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thanks for the response

anyone? Wow.. NO response at all

Perhaps direct me to a site, better suited to help?

Greetings all

Like many of us I am cooped up at home
Working from home, but honestly work is pretty minimal
LOTS of free time

Time to get into Kingmake game again
I got it early on, but just never could get into it

I have learned I am ONLY interested in Turn Based Combat RPG games

Found out about the Turn based mod for Kingmaker
Tried to download and install (several times) but can not get it to work
Gave up on that

Now that i have time
Maybe I can get help installing this turn based mod
and give the game another shot

I need help

Be willing to trade several emails
Instant messenging

Looking to create new characters for fun
(will not be playing any time soon)

Wondering if any sites or programs are up and running with 2E character creation
But only want free

I probably should have reviewed 1st edition notation 1st before this post, but I have not.

Has the community decided on shorthand notation for 2nd edition?

1st edition
CoreRulebook = CR

2nd edition
CoreRulebook = CR2

1st edition
Bestiary = ?? B?

2nd edition = B2?

1st Edition
Game master Guide = GMG ?

2nd edition
Game Master Guide = GMG2

1st edition
Advanced Class Guide = ACG
and so on

2nd edition Bestiary
Bestiary 2 2nd edition = ???? B2,2??

And so on

I realize we only know a few 2nd edition books
But some agreed on Notation is nice to have

WE know now that 1st books of 2nd edition
Curious what you think 1st year or 2 of 2nd edition will bring?

What types of books will be release ?

Any thoughts?

DeathBecomesus wrote:

Always like to see good ol h1-h4 bloodstone series mentioned.

I agree h4 throne of bloodstone was amazingly good/bad

Crazy and cool concept
But also very poorly written

I have always wanted to see that H1-H4 series redone
Would love to see a complete new version of that

IF anyone does it I would be first in line!

HOw the heck do I post ?

I can't find button to start new thread.

How do I remove the "search tab" I think that is blocking the button to post

DeathBecomesus wrote:

Always like to see good ol h1-h4 bloodstone series mentioned.

I agree h4 throne of bloodstone was amazingly good/bad

Crazy and cool concept
But also very poorly written

I have always wanted to see that H1-H4 series redone
Would love to see a complete new version of that

IF anyone does it I would be first in line!

Always like to see good ol h1-h4 bloodstone series mentioned.
I agree h4 throne of bloodstone was amazingly good/bad

Crazy and cool concept
But also very poorly written

I have always wanted to see that H1-H4 series redone
Would love to see a complete new version of that

IF anyone does it I would be first in line!

Yes, this is WAY too early
But any thoughts/hopes on release plans for hardcover books

We can expect Core Rule book PF2
(is that the name of initial rulebook?)
Also bestiary (Discussion of massive in size)

Are these two books being planned for release (at same time) at GenCon 2019?

What's next after that?

It has been stated that Paizo does not want to just rework 1st edition materials, but we all know they need to quickly get 2nd edition versions of everyone's favorite class/monster/fate/spell/etc

How will this be released? Any specific theme
(think Ultimate magic, Ultimate combat, etc)

I would very much like to see something along lines of Ultimate war
Rules on mass combat, also rules on stronghold building

PF1 has so many options for player classes, archetypes, spells.
Since PF1 is coming to an end (with PF2) perhaps now is the time for a collection compendium type of book.

Spell compendium
Collection of all spells of PF1, and organized list
This would be very massive, but useful (I think) book

Class compendium
collection of all the various classes of PF1
again would be very massive

Archetype compendium
collection of the many archetypes in one (big) book

Perhaps even other collection books (equipment)

Previous requests for this type of compendium books often where answered with
They will soon be outdated
They signal the end of an edition

I know Owlcatgames has PC game out (this summer?)

Not overly important. But it seems this PC game will be out of date to Pathfinder rules as soon as it is released.

PC game out this summer and Playtest rules out this summer.

Does it matter?

It would be nice to have PC game match the rules of pathfinder game.

