Pathfinder Pawns: Heroes & Villains Pawn Collection

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Pathfinder Pawns: Heroes & Villains Pawn Collection

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Bring legions of memorable characters to your tabletop with this collection of more than 100 character pawns for use with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game or any tabletop fantasy roleplaying game! Printed on sturdy cardstock, each pawn contains a beautiful full-color image of a character, perfect for use as a hero, an enemy, or your next character, whether it's an elf, a dwarf, or something far stranger. Each cardstock pawn slots into a size-appropriate plastic base from any of the Pathfinder Pawns: Bestiary Box collections, making them easy to mix with traditional metal or plastic miniatures. The Heroes & Villains Pawn Collection is the best way to ensure you've got the perfect character for every Pathfinder Roleplaying Game encounter!

ISBN-13: 978-1-60125-951-6

Note: This product is part of the Pathfinder Pawns Subscription.

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Average product rating:

3.40/5 (based on 7 ratings)

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Great for players!


Give these to your players and there’s a good chance they’ll find something close to their character! Hope they make another set!

Unusable with large collection


I have almost every paizo pawn set, I sort them by what set they're from and either the number or the label (alphabetically for the bestiary boxes). Without numbers or labels these are impossible for me to sort in any meaningful way. Makes the set useless for my purposes.

Paizo finally gets rid of annoying labels! Perfect starter set for your game!


After years of having to hide the labels on the bottom of my pawns from the prying eyes of the meta-gaming scum that occupies my game table, Paizo finally does me a favor by getting rid of all labels for this pawn set. This is a pure godsend as I no longer have to worry about my players trying to get game knowledge by reading the labels.

This set continues to maintain the high quality of pawns that we've come to expect from Paizo. The art is crisper and clearer than on any pawn set prior. The cardstock is sturdy and the coloring is vivid.

For Game Masters on a budget, this is the perfect starter set from which your players can choose the perfect pawn to represent their PC. When I opened this set, I immediately pulled out close to twenty pawns that will serve as NPCs for my current campaign. When passed around to new players, they all found the perfect pawn for their character right from this set.

It's great. Pick it up today and continue to build your pawn collection until world domination is achieved!

Welcome Addition


I found the lack of labels useful (though it wouldn't have hurt to number them). With this set, characters and NPCs can be who you say they are, not what the label says.


This box is a treasure chest of PC and NPC pawns. As far as I can tell, a vast majority wasn't printed as pawns before. There is a lot of art from hardcovers (often from archetypes) and PFS modules, but also a few reprints from beginner box and adventure paths.

The pawns are sorted by gender and race, but come without any names or numbers, as criticized by some people. I am neutral about the topic, just think it should have been announced openly.

Pawn breakdown (as precisely as I can say):

87 human
25 elf
25 dwarf
15 half-orc (with an orc chieftain from Giantslayer as oddball)
14 half-elf
10 halfling
10 gnome
4 orc
4 aasimar
4 drow
4 tiefling
3 ifrit
2 oread
2 sylph
2 undine
2 hobgoblin
2 hobgoblin, Eastern version (?)
2 android
2 catfolk
2 kitsune
2 strix
2 vishkanya (?)
2 tengu
1 fetchling (female)
1 gillwoman
1 ghoran (male)
1 nagaji (female)
1 samsaran (female)
1 wayang (male)
1 of each Castrovel race
6 with mask and body covered, for flexible use

6 of them are mounted (hence Large), all on horses or horse-like creatures.

So we get a bit more than 200 pawns here - more than announced, actually. Overall it's a pretty good addition, just a tad too human-centric - and without announcement of the absence of names.

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Community & Digital Content Director

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Removed an unhelpful post and the response to it.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Starfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
Vic Wertz wrote:

We appreciate your feedback. We will ensure that future sets have labels.

I am glad to hear that. Thank you!

Count me as one of those who prefer labelled pawns. The set name is most important (for organizational purposes). The individual pawn name is almost as important (more so in the large boxes like the Bestiary pawns).

