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I blame the wife for making an assassin named Mismer Derr.

Then again, when the [url=htp://pcbuilder.sourceforge.net]Barcode PC Generator was working, I declared that all characters for non-serious games that I was running who were spawned from barcodes would get bonus points for naming their character after the source product.

Borax the Clean made for some of the most amusing OCD Magery I'd ever seen. Brooke Bond the diviner had a preferred method of reading tea leaves. Montagne Du ended up a rather badass warrior.

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Sir NotAppearingInThisFilm wrote:
Briefly toyed with the idea of having a monkey familiar with anger management issues, named Furious George. Thankfully decided against it...

"Furious George! What happened to your handsome face! Smithers, this monkey is going to need most of your skin..."

Silver Crusade

Once in a game of Munchkin RPG, we all wanted to take advantage of the half-race rules, so everyone in the party was a half-sibling from the same mother: the Honorbach brothers:


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My PFS Character a Kellid Rogue working out of Quadira and based partly on the young Conan.

Ahnalt Neiger of the clan of Svarchen

Yes he is Anhalt of the Svarchen Neigers

Dunno if this counts, but I used to have a cleric of a sea god named Saldi Effluvius...

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I once had a paladin nammed Sir Loin of Pond de Rosa.

Sadly, he died at the steak.



The Exchange

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His tombstone read Well Done.

So a few years back I was going to a friends birthday party where he was going to run a one-shot humourous adventure and we were all encouraged to make funny, off-the-wall characters. I was going to make a female human Bard named Sharon-Lois Andbram who had a pet elephant. Then I found out that someone else was bringing a Bard (patterned after Bozo the Clown). Instead I created Jack Altrades, a male human with 1 level each of Fighter, Sorcerer, Cleric, Rogue, Monk, Duskblade, Warlock, and Favored Soul.

Unfortunately, the birthday boy (I say boy, he was turning 47) got sick and the party was cancelled so I never got to see it in action.

Grand Lodge

I have a character who was named after several previous members of her family, who were all named after their predessessor, one Dorothy Dashley. Third in line, the current scion is named Dot DottdotttDash.


I tend to take my character names way to seriously. It's the hardest part of char creation, usually.

For myt PFS characters, I decided to lighten up a bit.
This is my Rogue.

Known far and wide for making snacks of the feet of his fallen enemies.

The Exchange

My inquisitor, not so much a pun as a play on celebrity.

Sovereign Court

My Elemental (Electricity) bloodline Sorcerer.

Scarab Sages

Fighter. One of the first.

Dark Archive

Barbarian. Kind of a weak one, but I like him.

Silver Crusade

And Cleric. This one is probably the most groan worthy. :-D

Then of course, there is my next future character, a Bard of some nature. Name is still subject to refinement...

Silver Crusade

Ah, the Orates:
Exhas P.

So much fun.

Liberty's Edge

Fake Healer wrote:

A player of mine decided that his character's name was Derf.

His father worker on the docks chopping up fish, eels and other sea life to make bait with a master's level of skill and had his surname as Baiter. So he was Derf Baiter, who's father was a Master Baiter......
Yup....nuff said.

In 3.5 there was a prestige Class called Samurai Master. My DM stoped me from making Samurai Master Baiter.

I've got 2 that were decent...

My blaster tengu sorc from Tian Xia, Hari Taihou, translated into english "Glass Cannon"

A low int and wis cavalier named Cervantes Quixote, who ontop of being rather eccentric and slightly mad, I started working him into the Leadership feat, and his Cohort would have been named Miguel Panza, whilst referring to the PC as "Don".

Oh, and after hearing that the great lord of all that is PnP RPGs passed away, I made a barbarian in his honor. "Yarg Xagyg", named so due to having forgotten his given name, his first name being his battle cry, his last being a random assortment of sounds that he liked... The barbarian being the only way I could justify inverting the name like that, lol.