Just a thought

Really old post

I think there may be a similar post a few years ago


My dream game would include elements of a few different games

1st TURN Based Combat is a must
Many elements of TOEE (with patch)
Old school dungeon crawl

2nd Some elements of Stronghold series
Think Downtime rules as well as Kingmaker
Some parts of story line with require building up castle and defenses, perhaps to face a siege

3rd Some elements of Total war series
Mass combat options
Recruit allies, Diplomacy Siege or defend your castle (see above)

Also like the suggestions (4saken1)
-Complete or near complete spell, feat, and skills lists, each having a use somewhere in the game
-'Build your own dungeon' option

Some uncleaar "gray" alignment decisions
Not sure what game it was , maybe Dragonage
but I liked that it had several tough "Gray" decisions about good/evil

This is slightly different than the original post

BUT.... HOW would you play a character with over 100 on Diplomacy

What could he/she do?

I have another post
But thought I would post here as well

Monday I have a LONG drive, a couple days worth of driving

Would love to listen to Podcast from Paizocon seminars
I realize these will be out in time

BUT Sunday evening, I hope to download a few for my road trip m onday

If you know of any podcast out quickly
Please let me know


I know there will be a few podcast from Paizo Con in time

However starting Monday I have a LONG drive
18 hrs (over 2 days)

Then later 10 hr drive

Then more driving
As you can tell LOTS of driving for me soon

I would LOVE to spend some time driving listening to Podcast and news from 2017 PaizoCom
But I wonder/doubt if podcast will be out by Sunday evening (when I need it by)

Hope to download a few podcast from the show and have enjoyable drive listening to news from Paizo con

ANY tips? Links? Point me to pod cast?

Know direction... Thank you
I know you will have these out in time, However I am hoping for some quick podcasts as I need them by Sunday evening (so I can have them ready for my LONG drives Monday)

we have had a few surprise announcements for upcoming hardcover books

Often we get a lot of big announcements at PaizoCon

I did read that a few "big" announcements are planned for Paizcon, this year

Any speculations? Thoughts?


That is kinda the point of my post
I think it would be difficult to work all the systems/rules into one campaign.
I am curious if any groups do that, and how they do that

Thanks to all for the response

Yet let me clarify

I was hoping for info about how the different rules/books shape your campaign

Esp interested in Ultimate campaign and downtime rules
How do you use this in your campaign? How does it shape your story/adventure

And with using the other books
How does using rules/classes shape and affect your story
For example Ultimate Intrigue, how have you added social encounters into the story/campaign?

Ultimate horror? how have you added/used rules and guidelines to shape your story/adventures

And putting them all together
How do you use ALL the books/rules and let that shape/affect your story adventure of your campaign

But thanks to all for the response

I am curious

SO many options and material out now with Pathfinder
I admit it has been years since I have actually played (I go way back to 1st ed D&D)
But I following along and am amazed where the "game" has gone

So many books/options

I am curious of groups who use ALL the material
I realize "use" is a vague term

What groups at some point allow/encounter options/rules from nearly all of the hardcover books

Getting through all the bestiary books, is not my point.
More so with the options/rules/classes/concepts, esp the options on Ultimate campaign.

Who makes use of ALL of this? How does your group/campaign make use (and keep track) of all these rules/options

I realize my question/post is somewhat vague

Just curious, how groups make use of so many many options/rules

With PaizoCon and GenCon, we have some basic news about upcoming hardcover books
Of course Starfinder will get lots of publicity and attention

Any thoughts on what the next "ultimate" book will be?

What would you hope it is?

What do you think it will be?

(this maybe overlap... or not)

@ Odraude
Yep that is obvious I should have thought of both of yours

3. Some camping out in the wilderness

4. Been in a fight
(ok not sure how I feel about this one, yes I understand how it could help a person understand pathfinder/D&D fantasy fight, but just in general... I see no reason for fighting.. I have never been in a real fight)

I hope this becomes a list
I realize Pathfinder is fantasy, and is pure imagination.