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Pathfinder Adventure Path, Starfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
Marzuq wrote:

I picked up the Heroes and Villains set, and I LOVE the artwork. But I also hear what everyone else is saying about not being able to sort and index them. So, I started putting together a spreadsheet of the pawns in the set and cross referencing the artwork back to original source material. I'm far from complete in this task, and if you have comments or suggestions on which source these items were culled from I would be happy to incorporate it.

I've kept the sheets in the order in which they were packaged, so I numbered the pages 1-8. Each sheet is sorted into numbered rows and lettered columns. I've tried to use the title of the character from the source material as best as I could, but in the absence of any identifying name or generic title I've added a descriptive phrase based on the surrounding text or the image itself.

Here's what I've been able to pull together so far. zTbvcrvM/edit?usp=sharing

Further comments and sources are appreciated!

Thank you!!!!

Steve Geddes wrote:
Brother Fen wrote:

Rating a quality product one star because you can't organize it is indeed silly.

That doesn't affect how they're used on the game table.

Maybe they're not rating it based on how it's used at the table.

Logistic considerations such as this are important to me, irrespective of "how they're used at the table". I'll review things based on my subjective criteria, you use yours. People are being calm and constructive in their reviews and saying what their issue is. That's the system working as it's supposed to.

You are declaring that people who rate things differently than you do are silly or ridiculous. That's uncalled for and against the forum rules, quite frankly.

Actually, Steve Geddess discussing how to properly rate a product is what these forums are for. There are several qualities that should be taken into consideration when rating a product as a whole, not in part, nor with one's sense of entitlement rather than accurately reflecting the quality of the product. Art. Card stock. Usability. And lastly or perhaps first depending on where one falls on the scale whether or not a pawn is labeled to your satisfaction.

A rating of one should be reserved for a truly poor product. The cardstock is flimsy. The pawns won't stand up. The art is murky or smears off of the card. These are poor qualities that should be reflected in a low rating. Automatically rating something "one star" because it wasn't what you expected leaves no room for variation in the rating. Take one or two or even three stars off if you're so non-plussed because a pawn isn't labeled and you can't figure out how int he world to mark it so you can track it, but don't rate a quality product so low that it disregards the notion of a rating scale completely.

I have mentioned my displeasure when a product didn't turn out as expected, but always in a forum post. I do my best to keep my ratings and reviews objective and so should you. More posters that only log in to rate something a one star should be called to carpet on it more often.

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You're mistaken. Reviewing is not an objective thing and there is no way it "should" be done. People use differing reviewing methodologies to rate products and they're allowed to do so on

I wish people didn't treat reviews as binary (5 stars if I like it, 1 star if I didn't) but they can do so if they wish. Similarly with basing their rating on a single factor.

I share your preferences in what makes a good review, that's not relevant to how you should speak about people with differing views on the forums.

Dark Archive

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Everybody can rate as they wish.
If i hate a product, no matter why, i rate it bad and try to explain why i did so.
The same goes for if i really like a product.

I agree that a 1 star review is harsh, but it's totally okay if the rating person explains WHY it is a bad product for them.
The only reviews that are unhelpful for me are:
a) giving stars without explaination
b) explainations without giving stars
c) ratings before the product is actually available (to subscribers).

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Pathfinder Companion, Pawns Subscriber; Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber

I agree, Marco. There's also no requirement that anybody agree with an assessment made by a reviewer. Not everybody judges by the same criteria, it is subjective.

Liberty's Edge

Pathfinder Companion Subscriber; Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber
Terminalmancer wrote:
SheepishEidolon wrote:

I personally have no stake in this. Both ways work fine for my collection, I just wanted to point out how to possibly still make good use of these pawns.

Given the replies and reviews on the one hand, and Paizo's usual customer monitoring on the other, I guess this will be an one-time thing anyway.

I know Paizo really appreciates reviews. There's no reason to say I can review the pawns and you cannot. If you have or will get a set of them, write a review!

