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Queen Moragan wrote:
The Map Folio map says its the Siltstrand River.

Dang, and I have that too.

Guess I should have checked it.
Thanks for the info.

I can't seem to find a name on the river running w from Lake Hooktongue through Fort Drelev.
Is this named anywhere?

The Duke in the Kingmaker game I run is named Boris Molotov.
Early in his career, he was given the moniker "Boris the Strong and Fair" from the adoring locals...

There will likely be a low-level cleric as well, along with other minion-esque bodies to assist in the killing...

I am working on an opposition group for my Kingmaker PC's with a high potential to become recurring.

I am pretty set on the commander and his right-hand man: a human phalanx fighter and an oracle of bones. However, I have ZERO experience with oracles or undead controlling in Pathfinder.

Hence, I would enlist the assistance of the internets.

I would like to see ideas for a level 10 halfling oracle of bones with the mute curse. He will be a hanger-back, most likely from invisibily controlling his minions. Also, need ranks in UMD to pull off his dastardly escape (assuming the PCs get the upper hand against his forces).

So, to sum up, a 15-point halfling oracle of bones (mute curse) with around 60k in equipment. (yes, PC wealth for the big guy, the minions aren't quite so lucky...)

Second verse, same as the first.
Little bit louder and a little bit worse.

I am looking at joining an existing game with three other characters at level 15. They have been playing together since the beginning, and I know that I will be woefully underequipped compared to the characters running around with a few artifacts each.

What I really need is an idea for something survivable and useful, preferably with a good-leaning attitude, as the wizard is the redheaded step-child of the group.

The other characters are as follows:

Human paladin of Tyr
Dwarven ranger
Elven BlasterWizardPsychoticNeutral

I am trying to imagine what would blend in with that group. There exists the possibility of an NPC divine caster coming with us (druid or cleric, I don't remember which).

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I have simplified my process for the kingdom to sell items.

During each sell items phase, the players roll percentile a bunch of times.

Minor items: 15%
Medium Items: 7%
Major items: 3%
The highest value item in each city is "pushed" to get it sold, tripling its chance to be sold that month.

Anything under 4000gp value is a wash, and just frees the slot up.
Minor items net 2 BP.
Medium items net 8 BP.
Major items net 15 BP.

It certainly swings up and down. Some months net no BP gain, some net 50 BP.

I have one player who will always draw from any kind of deck of cards.

A little DM fiat allowed him to get a draw of one via the Dire Gambler's Club coming in with a Varisian caravan after the end of Varnhold Vanishing.

The mighty LN monk Warden of Falconia, Reynos Naes, drew two cards: the Waxworks and whatever the card is that gives two visions, one true and one false (I can't remember the name, don't have my notes here).

Now, the Dire Gambler's Club, being good-ole-boy, cigar smokin', scotch sippin' gentlemen, gave dear Reynos a fine warning of what the Waxworks meant. He bee-lined for the capital city to warn his fellow PC's of what had occured, so the dopplegangers got to run amok for over a week before getting apprehended. Much hilarity for the DM.

As for the visions, I chose to be about as ambiguous as one could be.


The first vision was of a green lady, resplendent in natural accoutrements, fighting with flaming blade and magic, taking on all comers. The shock was total and utter in her eyes when a sword decapitated her.

The second vision was of a fine crystal bottle, the camera taking a rifle shot down inside the bottle to travel above the surface, over mountain and hill, swamp, forest and plain, only to come across their capital city.

Poor guy has no clue which one is true...

My party has just passed five years on. They reached a point of obsessing over consumption, then worked on balancing their bonuses to minimize failures.

It sure made taking Varnhold over easier, minimal threat of failures after the first turn. And yes, they failed the first turn. Six unrest for snagging Varnhold, only the third time of them getting unrest for a failed roll

I believe my group has 5 cities, with the capitol having two grid squares.


Drelev/Tiger/troll attack
I redirected to a different spot that indicated just to keep it interesting. Most of their cities have +20 or higher defense ratings.

The capital makes the Trojans looks like they have a couple dirt berms around their city...

