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Yay another night like last night.

sold out? What could possibly be going on I ask as I am looking for a room at 2AM (3?) on a Saturday night? What are people doing traveling? I say as I myself am also traveling.

My impression of people tonight.

gran rey de los mono wrote:
"Addendum: I also don't care about the dress code."

AHA! Brilliant! Flawless plan I see no way this could go badly.

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Sounds like good times.

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XD Sir I'd like to apologize to you about the earth quake I will try to quiet it down for you..

No I would never do such a thing.

Oh ok haven't heard that one yet.

Squiggit wrote:
Darksol the Painbringer wrote:
It only sucks if your GM is a strict jerk and doesn't allow for creative solutions.

Even a strict GM is manageable. It sucks when you're in a situation like graystone talks about a lot, though. If you're changing GMs a lot, it doesn't matter whether they're a good or bad GM, because everyone has their own baseline.

You've been on the forums enough I think to know that lots of reasonable people can still have wildly different interpretations on what's acceptable and what's a problem, or what a vague rule happens to mean. That means an idea can be valid at one table and invalid at another, simply because there are so many nebulous moving parts.

The important thing to remember is that Vid's always right... at worst eventually.

Ah I love it when people come in thinking we should be the same price as the motel 6 down the street.

Thanks for the fill in John. (now starts the alias) I just assumed you were having another great day in this wonderful world we all live in...

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I wonder what the other one is....

TN rapidly removing all the corona virus precautions... good times... good times...

Yes thrive my children! let loose the hounds!

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Tremaine wrote:
Squiggit wrote:
Tremaine wrote:
The 3 action system (combined with everyone getting +1/lvl) negates the one advantage martials had, the iterative attack

Full attack style iteratives were the one of the worst things that could ever happen to martials. They consistently helped to hold martials as an entire archetype back throughout the entire life of 3.x and PF1. Ana ll around terrible mechanic.

You phrase this as though getting rid of them has somehow left martials worse, but that's simply not true, it's almost purely an upgrade, both in terms of relative power this edition and in term of overall mechanical functionality.

My issue with the rock solid role enforcement
This one I question on a fundamental level. What 'rock solid' role enforcement?

From experience with the 3 action system, hard disagree that it is an upgrade, it felt boring, flat and uninteresting, everyone had 3 actions, everyone was the same...bleughh. It was boring in unchained, boring in playtest, and boring in live. I loved the challenge and payoff of setting up those full round attacks, now? Everyone can do it, everyone bounds around like super solid battle lines shattering in a charge, no collapse in disarray, no getting cut to pieces if you are dumb enough to try to run past an enemy (unless they have a specific class with a specific feat)

On rock solid role enforcement: Their are, for champions 3 feats that aren't tied to either healing or tanking with their reaction, and those are arguable. (Smite is a tick until they hit you, blade spirit feats are ok for this, the Oaths are tied to reactions ,so part of the problem, that champions feats are tied to provoking aggro, not striking down evil)

Champions are bound to the tank role, no matter if that is utterly and totally anathema to what your vision of paladins is, you have that or heal as the supported play styles, nothing that supports, properly, being the right hand of a wrathful deity, either the near frenzy and...

As opposed to 5 foot step full attack. so much more exciting. Lol well I guess it takes all types.

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MadMars wrote:

You're all welcome here so long as you support my exact vision for the witch class, as outlined in my thesis.


If I don't have to wiggle my nose to cast a spell I don't want to hear it!

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Nerdrage Ooze wrote:

Don't get me started on 2000. They took an ideal gaming system and turned it into a dumbed down casual thing for video game kids with short attention spans. Selecting "feats" and assigning "skill ranks"? That's something out of Final Fantasy. Base Attack Bonus? Well if you can't handle THAC0 kid, your parents should have a word with your math teacher. Crafting magic items? Hah, congrats, you teenagers wrote so many letters to TSR complaining that your Dungeons Master doesn't hand you out candy that it worked.

