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Berti Blackfoot wrote:

oh he pretty much suicided. Started combat in a populated area full of town guards. refused to drink potions of healing he had on him. He basically got the other character killed as well. He has fallen below 0 hp every other adventure. This is the first time he died. But that's just how he plays and always has.

We have not gone over rules for raising yet. So that's why i was thinking, bring a new guy, or raise dead your old guy. but making the rule after the fact ... makes it sound like i'm singling him out, as alex pointed out.

So.. maybe if i want to do that, i'll have to do it AFTER this...

Some one playing like this wouldent generally get to chose between raise or new character. He would get to chose between not playing or not playing. But before this i would take a out of game talk with him about expectations.

Sounds like the rules of your game make it better to bring in Faramir instead of Ressing Borimir. I Think you should either change Those rules or accept the consequenses.
I generally offer a almost free rebuilt as part of coming back from the dead.

I am not sure it makes sense to divine it like that. The rigth folks Can make even the worst game fun. And no amount of rules Can make playing with the wrong guys fun. But you need both good folks and game rules that support the story if you want it to work. There is no sense in saying it is either good rules or good People and you Can only have one.

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In fiction dragons often sleep for extended periods. I suggest you let the GM worry about it and that he use it as a story element more than try to calculations somthing clear.

My Inv rager retrained to wizard(diviner) but togeather the classes have no synergy. It May work ok in a game but looking at options it is close the worst.

What is it you want out of the rule?

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Mythic power wasent a thing in 2011;)

I Think the barbarian DR is fine. It is a Nice ability that scales with level and it is not actually changing the Way the game works.
In some figths it Will be important and in some not so much. both uncanny Dodge and DR are Nice abillities and to get them both is sweet for a normal barbarian. If you want more just spend the feats and rage powers. More DR for barbarians is not on any to do lists in my game fix ideas.

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XLordxErebusX wrote:

Lovecraft had psychological horror down to a science.


I like Lovecraft as much as the next geek. But he was never that great.

I Think putting a level cap around 3 would be a good start. I am very curious how this turn out. So please remember to come back and tell.

At the rules is you need the specific spell and no other spell Can stand in. But it is not a unreasonable houserule. That a spell that Can simulate the prerequsite spell Can be used instead.

Do you allow the weapon training class feature to take class levels? And if so how do you divine xp among the different class features?

The short answer to your question is: No.

I realize that this guy dosent have d10 HP but a hunter with a spinosaurus AC Can have very good defensive options when he stand next to his dinosaurus buddy. Magic Can make up for the lag of hit points. A halfling seem to be the ultimate defensive character in this case but a human Can start the AC with str 22 and that is also worth taking:)

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I realize this is the rules forum but i am gonna say it any Way. In my game a AC Will move to flank if it Can do so with out provoking, with out special training. The attack command include this, for me.

Needing a special splat book for this is silly and a example of how the material bloat by creating options actually take option away.

Since this is a homebrew thing i suggest you just name a Price. Beating up 5 different rules for somthing like this, to be able to Call it RAAW(Rules Almost As Written) is pointless. And since i have been playing practically forever i am surely rigth;)

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Some of us old gamers May start to belive. that reality is experience based, like in the game. We just forget, that we have a bad build with old style rolled stats.

Goth Guru wrote:
.... I'll reread the Black Tentacles spell to see if using the spell on oneself doesn't add to grapples.


Primal companion hunter where you use the evolutions for things like wings on a dinosaur companion could also work. That Will give you lots of skills and the teamwork things are quite Nice. If you mix it with Dragoon you Will be quite good as a mounted menace. But you Will have bad Will save:(

I Think the figther archtype dragoon combined with a summoner sounds like the thing.

I dont see how dragon style give 2,5 times str to damage. If he have two of the feats str 18 Will give +8 on the first and +6 on the other(s),
If he have 4 brawler levels he May be specialized to give +2 more.
Moms allow pummeling and dragon but you need two swift actions to activate both.

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MeanMutton wrote:
Just play Shadowrun. It's a great system.

This shadow run is a Way better system unless you want to move away from the atmosphere and be superheroes in a World made for cyperpunk.

I would be more interested in a conversion the other Way since wizards that Can do everything was never my favorite part of fantasy.

As it stands it is always on but only for melee attacks.

Try to make some rules. Then stat up some animal(magic beast) companions at different levels. Do that 5 times with each companion and move the numbers up and Down to make it so they dont out shadow the party figther.
Do that and you Will have spend more design time on them than Designers ever did. I Think.

HWalsh wrote:


Being my least familiar game doesn't mean I don't know how it functions. Rynjin. Pathfinder is similar enough in concept to 3/3.5 that the core ideas are more or less the exact same. The same things that worked in those to reign in problems work in Pathfinder.

The fact is, you can CLAIM that AD&D experience doesn't mean jack... But it still means that I have been playing and running these games longer than some players have been alive. It means that I am *really* good at spotting flaws in systems. I am *really* good at locating areas of imbalance. I am *really* good at plugging holes.

Since i have played longer than you and i Think martials do get the short end of the stick. I declare your arguments invalid based on my superiour experiance with all sorts of games.