I have one person with Leadership in my Kingmaker campaign: the Duke (paladin of Erastil, same religion as the cohort).
It fills a nice niche in the party (everyone begging for an npc cleric anyway).
I build the character (15 pts, the PCs are 20 pt builds) with some semblance of balance.
I also control the character in combat and he is basically the right hand of the Duke.
Being two levels lower than the party and being woefully under-equipped compared to the party, he makes an acceptable 2nd-tier ally without harming the four-person party.

My players were in Varnhold, assaulting the (spoilered, just in case...)

spriggans in the compound. The fight had mostly gone indoors when Agai and his flunkies climbed out the top and began descending. Agai made it to the roof of the second level and enlarged, while his minions got punked by the flying wizard outside.

Agai did enough damage with a large crossbow bolt to make the wizard hid behind the far wall of the smithy and take a healing potion.

Eventually, Agai pulled a small barrel of oil from his bag (I gave him a bunch of mundanes in his bag, too), and doused the roof of the building. The wizard, just peeking around from his hiding place, sees him pouring something out, so he closes the distance and casts spark. :/

The monk chose this very opportune time to come running out the door and get a flaming barrel of oil thrown down onto his head by a flaming spriggan on the roof.

The fight didn't last much longer after this...

baron arem heshvaun wrote:

James I know your not a Star Wars fan but I have a delima:

I have weekend pass to play The Old Republic.

I also have an invite to Leonardo DiCaprio's birthday (where every model with Merisiel's body type in New York will be strutting her stuff).

What's a conflicted self respecting geek to do?

Do you have a pulse?

TOR will be out soon enough!

My group is looking to be able to play online with a combination of PBEM/PBP and real-time playing.
While I have personally gone to running adventure paths, other DMs in our group use homebrew.
All of us use Hero Labs as well.
That said, can I hear some pros and cons of each?

Raethlion wrote:
Anyone else have an opinion?

Lots of them.

But none applicable in this situation...

Many thanks!
You keep doing well, we might paint a left eye on your avatar...

If it helps, there was a packing sheet for order 1709719, but not for 1758149.

Order # 1709719, which has the same UPS tracking number, arrived complete.
But none of the items from order # 1758149 were in the box.

Ah, my dyslexia strikes.
The order number is 1758149.

I just got back from vacation, and found a problem in my orders.

Order # 1709719 was received in good order.

Order # 1729888 was received in good order.

Order # 1758419 was not received.

The UPS tracking numbers for orders 1709719 and 1758419 are the same, but the package did not contain the contents of order # 1758419.

"Throw me the skull, I'll throw you the whip!"

Argothe wrote:
I don't understand the point of this feat.

Not every feat is deigned as a statistical solution to a chosen, static situation?

Sara Marie wrote:
Chadlee Windham wrote:

I inadvertently added a special order item to one of my orders with other things that I would like to receive much more quickly.

Therefore, please modify my orders as follows, if possible...

Take the Large Spiders (4) from order #172988 and add them to order #1758153.

Then please combine orders #1761049 and #1729888.

Thank you!

The large spiders are not the item holding up the order. We actually have those in stock to ship. We are currently waiting on Full Metal Fantasy: King Vinter Raelthorne IV which should hopefully be here within the next week. If you would like to move King Vinter into the 1758153 just let me know.

Please do so. I need more stuff to paint! :P

And thanks for the help...

I inadvertently added a special order item to one of my orders with other things that I would like to receive much more quickly.
Therefore, please modify my orders as follows, if possible...

Take the Large Spiders (4) from order #172988 and add them to order #1758153.

Then please combine orders #1761049 and #1729888.

Thank you!

James Jacobs wrote:

Elf ears are larger than human ears. There are more muscles in elf ears. Elves have a +2 bonus on Perception checks.

What this more or less means is that elves CAN move their ears a bit more than humans... but not THAT much more. I'd say there's about the same amount of ear-moving powers among elves as there are in humans, but that elves who CAN move their ears can move them a little bit more dynamically than humans.

They can't make them droop or perk up or stick out straight from their heads though. That makes too many people angry.