Sadly, millions of true gamers were abandoned and betrayed by this. Luckily I had enough AD&D to last me a lifetime and I could just sit back and watch as this whole edition change thing blew up in publisher's face and they came back crawling to producing AD&D few years laters.

*has aneurysm while simultaneously gaining super powers* That... was... tooo far.....

gran rey de los mono wrote:
Ahh, the intelligence of youth. These guys are in town to compete in the NCAA Men's Gymnastics tournament, so obviously the best thing to be doing at 12:20am on the first day of the tournament is to be playing cards in the hotel lobby. No need to sleep, of course. It's not like being well rested would be beneficial. Nope, not at all.

*looks at post suspiciously*

Breaking out the fart jokes. classy.

gran rey de los mono wrote:
What the internet really needs is an universal sarcasm font.


John Napier 698 wrote:
Good morning, everyone. I'll bet that everyone is asking "why is John here this early on a Tuesday?" That's an excellent question. The answer to which is "the morning guard couldn't get his car started, and, since I'm the 'go-to guy', I get called in." BOOGERS!

I love your pure sarcastic energy in this post. *sheds single tear*

Sarcasm Domain wrote:
Vidmaster7 wrote:
Cap'n Yesterdays Winter Madness wrote:

Yeah but February has everyone especially grumpy.

All gloom and no doom make people go something, something...

OMG I had hoped I had inspired that alias (with my jack Nicholson reference the other day) but it looks like you have had it for awhile.

In case you missed it the other day the winter blues usually comes from not getting enough sun which your body turns sunlight into Vitamin D. So not enough vitamin D makes you grumpy.

You don't say! I've never heard that before, living in a place with 6-7 months of winter nearly my entire life.

Well glad I could help! You'd be surprised how un-informed some people can be!

gran rey de los mono wrote:
Vidmaster7 wrote:
Comic shop next to it. I bet you can guess the name.
Helvetica Mouth.

... Got it in one....

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Oh you own it alright.


Matthew Downie wrote:
Lelomenia wrote:
Why can’t they just go with the flow.
Do Paladins go with the flow? No! They find a hill and they die upon it! Willingness to die for a seemingly trivial principle is what separates the Lawful Goods from the Chaotic Goods.

... I'm not even sure on this one.

pjrogers wrote:
Vidmaster7 wrote:
pjrogers wrote:
Vidmaster7 wrote:
I do think magic items getting better dice fits more into the D&D genre
But I don't think it actually ever worked like that in any previous D&D game. Once again, this is something that may or may not be a fine rule for some game, but which majorly breaks the D&D feel of PF2e for me.

Maybe not but it has been used in literature. Writers will put in a hero who is losing to a higher level villain until he picks up that magic sword and suddenly the tables are turned.

I don't see at all how it breaks the feel of the game. Its a mechanical system to balance out damage so combat doesn't take forever. as far as thematically its still magic items make you better at combat.

We already have weapon features such as bane, holy, the overcoming of damage resistance, etc. that can "simulate" the situation you describe.

For me, it breaks the feel of the game because I started playing Pathfinder as a way of playing D&D. This is something that no D&D game has ever had. And I really don't understand the benefit of this new approach in light of the design goals that have come from Paizo. To be honest, this feels like change for sake of change which I find to be rather off putting and not at all an example of an "evolution."

Its change for the sake of change and I refuse to look at acknowledge anything that goes against that view point!

Zman0 wrote:
Vidmaster7 wrote:
Yeah no I don't want a game where the same orc is still a challenge for me at level 1 and level 20.

That’s a straw man. Even in Bound P2, that orc that was a challenge at level 1 is not a challenge at level 20, not even at level 10. So much cakes, ie damage, abilities, HP, feats, etc, that render the single Orc trivial. But in bound it’s bumbers still mean something, maybe it can land a hit on something other than a 29, maybe the Oc needs higher than a 2 to hit. There still exists a massive gulf between low and high level monster in Bound P2, it’s just the difference doesnt need to be artificially inflated. And ironically, when comparing Bound to Unbound lvl 1 vs 20, the. Math is about the same. The Goblin archer is still critting on 20s.

