to determine the damage. These temporary hit points do not stack with themselves and last for 24 hours.

Mythic True Name: You may add your tier to the maximum number of hit dice of the outsider whose True Name you discover. Alternatively, you may grant that outsider a mythic rank equal to 1/2 your tier.

So James, a question for you;

Can demons reproduce? Properly, I mean. Not half-fiend or demonic versions of other species, can demons breed true? If two succubi are together, can they create an infant succubus? Balors breeding balors, etc.?

(This came from an off-hand comment about demons not being alive due to neither growing nor reproducing, the argument against cambions being that they're not born between two demons but by a human and a demon making them not valid, subtype be damned)

If they can, how long does it take for a 'pureblood' demon to grow up? Are they any different from the 'spawned from mortal souls' version? Are they looked down upon by 'proper' demons?

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WotR Chapter 1:
All the ones *except* for the one in Kenabres do. The Kenabres one is damaged to a non-functional state in the opening of WotR leaving a "hole" in the Wardstone Barrier. The other stones remain functional for a day or 3. At the end of chapter 1 of WotR when the PCs destroy the Wardstone fragment and become Mythic, *all* the Wardstones lose their power and the barrier vanishes entirely.

2: No, they're artifacts, variant artifacts are extremely rarely published. You could make your own for a game, but otherwise you're out of luck.

3: Depends. Have you read their effects? If you keep them close enough together they make a barrier, if they aren't close enough it's just a large Forbidden radius, not a barrier. Aside from that the issue is that they're *giant stones* and would be extremely difficult to move.

I'm a player in a wrath game and we're kind of overpowered so I've helped the GM modify some encounters. The Woundwyrm was one of them. Gave it a tiny bit of mythic and used its mythic abilities to make Maw of the Abyss interesting.

Everyone got sucked into to its mouth, which brought everyone to separate demiplanes where we're being confronted by alternate versions of ourselves (I'd say evil clones, but only some of them are evil, some of them are just arrogant, and mine is more like what I could've been if I'd given up magic)

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James Jacobs wrote:
The Minis Maniac wrote:

Didn't mean to bother you and I'm not the type to say I need all of what I want right now. I'm adult enough to realize you need to cater to all your fans. And I know Wrath of the Righteous had it's detractors ubt hey I really disliked Iron Gods. I just loved the Dungeon magazine method wear you managed to get to 20th level and challenge a well known great foe known in old game lore like Demogorgon. I guess I just like the idea that you might make an adventure path some time where mephistopheles or even a kyton demagogue gets his comeuppance. Sorry didn't mean to be a downer hell I'll keep my subscription even through said plotlines that bore me. I have Iron Gods after all. And have subscribed since the beginning. So don't take my statements as anything negative. Just one fans input.

No worries! I'm just a bit reflexively thin-skinned when it comes to Mythic Adventures. I'm actually VERY proud of Wrath of the Righteous—it's a storyline I'd been aching to tell more or less from day one of Pathfinder once we decided there was a Worldwound, and it's just really soul-cripplingly frustrating and depressing that some folks have latched onto it as a failure due to the way the Mythic Rules and high-level play interacted when I put so much work into the AP to make it memorable. It just ended up being memorable for a lot of the wrong reasons, and that overshadows what I feel is one of the better storylines we've done in the line.

Ah well. Sorry if it felt like I was snapping at you, cause I wasn't. :-)

If it makes you feel better JJ, WotR is my favorite AP. My group just started Demon's Heresy, my Nocticulan Heretic just scryed Arueshalae's location and would be on her way to rescue her if not for the fact that her adoptive mother, Ayavah, just showed up having renounced their Cult of the Redeemer Queen for my PC who just took divine source.

I can't wait to meet a certain demon lord. Oh, and I have Touched by Divinity (Nocticula) so that's going to be a fun encounter.

Sure, mythic isn't really all that well balanced, but that just means more work for the GM to amp up the power of the real enemies!

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James, a question about The Moonscar!

The Worldwound is connected to Deskari's domain, the Rasping Rifts, correct? Where does the Moonscar connect to? Would my assumption of The Midnight Isles be correct, given the prominence of succubi and the local leader's loyalty to Nocticula?

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Tacticslion wrote:

Similarly to the above: mythic empower deals +75%, while archmage ability channel deals +50%

1) does mean an ability deals +125% (in your opinion, which is in no way binding, and should not be used in rules arguments here or with other people, but purely as one GM to me, another) for a total of 225%?

2) why or why not?


** spoiler omitted **

Thanks for all your answers! You... are a busy guy! We appreciate you taking so much time for your thread, James!

You do realize that "Mythic Empower" is 3rd party and pretty badly written, right?