But I feel having a few REAL life experiences better helps one understand the medieval feel of fantasy adventures.

For example

1. Spend time in a Cave
Role Players (and Game masters) should spend a little time in caves. A tourist public cave is ok, but the less busy the better.
Walking (or even crawling) in caves gives GREAT ideas about how a "real" dungeon crawl would be. If possible go to a quiet area of cave and turn off ALL lighting sources.> This is DARKNESS that underground dwellers live in and are used to. It has been years since I have been in a cave, (also many years since I actually played Pathfinder , or D&D). But when in a cave, I would so actively imagine being an adventurer on some quest.

2. Visit a castle
Europe has many castles, but I realize not so easy for Americans to just make a trip to Europe. But when in a castle, I think about a seige and "castle" life. How it would be to defend the castle. Makes for great imagination. I like to be on the castle and look out to the hillside, of course I am imagining a group of orcs/giants/goblins/etc and how I could defend my castle in Pathfinder games

Please help add to this list
What have you done in real life, that really fuels the pathfinder fantasy imagination........



THANKS Reckeless
You are awesome

Doing lots of reading now


Tim D
Thanks for waiting to post

I am the first poster, and I could really use that bundle!!

I am interested
I would GREATLY appreciate the bundle

Let me know how to get it, (the link?)


Reckless wrote:

A month or two back, Paizo and Humble Bundle joined together to do a massive Bundle for charity. I had purchased extra bundles both to give to the charity and to have to "give out" to people I gamed with who missed or couldn't afford to pick up the bundle. In four parts, it included:

Core Rulebook, GameMastery Guide, Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Beginner Box (PDF), Player Character Folio, Advanced Class Guide, GM Screen, Adventure Path: In Hell's Bright Shadow (Hell's Rebels 1 of 6)

Inner Sea World Guide, Strategy Guide, Bestiary, Ultimate Equipment, Pathfinder Society Scenario 7-01: Between the Lines, Adventure Path: Turn of the Torrent (Hell's Rebels 2 of 6), Advanced Player's Guide

Pathfinder Player Companion: Inner Sea Primer & Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Guide


Ultimate Magic, Ultimate Campaign, Ultimate Combat, Bestiary 2, Adventure Path: Dance of the Damned (Hell's Rebels 3 of 6), Inner Sea Poster Map Folio, Pathfinder Society: Year of the Sky Key Scenario Mega-Pack (23 Adventures!)

All in pdf form.

The people whom I played with at the time all purchased the bundle or already had the contents, and I've handed out a few to players/friends since then. I find myself with one extra "gift" bundle, and thought I'd welcome someone who missed out on the deal to the wonderful world of Pathfinder with the gift link.

So, first person to post below will be PM'd the link.

Agree completely about Class Compendium
So many classes , would be nice to have it all in one book

Same thoughts about Spell Compendium
So many spells, would be nice to have all organized in one book

I like the Ultimate Dungeon idea, however I question of it needs a full hardcover devoted to it.

My choice would be NPC Codex II (and even III)
So many more classes to work with.
All the classes in APG, UM, UC, Occult adventures, ACG....
I would love to see a MASSIVE core rule book for NPC Codex II
They would need SO many pages to get in so many class options

Changing the direction of this thread slightly:
Some of the latter books of the 3.5 era really lacked much quality info.
How can Paizo continue to release QUALITY books and continue to give fresh ideas, and useful content.
Does the "well" run dry at some point?

I too would very much like a copy of this

Please send to

Just finished this book
Lord of Runes
Good read, enjoyed it
Really enjoyed that if felt very high level, epic battles

Probably the highest level feel of pathfinder books I have read
(I have read 3-4)

Wonder about other pathfinder novels, with high level feel

What book (in your opinion) has highest level characters?
Epic/mythic battles/powers?

Any thoughts?

