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Well...I won't be needed here. KC has the job taken care of. See you at the refugee page.

I mean, geeze, one of the few times I'm not trying...

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TriOmegaZero wrote:
Did you guys really necro a thread just to argue morality?


Lemmy wrote:

I still defend the idea that Bruce Wayne has its own Batman class (a very overpowered class, BTW). And the Vigilante is just a failed attempt to recreate it.

Still gets curb-stomped by Supes, though. Classless unique godling with limitless stats wins every time. Superman is the pun pun of the DC universe.

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Paladin of the Tetragrammaton wrote:
Cap'n Yesterday Divided by Zero wrote:
Batman is clearly a Paladin.

Impossible! He has never sufficiently levied the smitedown against the evils he faces! Trying to make a Grey Guard (3.5 PrC) out of him gets an "E" for effort, but for a man driven by vengeance he's missing out on his oath. Inquisitor, at best, and, even then, he's too gadget-heavy.

Furthermore, he has no true narrative bent toward the redemption of his enemies. Sure, he may throw around some money to "improve" conditions in Gotham every now and again (proof he's a Republicrat at heart), but he only offers surrender or defeat as options . . . . If he's not one to offer the chance to repent *before* being sent, he's no paladin.

Hold on, hold on, not all paladins are about redemption. Paladins of Sarenrae, sure, but Iomedae or Torag? Bugger that, they're about bringing the wrath. MAYBE you might get Erastil or Abadar having you work off your debt to society, but you can't pidgeonhole every paladin into the same role like that. That's why people hate paladins - they're stereotyped even by the people who love them to the point where nobody can see outside of the box.

I mean, yeah, Superman could be a paladin gestalted class ever that allows LG and ten mythic ranks and - you know what? He's just unstattable, and I don't care why some crappy movie says, he destroys Batman before Batman comes up with a plan. You read me right, Batman can't plan for a guy who can fly so fast he goes back in time to before Batman came up with a plan...but Batman, no way. Vigilante. Before the big V came out he was a bard, dervish style for the solo double-self-buff, with magic reflavored as gadgets.

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Paladin of the Tetragrammaton wrote:

*Somebody* murderize this beast. Please.

Okay. But only since you asked nicely.

*Pulls out chum bucket. Pours out thread chum.*

Batman is chaotic good. End of story.

Martial characters are not useless after 10th level compared to casters. In fact, I saw a useless 15th level wizard once so it must be true.

The unchained rogue is too powerful and the original was just fine. My anecdotal evidence proves it since once I saw one do a lot of damage with a sneak attack.

This election coming up is not really a big deal, and it doesn't matter who wins anyway. Make America Great! Or maybe you hate women if you don't vote for you know who?

The only way to chargen is with rolled dice, and if you use point buy you're a horrible GM. Fact.

Core Pathfinder is the only way to go. There's too many classes. Bloated! I want Pathfinder 2.0! The whole game should be updated because I'm too timid to say no to my players.

Well, if that doesn't get the sharks circling, I don't know what will. You're welcome. Thread should be shut down in no time.

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Ra posers, both of them.

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Yeah, because it's the accessories we're looking at.

NobodysHome wrote:

Puts on bike-proof armor. Scouts around for Freehold.

Looks good! Let's go!

It's that time of year again: The time when NobodysHome has to turn off the radio because he finds the ads so patently offensive:

Warm, smarmy voice of Asmodeus sales guy: "So, Joe Average, what are you getting your female companion for the holidays?"
Joe: I was thinking of something practical-but-obviously-derogatory, like a dishwasher or a vacuum cleaner. Or maybe an actually-not-too-bad-of-an-idea: a nice sweater.
SG: Well, Joe, I just happen to have your female companion on the line, and here's what she has to say!
Joe: What? NO!!!
FC: Joe, you complete %&%$^@*#!!! I don't want something practical! I want a shiny, crystallized rock! Or perhaps some shiny metal! It must be shiny! It must serve no purpose! Otherwise I'm leaving you because you are no longer a worthwhile human being!
SG: That's right, Joe! The *only* proper gift to a female companion this time of year is a shiny rock! And don't forget! It has to cost two months' salary!
Joe: WHAT?!?!?! But what about food? Shelter? Heating? Why am I spending over 10% of my income on an inert rock?
FC: Waaaaaaaaaah! I want a divorce!
Ditzy Female: My boyfriend doesn't have time to shop, so I make a list for him at the consignment center! They sell Gucci, Prada, Tiffany, and all kinds of other high-end brands! I wonder what he'll get me?
Announcer: So, BF, what do YOU want for the holidays?
BF: A new, non-materialistic girlfriend?
DF: Waaaaaaaaah!!!!

