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Name: Buck (played by a friend)
Race: Warforged Homebrew
Class/Level: Gunslinger (Mysterious Stranger) 2
Adventure: The Half-Dead City
Location:The House of Pentheru, 2nd floor
Catalyst: Stubbornness
The Gory Details

Buck fell shortly after Zil did. The party engaged Imanesh as the poison coursed through the gnome, but only the gnome had weapons suited to harm the Doru. After Zil fell, the Kineticist Loreli and Cleric Azrael both ran, but Buck and the Life Oracle Qida remained.

Both Buck and Qida had begun feeling the effects of the Wisdom poison from Imanesh, and neither would leave until the other fled. This went on for half a minute before Qida finally left the room. Buck turned to follow, but by then the poison rendered him comatose.

Imanesh proceeded with his plans and placed the Dead Man's Headband upon Buck's brow before ripping out Buck's throat with a Coup de Grace.

The party had to dispose of the newly animated Beheaded Buck when they returned to finish the job.

Name: Averina Siannodel
Race: Elf
Class/Level: Magus (Eldritch Archer) 3
Adventure: The Half-Dead City
Location: The Sanctum of the Erudite Eye
Catalyst: Not paying attention
The Gory Details

The new party had just realized the Scorched Hand were inside the Temple, and someone else had left. We moved from the Library to a small back hallway. As the new trap finder, Averina went first. A natural 1 on Perception, resulting in a 12, led to her stepping on the pressure plate for the wall scythe trap. A Nat 20, with a 23 confirmation, and 46 damage led to a quick beheading in front of everyone.

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Oh boy, I've got 3 to add to this wall. 2 are my own, one from another player in the group. This first is the longest tale of the 3.

Name: Zilmoran Narthropple
Race: Gnome
Class/Level: Rogue (Relic Raider) 2
Adventure: The Half-Dead City
Location: The House of Pentheru, 2nd floor
Catalyst: Failure to Notice Traps (and poor GM adjudication).

The Gory Details:

Zil had the worst luck in the House of Pentheru. The unfortunate cavalcade of errors led to his unfortunate death.

First, he made the mistake of walking into the slave quarters despite the obvious skeletal bodies. After rolling an incredibly low initiative while all skeletons rolled high, he was immediately surrounded and clawed to unconsciousness. The Cleric and Life Oracle made quick work of everything.

Second, he was the only one of 5 to fall afoul of the Confusion haunt in the foyer. It took 5 rounds of babbling and flailing for the party to grapple Zil and extricate him from the room.

Third, he fell afoul to the vargouilles while ascending the stairs. The others managed to fend them off, sending one fleeing. We pressed on.

Finally, the trapped chest in the room with Imanesh. Zil failed to notice the crossbow rigged on the inside. The crossbow landed a critical hit and Zil failed his save against the Black Adder Venom. GM ruled that due to the crit, the venom did 1d4 Con damage instead of the normal 1d2 Con damage. 6 failed saves and exactly 12 damage later, and Zil was dead and the party retreating in the face of the Doru.

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I can't wait to run this AP, and I love having these forums for reference help.

I think the thing I'm most excited for is running Umble and Thoot. I don't know if you did this on purpose or not Ron, but I totally plan on running that pair like Rocket and Groot from GotG. Its too perfect.

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ulgulanoth wrote:
Sweet we get Leshies, I wonder if there will be leshy ancestral feats for different kinds of plants to base of the leshy

Oh I'm sure that's exactly what the Leshy heritages will be. But heritage specific ancestry feats? That would be fun.

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Dave Riley wrote:
... and Damiel doesn't have much use for Potion of Lucubration.

The Potion of Lucubration to me is the best always there (for Damiel), quick-shot ship repair button item. Heck, if he's holding it for a while, throw it into a combat for some explosive crafty fun.

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Dave Riley wrote:
Are you kidding? Potion of Glibness and he just naps the whole scenario away. :D

I know that now. But I built him with the suggested deck list. Which is really where I went wrong. Any Damiel I decide to play now will replace the Rum Bottle with Glibness.

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Interesting. There are a couple reasons I can see for a 4 player table being "standard." You hit on two, being time and turn count. But I think another factor is the number of locations. More players, more locations. More locations, more cards to get through in 30 turns. More cards, more blessings used on exploration and fewer in the tank for check assistance. Games are lost and players killed when you have to force exploration all the time. My guess is the developers feel like 6 locations is a good sweet spot to make the game difficult enough without being too overwhelming.

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On Damiel, all I can say is don't try to solo him through the second scenario of the starter adventure. Praise be to Achaekek for seeing him through the end.

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That's right. Vic mentioned here the delay with Adventure Deck 2 pushing all the other Adventure Decks back by a month, so no Adventure Deck 3 in October.