Also JJ tries to avoid commenting on rules issues, take this to the 3rd party/house rules boards.

Edit, forgot to include my question!

Sir Dinosaur, when a character starts granting spells to followers via the mythic ability Divine Source, should they pick a favored weapon to grant their clerics? Or is that limited to when something becomes a demigod?

What are the benefits of worshiping a quasideity PC over something more established?

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Hey James, Abyssal Realms are supposed to range from roughly the size of continents to entire planets in scale, aren't they? Why does Nocticula, the most powerful demon lord who isn't an outright deity, only have a realm about the a quarter the size of Australia?

Ah, but having the VMC technically makes you that class as far as qualification and the like, does it not? A VMC Sorcerer would be able to craft a Robe of Arcane Heritage without increasing the DC, would they not?

And that being the case, the Sorc VMC grants the Bloodline Powers (and a bloodline feat for that matter) so it should qualify for the mutations just fine as it's a "sorcerer" getting bloodline powers, albeit at a delayed level.

I do think the whole thing is badly worded, but with the precedent set by the Exploiter (and I'm sure there are other examples that I'm less familiar with) I just want to get more opinions and look for an official ruling/clarification. (I'm not worried about it for the current game I'm intending to use this for, not in PFS thankfully so the GM can rule how they want, but I don't like ambiguities like this so I'd rather clear it up if at all possible)

Hey Quid.

OK, I almost never post to this particular board, so I'm a little fuzzy on the rules here. I'm assuming that since it's under the OGL I can copy/paste the rules text but if I'm mistaken someone let me know and I'll edit them out.

Alright, so, I'm aware that the general consensus seems to be that casting a "sorcerer spell" means a spell from a sorcerer spell slot, and therefor Blood Havoc and the other bloodline mutations from the Magic Tactics Toolbox wouldn't work with the popular sorc 1/wiz x builds (which, as a note, I despise, but they serve as a good example).

For reference, Blood Havoc:

Blood Havoc: Whenever you cast a bloodrager or sorcerer
spell that deals damage, add 1 point of damage per die rolled. This benefit applies only to damaging spells that belong to schools you have selected with Spell Focus or that are bloodline spells for your bloodline. This ability replaces the sorcerer’s 1st-level bloodline power or the bloodrager’s 4th-level bloodline power.

However, I've found something that contests that ruling.

The Exploiter Wizard:

Arcane Reservoir (Su): At 1st level, the exploiter wizard gains the arcanist’s arcane reservoir class feature. The exploiter wizard uses his wizard level as his arcanist level for determining how many arcane reservoir points he gains at each level. This ability replaces arcane bond.

Arcanist's Arcane Reservoir:

Arcane Reservoir (Su): An arcanist has an innate pool of magical energy that she can draw upon to fuel her arcanist exploits and enhance her spells. The arcanist’s arcane reservoir can hold a maximum amount of magical energy equal to 3 + the arcanist’s level. Each day, when preparing spells, the arcanist’s arcane reservoir fills with raw magical energy, gaining a number of points equal to 3 + 1/2 her arcanist level. Any points she had from the previous day are lost. She can also regain these points through the consume spells class feature and some arcanist exploits. The arcane reservoir can never hold more points than the maximum amount noted above; points gained in excess of this total are lost.

Points from the arcanist reservoir are used to fuel many of the arcanist’s powers. In addition, the arcanist can expend 1 point from her arcane reservoir as a free action whenever she casts an arcanist spell. If she does, she can choose to increase the caster level by 1 or increase the spell’s DC by 1. She can expend no more than 1 point from her reservoir on a given spell in this way.

Looking at those abilities, it seems obvious to me that the Exploiter Wizard can use the default ability of the Arcane Reservoir to boost her CL or DC by +1 by spending a point of Arcane Reservoir despite not being an Arcanist even though it says "arcanist spell," otherwise the ability is practically worthless.

So by the same logic, a multiclassed, or in my case variant multiclassed, sorcerer should also be able to apply the benefits of blood havoc, which has identical wording, to any sorc/wiz spell they cast regardless of what spell slot is being used, should they not?

Or is the Exploiter Wizard significantly weaker than believed and loses access to one of the best benefits of Arcane Reservoir?

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Archpaladin Zousha wrote:
I can scarcely believe I'm asking this but, do catfolk have any particular feelings or taboos regarding nudity? I've got a player who's playing a catfolk urban barbarian, and she feels it'd be fun to show off her character's wild, impetuous spirit by going around topless (for the record, the other players have no problem with this, but I'm trying to talk her into toning it down).

Actually now that it's been brought up, I'm curious

What cultures don't have a nudity taboo? And for those that do, what's the source behind it? (Or is it as simple as "because the real world does?")