If you are going to suggest ways to possibly make use of the pawns, specifics would be helpful, though. When some of us complain that Paizo has removed all information that we could use to easily sort the pawns, saying that we could use "other" criteria is not as helpful as pointing out some specific criteria we could be using to sort with. Since there's no text associated with any of the new pawns, I'm not sure what that would be--but if you have a good idea I may very well adopt it!

My main interest in pawns is:

1) specific enemies in an AP or specific monster in scenario I have written.
There a etiquette with the character or monster name is useful.

2) Miniatures for PC and NPC in my games. There the name of the miniature has no use for me. I don't care if, for Paizo, that specific look is that of a Verdant defender or some such. What matter to me is that it is a: probably male, humanoid, with bow, with full body armor and a ranger like teme.
So a figure that don't aree with a character that is a male, rich, city dwelling bard. On the other hand the pawn of the wealthy merchant work reasonably well for that character.

So I want the NPC name for named NPC in an AP and for creatures from the Bestiaries. For generic characters I have no need for it, but a number and set indication is useful. With that, if I wan to to do it, I can make an index with the information I find relevant.

Hi Folks,

I'm looking for a list of the characters inside the box.
Bellona posted a Google Drive link that is not functional.
Please can we have a update on this?


Paizo Employee Managing Developer

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War Tactics wrote:

Hi Folks,

I'm looking for a list of the characters inside the box.
Bellona posted a Google Drive link that is not functional.
Please can we have a update on this?


The link still works, it just had a space in the URL. Try this one.

Is it possible to remove the red line around pictures ?

Is there any chance for a reprint? Seems like the box is out of stock everywhere, just like the Monster Codex Box.

Dark Archive

Josanael wrote:
Is there any chance for a reprint? Seems like the box is out of stock everywhere, just like the Monster Codex Box.

Highly unlikely, this is no box, just a collection of eight sheets of pcardstock between a wrap-around package.

Paizo only reprints the core Bestiary boxes, the rest, once it's gone, is gone.

I second a reprint. This would surely be of great interest among players.

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Starfinder Charter Superscriber

It may sound a bit weird, but you could probably order it from Amazon or booksellers in foreign countries and have it shipped to you. When I saw these posts that it was going out of stock, I ordered mine from and it arrived last week (though I live in Australia, so the shipping wasn't exhorbitant). They had a few copies.

Jhaeman wrote:
It may sound a bit weird, but you could probably order it from Amazon or booksellers in foreign countries and have it shipped to you. When I saw these posts that it was going out of stock, I ordered mine from and it arrived last week (though I live in Australia, so the shipping wasn't exhorbitant). They had a few copies.

I just looked up Amazon and their Australian site indeed has 2 copies listed. Unfortunately shipping is not available to my country.

I've been searching online and most secondhand copies go for ridiculous prices, around 300 euros or so. Also checked a few dozen European stores and found that the stocks are out in all of them.

I think this set should be reprinted with the prices on the secondary market

Yeah! Reprint it without the labels! has the set back in stock for 26 Euro: e=UTF8&psc=1

But be quick, there are only 5 copies left!

Found it at a local gaming store, so got it at MRSP

Pathfinder Rulebook Subscriber

Bumping to BEG for a reprint...

For as many complaints as it got, it's kind of weird it got sold out so fast.
It's the only one of the Sold out ones I'm missing.

Recently ordered one on but it probably will get cancelled. Says the whole "We are waiting to give you an shipping time estimate thing" which usually means "We were selling something we didn't actually have in stock"

So yeah, please reprint. maybe with labels, or without, whatever, I'll buy it anyway.

It is funny isn't it? That discussion about review criteria seems more and more relevant by the day doesn't it?

WIll Paizo reprint the Heroes & Villians pawn set?? It would be really awesome if Paizo would create a pawn set of the core ancestries that players regularly encounter: such as an assortment of Elves to create an Elven city, or a bunch of different halflings, gnomes, etc.

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