My wife, in addition to being all kinds of physically sexy, agreed to a limit on how much we spend on each other for each holiday, and has stuck to it for the ten years I've known her, and didn't even go crazy amd change up once I put a ring on it seven years ago.

Gonna be honest, that's way sexier than the physically sexy, which is, as I previously mentioned, up there.

Golddiggers deserve the lonely nights and lack of certainty they will forever have as their significant others cheat on them with less attractive but more substantial counterparts. I understand treating VD isn't free, and maintaining a lack of personality with material items doesn't pay for itself, but I have a small amount of perverse pleasure when I realize how they never attain true love, but only a shadow of a mockery.

Wow. Crap, I'm evil today. Yep, this deserves my DBT alias, at the least.

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My favorite director is Michael Bay. His movies just really get you thinking. He just needs to do a movie with Jason Statham so we can get real emotional performances. Something original...maybe where he's corrupt law enforcement?

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Oceanshieldwolf wrote:

I have said this before: Having played DnD in every iteration (Moldvay/BECMi/ADnD1e/2e/3e/3.5/4e/5e), since 1981, I have never seen the playstyle differences (Player-centric/DM-centric) ascribed to different editions as detailed on this or other messageboards.

I just don't see that the rulesets directly affect who has the power or control or limelight. Of course that may just be the various groups I have played with...

How dare you insinuate that it is individual people that make up personality types, and not game editions OR generations.

How else am I supposed to consider myself better than other people, if not through assimilation into a group of people through no merit of my own other than chronological happenstance?!

Aren't you Quaker folks pacifist? Isn't that what you're most famous for, you know, after the hats and oatmeal?

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Really? The multiple personality alias conversation thing?

Geeze, man, how much do you have to rip the guy off in a single thread? That's his schtick! He has a whole thread dedicated to it!

havoc xiii wrote:
thegreenteagamer wrote:
He makes a good point. I'm in Jacksonville. If you judged all of Florida by Tallahassee and Jacksonville, you might end up thinking Florida was actually culturally similar to the rest of the south, when really, most of this state is an amalgamation of North Cuba, New York exiles (who won't shut the f*** up about how awesome NY is, but apparently it's not so wonderful that they won't leave that place and never return), and so much of the elderly. Seriously, in South Florida, if you say the word "y'all" people look at you with the same "what is this guy, retarded?" face as they do in, say, New Jersey.
This is very much true.


Especially the now-bolded part. I've never been to New York, but I've lived in Florida long enough to have met literally thousands of people from New York, and never a single one who wasn't an @sshole.

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I'm gonna be honest, my Wisconsin impression is exactly the same as my Canadian impression, and nobody seems to care.

Archpaladin Zousha wrote:

You've mentioned before that while male half-elves CAN grow beards, they're not good at it because elven genes.

If a such a half-elf worked really hard at it, could he cultivate a handsome mustache?

More importantly, HOW does one work hard at something entirely genetically determined that you have no physical influence over?

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Alanis Morissette wrote:

Op, op, op, op

Oppa Gollum Style

Well isn't that ironic?

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That game is two generations of old news :-P

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Mace Windu, Jedi Master wrote:
I'm a b**** who got owned by an emo kid and the old man who probably molested him.

Fixed it for you.

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AlexTrebek wrote:
Babe: Pig on the Internet wrote:
Dr. Strangegnome wrote:
Maneuvermoose wrote:

By the way, I have a question for any of Captain Yesterday's aliases:

What is your opinion on people arguing with themselves using different aliases?
Until you've tried it, you might not realize how therapeutic it is to just let the different facets of your personalities just free associate.
Also, it seems totally appropriate for a forum dedicated to a role-playing game.
You're both idiots, and worse, you're hogging the spotlight from Wibbly-Wobbly Timey-Wimey Doctor Yesterday and all his concurrent regenerations.

I'll take "Mind Your Business" for $100, Alex.

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captain yesterday wrote:

I'll just wait and see if I stumble upon it at a used book store, I hate 1st and 2nd edition dungeons and dragons so I'm not buying it in PDFs.

Thanks tho :-)

Ooh, I got a good seat for the grognard explosion of geezer nerdrage you just lit the fuse for!

Let me pour some gasoline on it:

Roleplaying is overrated. It's fun, to be sure, but without crunch you're just playing pretend. I can do that without dropping cash on dice, paper, pencils, books, pdfs, minis, and the like. I did it when I was five.

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I just think it's old phogeys that have always done it that way and are inventing the best justifications as to why that's a legitimate method in a desperate attempt to deny the idea that in the course of decades there might be improvements over their precious nostalgia.