In summary, that orc that challenged you at level one still is I co sequential at level 20, it was just relevant for another level or two, maybe three, before it was obsolete completely.

Nu uh your a straw man!

No its an exaggeration. If it makes you feel better change the number to level 2 and level 10.

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Just a Mort wrote:
This weekend my activity will be scrappier then usual since on Sat we’re going to have a praying session at the temple, then on Sunday we’re going to have a praying session at my aunts place(which I’m pretty much party organizer). So there’s going to be party beehoon that needs to be cooked,Char siu,Shao rou and Shao ji, and fried chicken wings to be collected and laid out on the table for a huge family party. Probably going to delegate the collection of the cooked food to my uncle but still, long story short, there’s quite a bit to be done so I won’t be checking paizo very much.

Oh that won't do you will just have to reschedule.

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Quark Blast wrote:
Vidmaster7 wrote:
I don't think anyone has asked the important question yet. will it have the Wayans brothers in it?
Apparently they are not aiming to continue any previous story-line. So, no. No Wayans are to be seen. Or heard.

Aww such a shame.

gran rey de los mono wrote:
Vidmaster7 wrote:
gran rey de los mono wrote:
I think Vidmaster gave up because I proved myself to be the Cheez Whiz.

I did in fact go off shift.

235 posts about 4 pages to catch up with.

No, I clearly won. You just camembert the shame and ran away for two days.

Alright I'll let you have it bu just because you blew me away with that camembert one.

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Man who knew D&D doesn't play like real life. I bet in real life people don't even take turns. shameful. Same for gun fights to people hardly ever just keep firing at each other gradually filling each other with holes till one of the runs out of hp. Man that D&D sure is a terrible simulation of real life.

graystone wrote:
Vidmaster7 wrote:
Its true I get tired of arguing over things that I like faster. I don't feel like I got to get up in peoples faces about it. but if it is something I don't like I feel I'm more aggressive about it.
LOL Myself, I'm more bothers by people trying to change my mind when I hate something than when I like something. I think it's because a lot of the time you get the 'well if you just look at it differently, you'd really love it' like I could just flip a switch and change my mind. I'm old enough to be set in my ways and my perspective/POV might move a bit but it's not going to do a 180 because of an internet post. ;)

So your saying your stubborn then? What stubborn you? Nooo....

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Your always so good with the suggestions.

Just a Mort wrote:
I'm quite literal minded.

I might have noticed that once or twice.

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Just think in another month or so we get to hear about PF2 bloat.

DM_aka_Dudemeister wrote:
We are talking about feedback on a game here. Not human rights violations. It is not hard to be kind to the developers, designers and fellow posters.

Haven't you gotten enough likes for one thread DM!

(edit I think this alias is more appropriate!)

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Talek & Luna wrote:
Vidmaster7 wrote:

Really though sarcasm is easy to miss in type. That's why I have an alias just for it.

Very true indeed. So is this your sarcasm profile or your serious profile? :)

I trust you can figure it out.

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graystone wrote:
FangDragon wrote:
OP, it would only be fair if critical failures can happen on all spell casts too. Cast a fireball but under pressure you botch the process and it detonates inside your mouth. Whoops!
Don't forget WALKING!!! Athletic checks for everyone if you want to move! Breaking a leg while stepping back 5' is totally cool and interesting! ;)

Gonna have to disagree with you here. I don't think that would be cool or interesting. Also Just because I occasionally botch my walk check is no reason that my character should have too!

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At this point I think Paizo could give everyone 20 bucks and people would complain about it. Why isn't it in euros! My 20 was crinkled! I don't like Andrew Jackson!