Just finished reading Lord of Runes
Really enjoyed it.
When I read I always try and label classes/spells/magic items

But I am not as knowledgeable as many here on Paizo messegeboards

My question
Can you give estimate for level (it felt high level) and classes
Maybe abilities of Magic items

Count Varian Jaggare: ??Class and level?
Used an impressive shadowless sword , Info it its powers

Radovan : class and level?

Jannake Class and level?

Lady Illyria:....

Kazyah : Druid???

The Oracle : Level?

A few other characters as well

Powers of the Gluttonous tome

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I enjoy listening to various Podcast about D&D and pathfinder

Would I listen:

I would certainly give it a chance and listen
To Maintain my listening over time, it would have to be well done,
provide thoughtful organized and stimulating information.

Yes, there are many Youtube videos about Pathfinder (and D&D)
However, I have only found a few that are consistently worth a listen

Of course "Know direction" tops the good list!

Thank you for that response

I will not be playing any time soon, no time and no groups (in my area)

I do enjoy the general story lines, and imagining playing through adventures

What would you suggest , as the best AP to read for the storyline?

Any thoughts?

I have heard Carrion crown has a bit of a lovecraft feel, which is appealing to me

Wrath of the righteous also seems appealing to me (I like the worldwound, Demon theme).


Eltacolibra and Dragonchess player
Thanks for the response

The basic story line is what I find most appealing. This basic story line has some much room for growth and improvement.

Mass Combat rules, I realize are not so popular. Perhaps the mass combat "wars" could be optional. Yet I do like the basic story line, that mass combat wars have significant effort on the hero's adventures. Perhaps Heros are in some dungeon trying to find artifact that would greatly shift the balance of power, if used in the mass combat.

In H4 the story does to different layers of the abyss. The hero's seek support from various Demonlords to defeat Orcus. This has so much room for deep story l ine and moral choices.
I wonder would a Paladin accept help from a Demonlord, sincere real help, that could be use to defeat Orcus (or at least steal his wand) . The Demonlord could offer real help, but would "request" a favor in the future.This would be a real moral choice for Paladin (and others)

Perhaps that is topic for a different thread

I started this thread long ago

Some interesting discussion
but really no one /group actually met and fought against Cthulhu

(at least not from what I read in the post)

Anyone? Any group dare to meet up with Cthulhu?

I would love to hear (read) about it

One of my old favorites was the entire H1-H4 series Bloodstone

I think H2 had some mass combat options, with rules (forget the name of the rules, maybe it was Battlesystem?)

H4 of course, had super high powered options. Yes it was a bit crazy ,
and poorly designed. Yet I always thought this had some much untapped potential.

I think there were some mild attempts to re write this for 3.5

Has anyone attempted to write this with Pathfinder (including Mythic)

I would be MOST interested

I believe at previous Piazocon's a lovely color catalog of upcoming products was released.

I know Piazocon date was early this year, was this catalog released?
Could anyone direct me too it (link please)


just read the getting pretty drunk part

Nevermind not interested

I am interested, but do not use apple itunes
Also your link did not quite work for me

Is it possible for you to post a MP3 download link?



Yep I just picked up Nightblade
Have not even started reading it yet

But yes thanks for that tip
And I am looking forward to getting into this book

Just got this book
Have not even started yet
minimal plans over thanksgiving
So must likely I will be reading it then (and lots of football!)

I have read a few Pathfinder Novels, and enjoyed them
Yet I am slightly surprised to find most of the main characters (at least from books I have read) are rather shady. Nothing against that, just would enjoy reading about a "good" hero, but not Lawful good stupid. Lawful good (Or at least good) with nobility, honor,etc

Can anyone suggest a pathfinder novel with something like this?
Paladin as main character? Perhaps Cleric? Or better
Paladin AND good cleric off to "save the world"


Pathfinder is getting to have MANY choices spread out over many books
Not sure on the Classes count (something like 26-30?)

Is there a need for collection compilation books?

I know this info is available online at a few websites
But I am "old school" and really prefer having hard cover books

I would LOVE a massive 570 page core rule book sized book, collection of all classes (and archetypes)

I realize these collection books have limited value as they often have little to no new info

But...would certainly be interested in Collection book of all the classes (perhaps new artwork?)