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jones314 wrote:
Deanoth wrote:
Deathnoth wrote:
Where can we get the actual scenarios?
Either through a store that signs up for Organized Play or wait a month and buy the PDF download.

In any case, the scenarios won't be released until Wednesday (Oct. 1) for OP stores or PFS Venture Officers.

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The real question now is why was the street date pushed back by a week? Was the 24th (next Wednesday), now it's Oct 1. What changed?

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I somehow missed the "C" entirely. That's good to know for the future. I just looked again and everything is now packed in a nice little box together under the right order number.

Thanks so much for all your help!

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Can we all just exult in the kasatha wielding a zero-rifle, a dagger, and an energy shield at the same time?

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Or I thought it was? I'm just going to go by the authorization email saying everything is together in a single order and disregard there being two orders (3293691, character add-on, adventure deck #2, promos; 3264996, class decks, adventure path) showing up online. If it doesn't look right when everything starts shipping out, I'll let you know. Thanks again.

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I think I may have not done something I thought I did, but this is the result I wanted. Just got the email. Thanks so much!!

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Just got my authorization email for the September subscription. Still have a pending order (3257810, pair of the class decks) that I put in on Friday and still haven't been billed for - probably because I *think* I set it to ship with my next subscription shipment...which would be this one.

Want to make sure this is still going to happen, especially if your warehouse is gearing up to ship as much as possible as soon as possible. The two orders have different shipping methods currently, which does worry me.

Anything you all can do?

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It's Cosmo's fault. Master Pugwampi helped.

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John Compton wrote:

What deities can a warpriest worship? The Additional Resources page suggests that only the core 20 deities are legal choices.

This is not the intended interpretation, and the next Additional Resources update is set to revise the entry to read as follows. "To select a blessing, a warpriest must worship a deity that offers the domain of the same name." A warpriest in the organized play campaign is able to select from among any of the legal deity choices.

Oh good. This bit worried me most of all.

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I'm noticing a couple of errors on these sheets, but I'm not sure if it's just me.

Rise of the Runelords Character Sheets:
Valeros is misnamed Sajan in both of his role upgrades, and has Ezren's role names (Evoker and Illusionist).

Fighter Class Deck:
Vika is misspelled Vike for her Blacksmith role.

Ranger Class Deck:
Wrathack's (I'm assuming) Sentry role is misspelled Senty.

Wizard Class Deck:
Radillo is misnamed Sajan for her Puppet Master role.

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Hopefully Paizo's publisher starts churning out a lot more copies of the S&S base set soon to get over this backorder they have. Wouldn't want anyone to miss the launch of the Adventure Card Guild because of low quantity.

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Not sure if this will be the official errors page, but here's one from the Bloodrager
Pg. 21, Dark Wings:


At 16th level, your fly speed increases to 80 feet with good maneuverability. At 20th level, your fly speed increases to

80 feet with good maneuverability.

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Biggest thing of note from the ACG PDF: Paizo fixed the logo.

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Concerning the Primalist Wizard archetype:

Inner Sea Magic pg. 38 wrote:

Primal Magic (SU): At 1st level, a primalist may attempt to channel primal magic as a swift action to cast a prepared spell without losing that spell from its spell slot.
Inner Sea Magic pg. 38 wrote:

Enhance Primal Magic Event (SU): At 5th level, when a primalist triggers a primal magic event, as a swift action she can increase or decrease its CR by 1.

It's never possible to actually use the Enhance Primal Magic event if both it and Primal Magic require swift actions to use.

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Nope. That's the RAW. Don't know how that made it past any design edits and playtests they did with the archetype though.

I have a player interested in playing a Primalist wizard, so I just found this issue today. He's already considering getting rid of the archetype because of the poor design shown.

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I'm currently running a group through S&S, and I really enjoy the ship-to-ship combat. But taking the time to work on ship stats over and over takes too long.

I just finished a Google Sheet equivalent of the Ship Sheet (Link here) at the back of the Player's Guide, with a number of extras to help make changes and additions a breeze.

I set the link up so anyone can view (I'd rather not have just anyone edit the master sheet), but making a duplicate should give you full access.

I tied in the rules from the Naval Combat for the Whole Party thread, which really helps keep the naval combat from getting bogged down. It's easy to remove those parts (Crew Upgrades, Morale, etc.) without ruining anything else on the sheet.

Please let me know what you all think, how it can be improved, etc.

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It really feels like this class needs to have its own specific bloodlines that are optimized for the Blood Focus ability. Like how the Shaman has specialized Spirits that take from the Oracle Mysteries. Or how the Warpriest has Blessings based off Cleric Domains. Or how the Bloodrager's Bloodlines are obviously based off Sorcerer Bloodlines, but have been changed for how the class works.