Like Barf


Lisa Stevens wrote:

I don't work the counter as much as I used to because there are too many things requiring my attention at the convention. However, the other Paizo owner, Vic Wertz, spends almost the entire convention at the counter checking people out!


You two should really talk to the boss about cutting you some slack...


Here goes nothing...

STR 3d6 ⇒ (2, 3, 6) = 11
DEX 3d6 ⇒ (4, 2, 5) = 11
CON 3d6 ⇒ (2, 1, 2) = 5
INT 3d6 ⇒ (5, 3, 4) = 12
WIS 3d6 ⇒ (2, 1, 2) = 5
CHA 3d6 ⇒ (2, 5, 4) = 11

The dice gods give you Harold the Blunderer.
Human rogue, renowned for his tendency to rob from doughnut shops frequented by local law enforcement.
His typical forays into the neighborhood occur shortly after he awakens, unfortunately coinciding with the morning breaktime for the city guards.
Life is not good...
I think his racial bonus should go into CHA.

My group tends to forget about the miscellaneous quests until they find something to jog their memories. Additionally, they have nominally decided that they aren't "allowed" to go even as far west as the map from books 1 and 2 shows, due to their interpretation of the initial charter.
Thusly, they have not found the thing Lily is looking for.

I am five chapters in, and I keep seeing George Clooney...

This one is FUN!

Elton wrote:

I wonder if the swooning will entail fainting at the sight or the sound like the three blonde triplets in Disney's Beauty and the Beast?

There were THREE triplets?!?

The best part is, I had planned the missive all along to be given to the party at the end of the night. We are moving to another game for a few months, then going back to Kingmaker.
Major messages I print out on parchment then put a wax seal on them well in advance. I had that one sitting on top of the DM screen all night.
We played through more than a year's worth of turns that night. Three turns before we ended, the Duke sent out his message.
I took one look at the clock, realized that we would get two or three more turns out the night.
I could not have asked for better timing...

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My players have actually passes a LOT of time in the firzt two modules due to real life forcing us to play shorthanded at times. Hence, after five years of kingdom-building, Duke Boris Molotov (Paladin of Erastil) of Falconia had yet to take a bride, and the kingdom was getting antsy at him to produce an heir.
And so, an aide to the Duke compiled a list of elligible bachelorettes with proper pedigree for possible courtships. As I like to put them up on Obsidian Portal, I felt it was proper to chose pictures to associate with each.
We started with Syrah Parsal, only daughter of Lord Achille Parsal of Liberthane. A Milani-following general housekeeper and support force for her father's forces. Though no dowry came with her, she seemed to be capable enough. Her picture is that of Sorcha from Willow.
Next came Miriam Varn, eldest daughter of Maegar Varn. She is well-trained to be matriarch of a noble family, always accompanied by a bevy of handmaidens. As a follower of Erastil, she appears to be a perfect match for the Duke. For her portrait, I chose a young Angelina Jolie.
With much pomp and circumstance, Falconia welcomed Janella Freth, daughter of Arena Fight Manager Barven Freth of Tymon. Her book-keeping and crowd-pleasing skills are renowned, as is her appearance. Knowing the Duke's player well, I chose a picture of a well-built bodybuilder that I was certain would appeal to him.
Finally, there was Estelle Enscivaan, daughter of Esteban Enscivaan of the Numerian Noble House Enscivaan. Her cultish following in Numeria made her easily the most foreign of the potential Queens. Her general demeanor, as well as her family's association with harvesting skymetals and odd relics, made me choose a picture of Kat Von Dee to represent her.
After meeting them all, he took the winter to decide upon which one he wanted. In the end, with the spring thaw he sent word to Varnhold that he wished to begin courting Miriam Varn.
One, two, then three months passed with no response. Planning to send a messenger to be assured that his message had arrived, the Duke was surprised to receive a missive from Jamandi Aldori, Swordlord of Restov...

I would vote for the game Orc!
Loved that game...

I am all over this one simply on the possibility of running the encounter pictured on the cover.
This one has me salivating...

The chopped onion is AC 10 [10 + 6(breastplate) - 5(Dex 0) - 1(size)] in the second range increment. Should be an easy hit...