Sorry had to do it;)
And it is even true i started in 84 and i Think you are wrong on all accounts.

Dareing champion cavaleir seems like what you want. Tactics, order and banner Can be good support. Full Bab and High dex is a good place to start with maneuvers that rely on a weapon.
And you Can have exelent damage if you want it.

I think arcane archer is a fine way to have both archery and some Spell power at higher levels. If you are archer first and arcane second it can be fine, but most of the time i think will be spend full attacking with the bow like every other archer.

Do you have other plans for the build than one high damage attack in rounds with movement? Do you expect to have mythic ranks at some points?
I think a normal war priest is a good way to go all the way. You get bonus feats to get the vital strike like a full bab guy and you get increases damage dice, so you dont need to use a oversized broardsword(but it May still be a good idea) And you get swift action buffs and spells.
I still think vital strike is situational but war priest is not a bad way to go. Talk it over with the GM how he rules impact enchantment and the warpriest increases damage dice interact. And save up for a weapon like that.

Headfirst wrote:

Better yet, setup your campaign so your players are all part of an adventuring organization. I don't know, some kind of, let's say, "society" for Pathfinders. You'll think of something.

Now create an advancement chart for organizations. Every X adventures or missions your players complete, they level up their organization. At various levels, they start to earn followers (non-combat only), land, fame, etc.

Now here's where your original idea comes back in: At every odd level, the organization earns a feat. Write up a bunch of options (more than 10) for them to choose from. Here are some ideas:

Hidden Base: Your organization's base of operations is hidden in such a way as to prevent ordinary people from finding it. Powerful monsters, deities, and storyline villains might still find it, but farmers, thieves, and other adventurers won't.

Symbol of Membership Each member of your organization gains access to an item that all other members instantly recognize, which can be used for various purposes, including identification, access to the base, or signaling (the Horn of Gondor, for example).

Coordinated Reaction After your party rolls initiative, each initiative score may be swapped with any other member of the organization.

i liked cthulhudrew's idea more this May be a good idea in some games but it is not really related to the idea presentens in the OP.

I know this is not really helpfull but i would go with the spinosaurus companion. You loose pounce but you so much in return(amazing str and swim speed) On a 15 point but versatile human is great and since you have skills enough. But even with eye for talent stats like str 15(+2), dex 12, con 12, int 13, wis 14 and cha 7, Is good. If you take conversion inquisition you Can even be party face.
In a low point buy the AC Can be the strongest melee guy in the group.

Kobold Cleaver wrote:
Question—would you deny natural attacks the damage bonus from Inspire Courage?

and no strength to hit?

Unless it specificly tell you that it dosent provoke. There is no reason to belive that it souldent. IMOP. I undestand the quicken Spell exeptional but there are several swift or even free actions that still provoke.

Fruian Thistlefoot wrote:

I suggest shield over mage armor.

Potion of mage armor is 50gp and by the time you reach rogue levels you can afford it or a wand of mage armor.

This way you get +8 AC and immunity to magic missile.

Also if not PFS think about Vivisection alchemist. More tricks than a rogue IMO.

This is good advice.

How about inquisitor(tactics subdomain) // kensai with VMC diviner(forsigth)

Another option to get 4+attacks is to be a hunter or a druid and have pehaps a spinosaurus companion. A hunter spino PET Can have str 22 at level 1 if you want him to:)

diviner wizard//kensai magus elf with the initiative alternate racial trait, reactionary improved initiative and a scorpion familiar. Str and wis 10, int and dex 18, cha 8 and con 10. Soft but fast. And initiative 13 at level 1 and way way more in the high end.
I would personally not take improved initiative at 1 but go with weapon finesse so fencing grace at 3 and level to dam at 6. And then i would get improved initiative.

You still miss when you missfire on a natural 1 so there is no Real issue.

Fumble is a houserule as far as i know. If it is just the not hitting on a nat 1 you talk about then it is still in effect.

I Think nate is in the homebrew forum?

The Dread Prince wrote:

Good suggestions, I normally do not like to Multiclass to much but that would work a good deal. Divine Protection works but requires a domain not just a 2nd level divine spellcasting ability. I don't think Oracles get Domains unless I am missing something.

Bards are Iconic for the Swashbuckling drunkard sword slinger. My favorite gestalt is Daring Champion//Bard for that reason.

MoMS Monk is fun, love Pummeling Style.

I heard Sacred Fist works well too because of Crusader's flurry allowing a flurry with a rapier or something?

Divine protection need domain, blessing or mystery so oracle is fine.

And moms monk is not the Best for pummeling style unless you have flurry from brawler or sacred Fist. IMOP.

This sounds very interesting and i will follow this from the shadows. Since i am making my end paper on uni these days. But if you havent made somthing amazing by end august. I May do more than just steal your ideas.

the David wrote:

CR 2 Intimidatrix + 4 CR1/3 bandits = CR 4.