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Ever since the Unchained Rogue came out it ruined my favorite means of derailing. Therefore, I have formulated a new one:

"I hereby posit that fighters are perfectly functional classes, and that if you don't like them you're a bad roleplayer."

Think it will work as well?

It could be...just maybe...the joke is getting stale, perhaps?

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Jiggy wins.

If you say anything contrary you didn't actually read what he said.

Now can we move on to something less inflammatory?

I submit that rogues are fine, and if you don't like them, you're a bad roleplayer.

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You know, when you quicken me, I become known as Power Word: Bloat.

thegreenteagamer wrote:

The more I think about it, the more I'm leaning to realize that while some classes may edge out others in more situations than others, there is no real "best" class, and determination of that, or even superiority of any class over another cannot be universally declared, because they all have niche scenarios where they shine.

Except the rogue. The investigator is always better than the rogue at everything the rogue is good at.

I couldn't help myself, but at least I had enough self control to use my blatantly-trolling alias to finish the statement.

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Despite my namesake, I keep failing miserably.

I'm like a fake refugee.

Dangit, I know there's a political joke there somewhere, and I just can't put it together.

This alias was never created with the intent of actually locking up threads, but merely humorously calling attention to hot button topics that inevitably lead to locks.

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Adept_Woodwright wrote:
What saving throw is required to resist Delayed Blast Threadlock? Because clearly, this thread optimized heavily on that save.

My caster's relevant attribute score is pretty abyssmal.

Also, you know, it's cold out, and I rolled a lot of 1s.

Time to empower myself - verbal components:

How about this one? Abortion is murder! Studies have shown that a heartbeat and brainwaves are present in fetuses in as few as four weeks, presenting existence of life. Given that hardcore leftists are adamant about viscerally punishing anyone who so much as kicks a puppy in regard to animal cruelty, there's a logical disconnect between their so-called compassion for all life and ignorance of life presented, so long as said life relies on the inconvenience of an irresponsible host!

Admit it, even KNOWING that's baiting you, you're rolling hard on a will save to not counter that one. It's cool.

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captain yesterday wrote:

Ha! i derailed it on Tibet!

this thread will never return from whence it came:-D

Cap'n, you've done it again you magnificent bastard!

I'm pretty sure I inspired you.

Delayed Blast Threadlock wrote:
The only way to kill one derail is with another, greater derail.

I am a leader of men. Maybe I should change my name to Admiral-The-Day-Before-Yesterday.

I still posit that rogues are excellent characters, and that if you do not like them, you do not play the game properly.

Epic derails in aliases by people who in their original name claimed to be against such derails grinds my gears. Honestly, it's probably their own way of protesting the means and direction of the current derail via subtle humor and self-referential in-jokes, which is just hypocritical and stupid of them.

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Auxmaulous wrote:
Delayed Blast Threadlock wrote:

The only way to kill one derail is with another, greater derail.

I posit that rogues are excellent characters, and that if you do not like them, you do not play the game properly.

I don't see what this has to do with Paladins and our modern world view of Good and Evil (or lack therof).

Also, if a Paladin falls in the woods, and no one is around to see it - does he need to Atone?

Is cannibalism evil, in of itself?

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Message board troll wrote:
I have a level 4 accountant, should I consider taking a dip into procurement specialist?

Take form 5L and fill out lines 28-43, skipping part 31B-C, then copy and distribute the original form to department beta, while stapling the copy to two forms of photo ID and giving that to department gamma, wait seven businesses days, and reply to the email received from our HR department within two businesses days before 4pm to recieve your answer via fax by the next first of the month.

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The only way to kill one derail is with another, greater derail.

I posit that rogues are excellent characters, and that if you do not like them, you do not play the game properly.

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Caster-Martial Disparity God wrote:
Delayed Blast Threadlock wrote:
Whoa, walk away for a few hours, I get people casting me like ten times. I'm almost certain my verbal components are "caster versus martial disparities", although I do believe personal assumptions can empower me as well.
And lo, with the utternace of one of the seven-fold forbidden phrases it stirs from its effluescent pit of gibbering madness. Groaning in a cry both pure pain and purest ecstasy the creature rises...

Now I KNOW I'm one of your granted domain spells.

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Whoa, walk away for a few hours, I get people casting me like ten times. I'm almost certain my verbal components are "caster versus martial disparities", although I do believe personal assumptions can empower me as well.

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Message board troll wrote:
Sniff sniff is that the beginning of an alignment arguement I smell. FEED ME MORE!!!!

You cast me? Okay, no problem. Let's see, off the top of my head...

Alignment is societally subjective, usually evil races should be slaughtered on sight, and white necromancers are a thing.

For bonus points: Rogues are awesome! Optimizing is for people who can't role play. Summoners are OP. Dex to damage should be easier to obtain.