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Their is actually a self-destruct code built into every single paizo book and when 2nd edition comes out their going to push the button then suddenly POOF! all gone.

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The sky is falling!

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Naw see apparently if they make a new edition you have to sell all your old stuff its in the rules somewhere.

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NobodysHome wrote:

In other delivery news, NobodysWife wasn't feeling great today, so we decided to do Kirin. Lo and behold, they had Amazon food delivery! And guess who's an Amazon Prime member?

So, UNLIKE every other food delivery company we've fired (TryCaviar = Try to get your order right, Diner Dash = Smash into your car and try to dash, GrubHub = You may never get your food), Amazon was amazing:

  • The order was exactly right
  • From clicking "Submit" to the knock on our door was 30 minutes
  • The driver was polite and alert
  • The food was hot and delicious

  • And what a surprise! They auto-include a tip for the driver. So a well-paid, well-informed driver does a better job than a poorly-paid, poorly-informed driver?

    Who'd have guessed?

    Alright now..

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    NobodysHome wrote:
    lynora wrote:
    [redacted rant about the education system]

    But... but... how could you dream of criticizing a system wherein the only possible solution to low test scores is additional homework and school hours? Everyone knows that intelligence is nothing more than mind-numbing, repetitive, rote and hard work, right?

    And since the administrators are SO much more important than the teachers, we need to pay them 3-5x as much as well. THAT'LL fix everything!


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    That is totally not something people do...

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    gran rey de los mono wrote:
    Vidmaster7 wrote:
    well mine went to sleep a few hours ago.
    Lucky. Catan only lasted about 15 minutes, as no-one knew what the f@!~ was going on, then they decided to play euchre. They still had no clue what was going on. They played (and drank) until 5:00. Then they all said something along the lines of "Well, I guess I'll get about an hour of sleep, then wake up and drive the 5 hours home." Stupid f#+%ers.

    Got to love working with the public....

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    gran rey de los mono wrote:
    Just a Mort wrote:

    Snatch arrows feat:

    When using the Deflect Arrows feat you may choose to catch the weapon instead of just deflecting it.

    Thrown weapons(like tomatoes) can immediately be thrown back as an attack against the original attacker (even though it isn’t your turn) or kept for later use.

    Deflect Arrows:

    Once per round when you would normally be hit with an attack from a ranged weapon(like tomatoes) you may deflect it so that you take no damage from it.

    Nope. Arrows only. If they meant for it to be used for other things, like tomatoes, it should be called "Deflect Missiles".

    (I hope it's obvious that I'm joking.)

    Cause we all know Gran is a person you always take seriously...

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    Just a Mort wrote:

    I think the whole place is considered as DT and requires reflex saves not to end up prone due to tomatoes EVERYWHERE!

    BTW, that's my GM alias.

    Hmm interesting never would of guessed.

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    Are you sure? You could have. I'd get it looked at.

    UnArcaneElection wrote:
    graystone wrote:

    {. . .}

    You're basically arguing with the gods that their rules don't follow a logical, reason based, scientific cause and effect. That's a fight you aren't going to win.

    I'm surprised that nobody mentioned that the highly delocalized and mobile conduction band electrons in metals simply cause Druids to short out and/or experience excessive inductively coupled losses (with the same result of throwing their circuit breakers(*)) when they are mutually exposed along a sufficiently large area, such as that of armor or a shield. Presumably, graphene or carbon nanotube armor and shields would cause the same problem -- it's just that Druids normally never come across these things, so the opportunity to test them against each other hasn't come up yet. In principle, somebody running a Druid in an instance of Iron Gods might get a chance to test this, but in practice, the epoxy binder used in completed advanced technological armor usually interrupts the conductivity sufficiently to make this not a sure test.

    (*)Apparently Gorum has developed fast-reset circuit breakers with advanced ground fault detection for his Druids.

    More test subjects and materials are needed . . . .

    ...... best.... reason....yet.....

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    Yeah this is fine... nothing bad can come of this...

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