After that Spell collection

Then I am not sure how much interest I would have
But perhaps collection book of feats and skills?
Then Magic item collection?

Curious as to your thoughts on this

Pathfinder employees? Has collection books ever been seriously discussed?

And another thought on any future Computer based Pathfinder games

Please PLEASE do not use STEAM

I have so many problems with STEAM site
and VERY difficult to get any help

Thanks for these updates
I am always seeking news from Gen Con...

Perram: I think your title should be "from Gen COn 2014"

(not 2015)

I am the OP

Happy to see several people mention they would prefer turn based ToEE style
That did closely give feel of tabletop gaming.
Remember that is 10 (or more years old)
That system could (and should be ) GREATLY improved

Obviously option to have either Turn based or real time would be awesome
not sure how realistic that is

I do like the thought to have cinematic video play back option AFTER the turn based combat. That would be pretty cool. Heck maybe even "analyze" your moves/actions. I have played through ToEE many times, and I now go into big fights with plan to win in Different method. Maybe I try and use as much ranged weeapons as possible. Maybe I try mostly spells, maybe I try to do as much buffing as possible. Would be fun to try options then have play back video

Hope to hear more ideas and thoughts

But I know many people are busy (and having fun) at Gen Con
Lucky people

1 person marked this as a favorite.

The recent announcement of Obsidian Pathfinder License has my quite excited

I have little interest in Tablet game based on Adventure Card game

But Lisa Stevens mentioned long term deal with future projects

So.....perhaps we make a thread about what we would wish to see in Pathfinder Computer game

Here is my Dream (through I realize all this is probably unrealistic)

1. This is a Must!!! Turn Based Combat
Updated and improved Turn Based Combat, something like ToEE
(or Co8 greatly improved ToEE).
I have played through ToEE many times (not recently) I have no interest in other (real time combat) systems. Sadly most RPG games have this Real time Combat system

2. I have also enjoy various versions of Stronghold (stronghold 3 sucked)
Would love to see a few elements of castle building/kingdom making included in game
Think Stronghold with Pathfinder Kingmaker and Ultimate Campaign)

Ideally I would like to see option to go OUT and seek out enemy in Dunguen OR stay "home" and build/fortify stronghold

If you go attack enemy , you could catch enemy weaker. But only minimal improvements would be made to your Stronghold/castle/kingdom

OR stay at home, build defense, train Man at arms, recruit, build allies (diplomacy) , build economy, (leadership skills, and many elements from Stronghold

3. LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of Class options
Although this is many years old I really enjoyed ALL the character creation options of NWN and NWN2 (and expansions) With all the expansions you had lots of choices of Classes and Prestige

WOuld love to see Many Many Classes (Core, Ultimate Magic, UC, Upcoming Advanced Class guilde, and others. This also with Archetypes
Many Many Feats, Spells.......etc
SO MANY MANY options here
I used to JUST make Characters on NWN and NWN2....just for the fun of it

4. COmplex Unclear "Gray" Moral choices
Many of older games had very simple straight forward "good" vs "evil" options. Although I only played a little of Dragon Age, I enjoyed the unclear "gray" moral choices. I was not sure who was "good"
Also enjoyed the many video cuts that really added to NPC personalities
Dragon age is several years old, Think about Complex difficult moral ethical choices
and also complex NPC personalities (and many possibilities for Iconic s to show up.

So those are a few elements of my "Dream" PC pathfinder Game

Happy to see a few comments about ToEE

I loved that combat system, and actually find it hard (and not interesting) to play other systems now (NWN , NWN2, and so on)

Co8 have made incredible improvements to ToEE

Would love to see that Combat system (Turn BASED!!)
updated to present technologies

LIke I said in prior post
I would LOVE LOVE this if it has some form of TOEE combat (Turn based)

If it has combat like NWN and others (real time) I have little to no interest

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