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greysector wrote:
DarkenedRurouni wrote:
I don't think I've seen anyone mention this yet. But why does Precise Strike not have wording to keep the Signature Deed feat from applying to it yet? Spend one panache as a swift action to double the precise strike damage on your next attack, or take a feat at 3rd to instantly make it a swift action to double your damage as long as you still have panache.
The deed seems written with the Signature Deed feat in mind. It only works if you have one point of panache, but costs one point of panache to use. There would be no reason to require at least one point of panache if they weren't anticipating that the deed would at some point cost 0 panache.

Actually, if you look at Bulmahn's post at the top, they've fixed the wording on the deed. Need to have panache to use, but you can spend panache to do double the damage. Leads me to believe you can do the regular precision damage all the time so long as you haven't expended all of your panache.

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I don't think I've seen anyone mention this yet. But why does Precise Strike not have wording to keep the Signature Deed feat from applying to it yet? Spend one panache as a swift action to double the precise strike damage on your next attack, or take a feat at 3rd to instantly make it a swift action to double your damage as long as you still have panache.

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Focusing in on Blood Focus and what you get from your bloodline here, this is what I've gathered so far:

- Bloodline Spells are added automatically to your spellbook at the levels they'd become known to the Sorcerer. Not an issue at all.

- Bloodline Feats...swept under the rug. Not able to take them as Arcanist Bonus Feats.

- Bloodline Arcana...also swept under the rug. Not mentioned at all, likely means they don't apply to the class.

- Bloodline Powers. This is the fun bit. Took me a while to understand how it really worked, but I think I get it now.

Regular standard action bloodline powers work normally, but likely will never be used as much as they're able due to the limited Blood Focus pool. (Djinni Electricity Ray - Standard action, 1 Blood Focus to use)

Permanent powers can be used as rounds/level powers with the use of one Blood Focus (You gain Djinni Elemental resistance for 3 rounds when you spend one use of Blood Focus).

If a power works for rounds per level already, then they work for rounds per level after spending a use of Blood Focus. (I'd say Draconic Bloodline Claws work like this: Each activation of Claws uses 1 Blood Focus, but you keep the claws out as long as you wish up to the limit)

That using Blood Focus to power Bloodline Powers is a standard action is really only a problem when you get to certain Bloodline Powers that are regularly activated as different type of action (move, swift, etc.), like the Rakshasa Bloodline's Silver Tongue power.

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I'd say the Aldori Dueling Sword wouldn't work with the Swashbuckler class in general. Both the Swashbuckler Finesse (Ex) and Swashbuckler Weapon Training (Ex) abilities only work with Piercing weapons. The Aldori Dueling Sword is a Slashing weapon.

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I just picked up GM duties for a group running CC, and our Maneuver Master Monk player just asked me a question I can't quite puzzle through with my limited knowledge of grappling rules.
For starters, she's playing as an Oakling and now (at level 11) is treated as a huge character after being permanently enlarged.

The question is this: would she be able to use the Alchemist's Tentacle discovery in conjunction with her grappling? As in, would she be able to use her tentacle to maintain a grapple on someone while using her regular limbs to maintain/progress a grapple on another character?

Any thoughts?

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I know this thread is long dead, but it applies to an alchemist build I thought of recently using vestigal arms, so I thought I'd throw in my two cents.

Vestigal arms is written to make sure players know they only get one standard action per round, regardless of the number of arms they have, but that their extra arms can be used for two-weapon fighting (or multiweapon fighting) in combat.

An Alchemist with 4 arms and a Strength of 22[+6] (mutagen buffed) can wield a longsword in one and a shortsword, dogslicer, and handaxe in the others to make a standard attack action at -2/-2/-2/-2 for 1d8+6/1d6+3/1d6+3/1d6+3.

If he happened to be wielding two greatswords and had the same Strength, he could make a standard attack at -4/-4, as his off-hand greatsword is obviously not a light weapon, for 2d6+9/2d6+5. The +5 on the off-hand greatsword comes from the 1/2 Strength bonus on off-hand weapons coupled with the 1-1/2 Strength bonus from wielding a weapon with two hands, bringing it to a 3/4 Strength bonus of 4.5, which would likely be rounded up.

Both could also use a full-attack action, making all their attacks at full BAB and continuing through the BAB with their primary weapon. A fully leveled Alchemist with the greatswords would then get the normal 4 attacks (3 primary, 1 secondary) with his weapons at +17/+17/+12/+7, whereas the light-weapon alchemist would have a total of 6 attacks in his full-attack action (3 longsword, shortsword, kukri, handaxe) at +17/+17/+17/+17/+12/+7.

The two-weapon build has the greater damage capacity, with a possible total of 8d6+32 (Max 80) damage against 3d8+18 + 3d6+9 (Max 60) damage, of the two, especially when you factor in the extra attack granted by Improved Two Weapon Fighting. I'm not sure if the Multiweapon Fighter could take Improved Two Weapon Fighting due to the prereq of Two-Weapon Fighting...but it could certainly be argued.