Lead Singer of a band: Michael Standowyzch ... or Mike Stand

Back in the heady days of 1st Ed., there was an adventure called "Chagmat" published in Dragon Magazine. The NPC fighter's name?

Akeron Oheeo.

To Djinni: Djinn Tonic and Djinn Fizz.

In Warhammer FRP, the child of an imperial and a Tilean: Chicorita Woíngenau.

I have a dwarven fighter named Rusty Battleaxe (named for the last, worthless item on a list of treasure we had once found in a dungeon)

Far too many years ago, I was running a Jester character (out of an ancient issue of Dragon Magazine). He was named Beau Zoediclaun.

A friend of mine had a cleric named Caramel Fosfor -- he came up with the name while looking at the list of ingredients on a can of Pepsi.

In Shadowrun, I had an orc physical adept who was also a thrash-metal drummer. She was named Pearl "The Animal" Zildjian.

Mike Mistele wrote:
... Beau Zoediclaun

Thank you, Mike. I was unsure about admitting my first 1E monk was named Chu-To Bako, but after saying your jester's name aloud, I don't feel quite as embarrassed.

I am embarrassed about the name of my second 1E monk. It isn't a pun, but it's pretty bad: Nawiat Niedam.

Pixie sorcerer names Zithromax. The character and the player were both very peppy people.

Jerry Wright 307 wrote:

Thank you, Mike. I was unsure about admitting my first 1E monk was named Chu-To Bako, but after saying your jester's name aloud, I don't feel quite as embarrassed.

I am embarrassed about the name of my second 1E monk. It isn't a pun, but it's pretty bad: Nawiat Niedam.

Happy to serve!

Now I'm really going to date myself...there's a segment in "Kentucky Fried Movie" that's a spoof of kung-fu movies, called "A Fistful of Yen". I've been long tempted to use one or more of the names of the enemy martial artists in that segment for a monk (though none of the names are suitable for a family-friendly message board :-D ).

firefly the great wrote:
In Shadowrun, I had an orc physical adept who was also a thrash-metal drummer. She was named Pearl "The Animal" Zildjian.


How does Ian Moone sound for a Cleric of Norgorber who worships the Reaper of Reputation aspect? And does that name count as a pun?

PS. It's not the guy's real name. His real name is a secret.

I have used "Baron Sandy Dunes" in a couple of games as well as a Halfling monk who went by Grasshobbit or Bilbo "Hairfoot" Wallace.

The Duke in the Kingmaker game I run is named Boris Molotov.
Early in his career, he was given the moniker "Boris the Strong and Fair" from the adoring locals...


I'm inspired to make my warhammer wielding, neat-freak cleric named Armand Hammer.

Among my own sins :

A rather passive, slow-to-act and contemplative asian cleric named Zhu-Chao. Which, in my native german sounds exactly like "zuschau" : "spectating"

A Cleric/Rogue (of the local god of lies and deception), pretending to be a paladin, named Malarky. Noone ever caught up to that^^

A wizard, specialising in teleports and planeshifiting, named Le'Dok Hu

Grand Lodge

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Pathfinder Lost Omens, Rulebook Subscriber

Two that were mine and one that was legendary. A bard who name is Will Bernard Dayen...or, as he'd appear on formal documents: Will B. Dayen...

This one is a little something from TvTropes, or anyone familiar with it...a two-handed specialist ranger whos name is Bernard Ferston Sollenis. Or, honestly, absolutely any initials necesarry to achieve BFS...as in...Big Freakin' Sword...

And finally, who could forget that supposedly, the character in Gary Gygax's campaigns who was the originator of the Rary's Telepathic Bond spell, a wizard named Rary, was only ever leveled to level 5 for the sole purpose of becoming a "medium leveled" NPC.

In other words, he'd be Medium Rary...

The Exchange

I have always wanted to make a Half-Orc Cleric named Mahdek.

Grand Lodge

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One of our local Pathfinder Society group got one of the boons that allowed him to play a Tengu. The name he came up with was Kumagin. When an NPC asks what his name is, he invariably says, He introduces himself as "Tengu, Kumagin", with an accent like Apu on the Simpsons.

