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Now Dean isn't acknowledging that both holograms are on, even though they clearly are.

Eye twitches, ever so slightly.

Maybe I should throw him off the f@+@ing roof...

Should I get Dead Money over with early, assuming I don't give up on it.

Suddenly the radios and exploding heads aren't so bad when compared to the cheap knockoff Dr Strange time loop.

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All I heard was beeping.

Eye twitches.

The Game Hamster wrote:
Patrick Curtin wrote:
Drejk wrote:
Recently I had a few dreams about nuclear strikes...
Ugh. Been there. Those are no fun
Fallout fans would beg to differ.


If anything, I hate it even more.

lucky7 wrote:
Did Honest Hearts, now on my way to Dead Money! Wish me luck!

May you never get lost in the surrounding villa.

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I don't care how much money is in Vegas.

I'm still not going near the Sierra Madre.

Or a radio.

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We'll see how you feel when you get lost and all you hear is a quickening beep beep beep beep beep beep beep...

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Fool me once Sharoth, shame on you.
Fool me three times, shame on me.

Although... that is an awful lot of gold...

All *beep beep* head goes boom and no liquor make Captain Yesterday go something, something.

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Definitely not setting foot near the Sierra Madre.

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That sounds terrible, stupid f+%!ing hurricane!

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Family, it's almost like Dead Money, except you can't escape it, and there's no gold bricks waiting for you.

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Oh right, that's why I haven't played in over a month.

Dead f&!$ing Money.

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I admit it, I've been reading Bill Barnwell's off-season report cards and thinking to myself "I can give out s~&*tier long term contracts then that! See the AI insists this guy won't take less then 18.65 million, for a 82 overall rating! Sign. Me. Up."

Of course, none of that would happen if Dead Money wasn't such an unbearably twisted cluster f*!%!!!!

But yes, so far I've resisted the urge to rebuild the Jags. So far.

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I have the urge to play Madden today. It's been three years. I blame Dead Money.

I actually don't mind the ghost people. It's somewhat therapeutic to walk up and unload a Police pistol until they're a pile of gore.

My issue is the convoluted way of getting around. And I'm very good at navigating (I once drove around LA for a whole week without map or aid and never got lost) so that's saying something.

So I guess I what I hate most is the stupid f##*ing mapping.

Oh Dead Money, how you punish me so!

High on hubris from getting God in place. I next chose Deen... Now I'm having a Hell of a time getting up to his position. I found and turned on two of his hologram protection but can't find the way.

So, in conclusion.

F&*@ you Dead Money. F!%~. You.

Dead Money isn't so bad second time around. Getting Christine before Dog/God was a challenge on resources. But now I have the gang at the fountain, and I've looted the Villa. So next up is moving everyone into place. This time I'm not being a lazy dick about it and the goal is for everyone to survive.

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Unconsciously twitches

Now, back to the Sierra Madre...

Sounds like the Sierra Madre, without the head explosions.

I don't think you understand the terrible places Dead Money takes me, dark, gas filled places with the faint beep of a lonely radio, hidden somewhere. Eventually you just curl up and wait for the head to blow, but then you're there, right back where you started, alone... and pissed.

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Tacticslion wrote:

Huh. Now that I know what I'm doing:

Chapter 1: Poof! So fast!
Chapter 2: Poof! So fast!
Chapter 3: NOPE; SLOW DOWN

Banner Saga, your pacing is... interesting.

Oh, if you like that play the Dead Money DLC for Fallout New Vegas, you'll never see a radio in the same way again.

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War onto radios!!

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Neither am I, anymore.

And don't get me started on radios, man do I hate radios!!!

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I was fully consumed by the rage by then.

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I'm doing great at Dead Money DLC for Fallout New Vegas! Never better! Nope, won't let the rage take over, I'm cool.

Was.. Was that a beeping sound...

Starts blasting Holorifle at the corners in a flurry of madness, realizes what he'd just done, gathers self, and composes comically frazzled hair

Yup! Never better!

Unrelated, can.. can we do without a radio for awhile, no.. no reason.

I just meant I wished I took her into the vault with me, to keep the head explosions to a minimum.

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Actually, I don't want the prismatic aliens from Mothership Zeta, I'm all out of Mininukes here.

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Let's be clear about one thing.

It's the f%+$ing speakers!!

I can handle gas clouds, holograms, even give me prismatic aliens from Mothership Zeta, I don't care.

Just get rid of the f%*@ing speakers, so my head stops popping the f@%+ off!!

smooths back comically frazzled hair

It's okay! I'm cool now.

When Old Yeller's gotta be put down, he's gotta be put down.

If it helps, I had to use 6 Stimpaks because he kept critical hitting me and crippling my head.

It was long and glorious.

I personally, like Christine, with Deen a close second, I never really got God/Dog, but next time, I'll try to do right by him.

If I ever go back, that is.

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Gots to do some crazy dash to a backstage area, it's dark as f&$!, holograms patrolling and g$*&&!n speakers God knows where, ready to pop my head like a grape.

Oh, joy!

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I'm so glad I can't hit the holograms, really ties the whole place together.

So much I haven't found...

... And here I am, trapped in this f*#$ing Casino, with Sharon Stone nowhere to be found.

Edit: I actually haven't played since I got inside.

No! You're afraid! I'm cool, yep yep yep.

I'm also beheading everything, even if I know it's already dead, I still shoot it's head off.

This one is gonna need it's own alias/coping mechanism.