The bandits are meant to be a challenge. At level 2 the players should be able to handle this as an APL+2 encounter. The encounter could be part of a bandit raid at the start of a campaign. (Yes, that means that the party level would be 1.) It's entirely avoidable if the players don't opt to fight the bandits and realize the situation they are in as highly dangerous. The bandits would use saps instead of lethal weapons until one of the bandits goes down.

This may seem a bit harsh, but in my experience this makes the players more involved in the campaign. (They love to hate the enemy when you do this.)

I dont use APL +3 encounters at level 1 since ending the game just as it is starting is a Fail in my book. But do get back and tell us how it goes.

You gave studied combat at level 1 to a full bab class with flurry in Exchange for a minor ability that get at level 5 normally? Sorry this is not gonna work i realize you want a smart brawler but this is just silly. Your archtype gives up very little and get back stuff that is unbelivebly good.
Edit: pehaps getting somthing like studied target(slayer version) by giving up Martial flex would make sense.

I dont think you need to change any thing exept if it is a one of encounter why does she have 17 in str instead of 16?

tim doyle 268 wrote:
Cap. Darling wrote:
tim doyle 268 wrote:
My group will break down all of the classes down into the 4 basic groups. Put them on index cards with a number next to the classes. Randomly pull the cards for your roll in the party. Then roll whatever die you need to roll to figure out what class out of your "job" group your playing. It covers all of your group's needs but no one will be playing the same thing every time.

Is this for Real? Do you have the cards on computer? I am very curious about this system. I cannot even imagine any of the guys i play with submitting to somthing like that. Or guess how the Classes are groupd.

Sorry if this sounds sarcastic that is not the intention. One of the big draws for me here is to see how others play the game.
No unfortunately we never got around to scanning them. It came into play a few years ago after we had a player who was just playing the same thing every campaign. We were kind getting bored with it, so one of the guys thought why not have everyone randomly roll for classes. The down side was 4 tanks and nothing else. So we ended up splitting up the classes with a divine, "fighter", skill monkey, and caster. Sure some of the classes are on two cards but you build for the job you draw. Like rangers fall into the "fighter" and skill monkey groups but you can build either way depending on the feats you take.

shame. And thanks for getting back.

No matter what it is gonna cost you somthing if you want social skills. But generally speaking any of the classes you name can do it, just fine. And so can a bard.
A dip into monk(2 levels of moms pehaps)will help the saves and can give a few extra feats and on a swashbuckler you wont really feel the loss of bab since they are already very precise.

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Kensai magus, with a moms monk dip if you are on a generous point buy is also a option. Then you have 3 stats to AC and can have great damage and combat flexibility with magic as well. If the point buy is less then generous just stay kensai all the way and you can still be awesome.

The penalities must be the -2. Duration is not a penalty it is the duration of the penalty.

Flame Effigy wrote:
Cap. Darling wrote:
a one level synthesist dip allow you to dump the physical stats and still be ok so for some classes it is not bad but generally the synthesist is a shamefull monster on unfinished rules.

But then won't your BAB be stuck at +1 since a fused Summoner uses his Eidolon's BAB?


I think one of the 70 synthesist FAQs fix that.

And to the OP. There is also the option of crafting intelligent magic items. It wont be Familiars but you can have several if your GM allow it.

Pinpoint poisener, l think it is called, allow you two touch attacks pr round where you can get sneek attack on. That is all i got.

Renegadeshepherd wrote:

@cap. Darling: here is the lay out as promised.

The number of rounds that demon subdomain would grant its power is equal to 3+wisdom mod+ a possible favored class bonus of +1/2 to that power. So assuming you only have enough wisdom to keep up with your casting that is 6 rounds per day as a swift action to all melee weapons. The buff time for blessing is a standard action. By the time you have greater bless equipment you can bless two weapons (including allies weapons) for channel dice times two rounds all at the cost of one channel use.

The feat tax comes down to what your willing to invest and how much strength replacement you want. The possible choices are exotic weapon prof, TWF, ITWF, Piranha Strike, Weapon finesse, and three bless equipment feats so 8 max. You can pretty easily take a short sword instead of wakizashi if you want and not take piranha strike to reduce the tax to 6. So im not going to deny that's pretty costly but we can make this easier to bear and ill hit on that later.

Aside from the feat tax the cost of this is pretty low. at the end of the bless equipment chain you only need a number of channels equal to the number of fights you will get in, assuming you even want to use bane that much. If you need some out of combat healing for comfort sake then we can add in 2 or 3 more channels. A charisma of 14 with any trait to give a +1 channel use should be more than enough, maybe even a 12 charisma.

Strength vs dex: Well no one can deny that the number of attacks getting so many different bonuses to damage and accuracy of TWF isn't good in this rare case, BUT no one can deny that a simple two handed weapon is also effective. It will usually come down to paying 1 feat for a solid 2 attack build or paying that 6-8 feats for 4 attacks. I don't think one is superior to the other in a vacuum. What a players priorities are will be the main factor.

Finally... There are archetypes and other domains that can make TWF based off bless equipment and its channeling support...

Thanks. I missed the greater bless equipment then that part is good. I havent seen the idea before.

I dont think out of combat is a thing since a demon worshipper most likely cannot heal his buddies with it. But it looks like it can work quite good.

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