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Leading off the Cheliax questions, for the countries that have slavery, are there legal requirements for how slaves are treated and how they can be used? Or are they just property that can be (ab)used at the owner's whim with no legal repercussion?

Outside of Part 4 of WotR, is there anywhere that The Midnight Isles might have more detailed writeups?

Hey James, what countries might have something like a big gladiatorial arena?

I don't mean like the Serpent's Run in Magnimar, where contestants go to win glory, I mean the sort of thing where slaves are forced to fight monsters for their survival and the amusement of the audience.

I know there's the Battlebliss in the Midnight Isles, but would Cheliax have something like that? Nidal? The Holds of Belkzen? Irrisen?

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Name: Roland Brighteye
Race: Angel-Blooded Aasimar
Classes/levels: Warlord 5/Bladelord 2//Champion 1
Adventure: The Sword of Valor
Location: Southbank, Outer Drezen
Catalyst: Die Hard and pissing off a Chimera
The Gory Details:


The party had been absolutely dominating the entirety of the chapter. We never even did mass battles, partly because they don't work in a play by post, partly because we didn't need to as our wizard could wipe out two hundred tieflings with a handful of fireballs.

So when the revamped Soltengrebbe showed up to ambush us in a supply raid, rebuilt from the ground up and now a CR 12 beastie with maximum health and 3 "lives", one for each of its heads, there was an epic battle that, for the first time in a long time, was properly challenging. The Path of War characters had certain auras though, and while Roland was dishing out tons of damage (he did enough on round 1 to have almost 1 rounded the default Soltengrebbe), he was also making the chimera very angry. He was brought below 0 HP twice in the fight, being healed up by our Life Oracle the first time, but both times he refused to stay down, as the other Warlord had an aura that gave every ally around him Die Hard. Roland thought he could end the chimera with one more mighty swing, and he did take its 2nd of 3 lives, but it lived, Roland was in the negatives, and the dragon head survived. With one last roar, now that its breath had recharged, Roland became a frozen fixture of the battlefield moments before Soltengrebbe met his end.

Questions about Deities!

At what point does a deity get a title by which they are commonly known? Nocticula, Our Lady in Shadow. Shelyn, The Eternal Rose. Sarenrae, The Dawnflower. Where did those titles come from? Are they part of some cosmic naming scheme where the universe itself grants them a title? Are they self-styled? A result of their worshipers wanting to make them sound cool?

It seems that demigods have them, but what about quasideities?

I'm back with more Nocticula questions! Although these are more just a 'what would you do' than anything.

So, you're in Wrath of the Righteous and you've got a PC who has the Touched by Divinity trait but is a heretical worshiper of Nocticula and playing a non-divine class so they're CG and don't get spells directly from faith, they're just very devout.

Naturally, that character will assume that Arueshalae, regardless of how they may or may not personally feel about her, is a vitally important piece for Nocticula's redemption. But how would you have Nocticula herself react to meeting her heretical child and the redeemed succubus? Would she give any hints as to how she felt about the heretics efforts to redeem her? Would she approve? Would she try to tempt them into more conventional forms of worship?

Similarly, how would Arueshalae react to Nocticulan Heresy?

Makes sense, shame that it means it's (practically) impossible to play a literal demigod though (getting to CR 26 isn't all that difficult. Level 20/Mythic 10 and then any template covers that) but getting a divine realm and transforming into unique entity might cause problems for even the most lenient of GMs.

So, with that question wrapped up, I'll repeat my other question; What happens to the souls of heretical Nocticulan worshipers? (Or any heretical worshipers, really?) Do they go to the deity's realm, because they are honest worshipers, even if they don't happen to be orthodox ones? Wouldn't that be...punishing, for ones like Nocticulan Heretics?

Do they end up under the control of a deity of heresy? Or an alignment plane?

Alright, noted. Though now I'm curious about how one *gets* a divine realm. I assume that something like a Demon Lord's realm qualifies, so worshipers of Nocticula end up in The Midnight Isles, but what could a quasi-deity do to get a divine realm?

....and on a related note; What happens to the souls of heretical Nocticula worshipers? Let's assume they're particularly heretical and Chaotic *Good*

I've got a question for quasideities and demigods everywhere;

Let's say you've got a mythic character who has taken Divine Source. They've got followers and worshipers, but they're still mostly mortal and don't have a divine realm or extraplanar area for the souls of the faithful to go after death.

What happens to their worshipers once they've been Judged? Do they go to wherever their alignment would send them if they didn't worship a deity? Do they go to the closest aligned deity's realm? Do they have a timeshare in their deity's alignment's plane and relocate should the deity acquire a divine realm later?

Basically I want to know what happens to the soul of the dead Cleric of 9th level PC.

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