My players took Munguk and have instituted him as Executioner.
They made a point of making people aware of his role in killing the big thing that did that thing at the end of RRR, so he is at least tolerated.
I imposed a -2 on his stat mod for the kingdom rolls, as he isn't 100% acceptable to the people, but taking of anyone's head with little to no effort leaves a mark on the willingness of the people to commit crimes against the state.

Penn and Teller do this trick a couple times a week at the Rio in Vegas...

I must have gotten lucky. I didn't give the rules to my players, nor even the stats of the buildings to them. They got general indicators of what would be helped, but not specific information. A hire city engineer is giving them specific info on a number of buildings equal to the number of hexes they can claim per turn.
As of month 27, they have three cities, only one magic item creation place (temple to Erastil) and, despite the complaints of the populace, still not a major center of industry.
Particularly not magic item industry.
I will be interested to see where they take it from here, as they just took out some greenies to the southwest of Candlemere and came back to a smoldering capital city (I love cliffhanger endings to a session!).
I like the idea of current Control DC +2 per 5k to give a bonus to Econ checks. My current idea is percentage-based, with all items having a percentage, tripled for the item that is promoted for that month. And of course, BP only comes from the "pushed" item.
Having great fun with the players not knowing the mechanics, and being mature enough to learn as they go along instead of searching them out on here. :P

I run a Kingmaker campaign, just s bit into RRR.

We have:

a human paladin (Erastil) horseman who believes there is nothing the group can defeat in the entire Stolen Lands

A dwarven cleric of Torag who seems to be the party's healbot

A human monk from Qadira who keeps extoling the benefits and propriety of slavery

An elven wizard who has learned to despise the existence of humans diviners named Edrict

and a halfling rogue who has a serious problem with humans.

They have appropriately named themselves "The Blue Falcons"

Thanks for the quick help!

Could I please get the following two orders combined into one?


My thanks to the Paizo skill-monkeys!

I would contend that this would need some monitoring by the GM.

Golarion does not have Elminster nor King Midas to front the simple costs of buying Tomes of Infinite Ass-kicking and +5 Swords of Ultimate Destruction.

Tenth level is one hell of an accomplishment, and the pure concept of getting rid of an item of that magnitude is incredible. We should be talking planar travel for many of them.

Allow me to present a different idea.

Each district can attempt to push one item per turn.

Minor items each have a 15% chance to be sold each turn.

Medium items each have a 10% chance to be sold each turn.

Major items each have a 5% chance to be sold each turn.

If an item is "pushed" it triples the percentage chance to be sold, and in this case also generates the extra BP for being promoted.

No, I don't have mathematics to support this, this is just my current idea.

If you get your caster level up to 10, you could use Minor Spell Expertise and Quicken Spell-like Ability to use it twice a day quickened.
Is it worth two mid-level feats? That remains to be seen.

TriOmegaZero wrote:
Chadlee Windham wrote:

No, what are YOU thinking, Thread Necromancer?! :)

Actually, I came on to search the boards for exactly this question, and this thread answered my question beautifully.

Yay for poison!

James Jacobs wrote:
Ravingdork wrote:
James: So it is more evil than drawing your sword, charging the evil lord, and being forced to slay his neutral bodyguards to stop his evil?

Is this trying to turn into one of those never-ending internet "but what if" battles of semantics?


This is the internet.
I believe that Dan Quayle had Congress implement a law (when he invented the internet) that all pointless debates conducted in an online setting are required by Internet Law Section Subsection 42 to continue the same line of irrelevant repetition of irrelevantly repeatingly irrelevance until such time as all parties either A) die of old age; or B) lose interest in the debate when a new fruitless line of debate is brought to the forefront of their current list of repeatingly-irrelevant irrelevant subjects.
Please bring your future response into line with the above-mentioned law or be prepared to pay the consequences of a United Nations sanctioning of all future actions of Paizo, Inc. activities. Said sanctions will consist of a letter, telling you how angry the United Nations are with you, and request that you will comply with the wishes of said Body, or they will send you another letter reminding you of how angry they are that you ignored their first letter to you about their anger.

Sooo... Don't annex a town from a kingdom on the verge of collapse.


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