Harrow Deck of Many Things entertainment


I have one player who will always draw from any kind of deck of cards.

A little DM fiat allowed him to get a draw of one via the Dire Gambler's Club coming in with a Varisian caravan after the end of Varnhold Vanishing.

The mighty LN monk Warden of Falconia, Reynos Naes, drew two cards: the Waxworks and whatever the card is that gives two visions, one true and one false (I can't remember the name, don't have my notes here).

Now, the Dire Gambler's Club, being good-ole-boy, cigar smokin', scotch sippin' gentlemen, gave dear Reynos a fine warning of what the Waxworks meant. He bee-lined for the capital city to warn his fellow PC's of what had occured, so the dopplegangers got to run amok for over a week before getting apprehended. Much hilarity for the DM.

As for the visions, I chose to be about as ambiguous as one could be.


The first vision was of a green lady, resplendent in natural accoutrements, fighting with flaming blade and magic, taking on all comers. The shock was total and utter in her eyes when a sword decapitated her.

The second vision was of a fine crystal bottle, the camera taking a rifle shot down inside the bottle to travel above the surface, over mountain and hill, swamp, forest and plain, only to come across their capital city.

Poor guy has no clue which one is true...

That's pretty funny. I'm toying with adding a harrow deck to my game as well via some good old fashioned Varisian gypsies offering to tell the player's fortunes.

Why not draw them into the Harrow Deck and use the adventure?
It fits into the story, and gives them a little break from the main story line.

Since it has been hard to participate in groups having a toddler, lately my wife and I have been running the game with two characters each and me DMing. Also testing out mythic while we are at it. On the anniversary of our kingdom's founding, we held a festival (only one city, at the merge of the shrike and thorn rivers). We also rolled for good weather for the month. The festival consisted of magic fireworks via the magister, a feast along the main road, and a fighting competitions. The army and the city watch each had prizes for two categories. Those that took third place were considered for a position, 2nd place was garunteed a position, and 1st place were given a comissioned position. Unarmed and two-handed weapon wielders were awarded by the army and archers and two weapon fighters went to the city watch. As we roleplayed it out, the general looked to the marshal, winked and asked the crowdif they would like to see their general and warden compete against each other or their respective champions. The crowd went wild for the champions, and the baroness (a tien bard) cast grease on the bare-chested young barbarian general as he wrestled a monk. The girls in the crowd went nuts. (Will introduce Lily as an admirer because of this later) Later that evening, the magister set of magical fireworks and the baroness went to sample some of the varisian culture her new subjects brought. She met with "Madame Fortuana" who gave her a harrow reading. She sure was surprised when she went home and found a white kimono with sakura embroidery on it (robes of the archmagi) and a basket full of 50K in large jewels(which were donated to the treasury... she freaked out (because her bodygurd Auchs and her direwolf pet never detected anyone come or go) and had the wizard magister stay the night and cast alarm to keep her safe. General Ragnar (who has a crush on her) stopped by the next day for a meeting and found his buddy there and the Geisha baroness with a loose robe and some CRAZY bed hair. He jumped to conclusions and stormed off.

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