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Agreed. Sometimes the naked truth is the best way to deceive.

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"I don't really care if there's nothing left to destroy. But, like I said. It's simple. Don't directly try and remove me, and I'll play along. should the mortal's choose to do it on their own! I'll stay quiet. But if you do, I'll be much less amused. Simple as that."

destruction pauses, a while, before looking around for someone.
"is luck here? I need to thank her for the actions of her pawn. Quite helpful."

"Well, that is my nature. Helping you help me," Luck said nervously. "It was kind of you to let me get a warning in. I do so like to feel important."

The hooded figure of fate stopped spinning long enough to step on Luck's foot.

"Ouch!" Luck pouted, glaring at Fate. "Oh, you're just mad that I stole some of your thunder. Stick in the mud," she added, sticking her tongue out at Fate.

Deception keeps his expression blank as he laughs on the inside at how petulant and childlike they all were, still, after everything that's happened. He lays a comforting hand on Luck as Fate takes his seat.

"Since those that are going to come are already here, let's get started, shall we?"

Looks curiously at Destruction on it's arrival, and gives Valere a respectful nod on her arrival, which is unusual. His champion must be rubbing off on him...or that's what he'd like people to think.

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"Death is late," Love pouted.

Time snorted. "Death is never late. That's the nature of Death."
"Only because you keep helping him with extra time," Pride said testily.
Time shrugged, her expression as unruffled as always. "What are friends for?"
"Hmmph," Love said, unimpressed. She was in a bad mood after losing her Champion.
"Oh, hush you," Darkness said to Fear. "You've done enough damage already. Light might be back on his leash, but Hope is still running amok and now so is the other Kronos. Having two of them is not the solution we were hoping it would be," he said darkly.
"Which is why we're meeting in the first place," Mercy said placatingly. "To think of solutions. This doesn't have to end in war."
"Bet me," Wrath grumbled.
"Good day friends" Deception says as it appears, this time appearing as a well dressed drow male. "I trust everyone is in good spirits?"

Creation flipped him off.

"Popcorn?" Madness asked, offering Light a bite from the extra large tub of buttered popcorn he was holding. Lumos glared at him.

"I saved you a seat," Luck said to Deception with a wink. They had a longstanding if uneasy alliance.

"Just sit down. You don't need to make a comedy show of it," Love snapped at Deception.

Winks at Creations, then smiles warmly at Luck, taking a seat. He turns to Love and says "Now, now, Dear, let's not wear our heart on our sleeve...hopefully, no pun in tended, this meeting will help to stop, or at least curtail, further mad plots."

Álmos wrote:
Honestly -and I know it's ironic to say that to you, by the way- it's so much simpler to not have major, detailed plans.

Simple? I suppose. But not interesting.

Oh, I do. Always pick champions with amazing abilities you can hijack...err...borrow.

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Hush, you.

Is it?

Then again, you really can't believe a word I say, I suppose.

Oh, the dilemma...

Adon Derro wrote:

In the end, the fact that you admit to it being gray means you're cheating.

I do believe the mortal is catching on...

You'll notice that while some "absolutes" have a Patron, there is no patron of Absolutes...

Deception is a key part of the very game we all play. It's delicious!

Oh! The mortal thinks it black and white! How precious...

Adon Derro wrote:
Oh, there's a lot i could say. I can't do anything, but I could say nothing i want, because killing me violates their game.

No, getting caught does.

It amuses me that you thought that was even possible.

Woman? If it were only that simple...
...and I agree that belief is everything. In fact, I highly recommend it.

Yes, the more people focus on furthering their species, the more susceptible they become to illusions like "romance" or "true love".


Where's the fun in that?

Truth is, balance had it worst of all. Nobody really belives balance exisits, so they had a harder time keeping it together than we did.
Sad, really. All it took was one push...

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icehawk333 wrote:

Besides, it would kinda be covered by mercy...

Witch, interestingly enough, Is an almost uniquely good concept.

Totally Mercy's fault those sub-Gods got loose and rebelled. She gave 'em help, out of pity. Bad Patron, bad!

Snicker "'Got loose'"...