This is the same player that once had a character with a mule. The mule's name was Donkey Hotey.

I have a reputation for being a punster, but even I find it hard to maintain immersion if a character's name is a joke.

through strange happenstance, i used a random name generator and got a lastname of "einkill". So i just shrugged and used the name "cedric" for a first name. So i was playing a male human ranger named "cedric einkill". The character lasted 2 years of adventures, a gender change curse, and lots of orc and dragons, it turned out he only killed one creature, a small kobold.

why is this funny?

In german, eins is the number 1. Depending on the word, you would say Ein to describe the amount. So, my characters last name was a very strange prophecy.

(sure, cedric hit lotsa creatures, but never delivered the killing blow)

Grand Lodge

Pathfinder Lost Omens, Rulebook Subscriber

Just thought of one. He's an alchemist whose constant dabbling in explosive without protective eye-wear causes his eyebrows to be in a perpetually singed state. His name? Noh I. Brous

Scarab Sages

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Karik Ter
An actual name of a half-orc PC - not mine. Killed by a maximized heightened meteor swarm. (epic game)

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I created a character for some super-hero game way back in the day (I forget if it was for "Villains and Vigilantes" or TSR's terrible "Marvel Super-Heroes" game from the '80s).

It was a game where you rolled your super-powers randomly, then had to somehow fit them together into a playable character. I rolled "superleap," "power punch", and "extradimensional storage".

So I decided the character was a rich industrialist who built a suit of power-armor... and became Captain Kangaroo!

That's V&V.

Haladir wrote:
So I decided the character was a rich industrialist who built a suit of power-armor... and became Captain Kangaroo!

Oh, and in the second session, he got sued by CBS Television for trademark infringement on the title of the kid's TV show.

I didn't play a third session.

I've seen wellington on at least 3 different wow servers, So yes, someone out there has done something similar :) .

Usually the Trick is to have the pun work as a fantasy name AND a pun at the same time, not one or the other. Its a hard line to draw between too obvious of a pun

Fenris- Human Druid. 2 e totemic druid that could turn into a wolf.

Ragnar Oak- Human druid. Ragnar is about as fantasy sounding as it gets, mind you one doesn't normally apply it to a mute druid with an 8 strength. (ragnarok is the norse end of the world as we know it )

Eneric the Generic Dwarf fighter

Dervish , the whirlwind fighter

Quercus Alba- An insane Elf alchemist. Quirk as in quirky, Also the scientific name for white Oak.

Todd: "Kitsune" sorcerer in an island of Dr moreau campaign. A todd is a male fox.

Dr. Newton Anatole. Son of Ether Biologist. Drove a 1967 station wagon made out of Depleted uranium.

Reynard: Half orc ninja . Reynard is both french for fox and the name of a villanous trickster from folklore.

Doyle: PFS Druid with a velociraptor companion named Conan. (Conan Doyle wrote the lost world in addition to his far more popular Sherlock Holmes)

Azhi Dahaka- Half orc Palladin/ (eventual) Dragon disciple. Named after a persian dragon created to control the world, he's the result of some.. interesting breeding.

Silver Crusade

For Friday night game, our GM's taking a break from the awesome original campaign based on our end results from Crimson Throne. (Love the original content!) So we're starting Jade Regent.

I'll be playing Cronjob E'dit, a former hired-guard of a heretical sect of Sarenrae's priestesses who demand all their guards be Eunuchs.
I'm thinking of playing him as Vudrani.

I made a bearded monk with awesome roundhouse kicks called Buck Morris, only played him one session or so.

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I have a player who has an entire folder worth of these. Tsun Shaen the Stormborn Sorcerer takes the cake, but she also has Jacques the (insert setting-appropriate athletic contest here) hooligan Barbarian, Alloyisus the Warforged Cleric, and Bubba Sahr the bayou redneck Verdant Sorc.

I also once played a bard named Montgomery Paithon.

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